10 Best Autocross Helmets You Should Have

Choosing the best autocross helmets is always a dilemma for many drivers today. When driving an automobile, safety is always a top consideration. And without a helmet to protect your head every time you turn around, you’ll never feel safe. If you want to drive your automobile to the track and go crazy with it, helmets are even more vital. You may ride your bike as aggressively as you want without worrying about your safety if you wear a good helmet. As a result, we have listed the 10 best autocross helmets in this article.

10 Best Autocross Helmets

SA2020 HJC H10

The HJC H10 is a great follow-up to the AR-10 III, a beautifully finished helmet at an attractive price point. The helmet’s shape and padding help accommodate a wide range of body types. Importantly, many entry-level helmets appear to have odd shapes that make most riders uncomfortable, but HJC has really paid attention to the true head shape (they targeted the shape of the head). middle oval covers a lot of lands). There are two colors white and matte black for this hat style.


SA2020 Bell Sport Mag Open Face

The original Bell 500 TX inspired Bell’s legacy of producing high-quality helmets with a timeless appearance. This may be found in Sport Mag. The Sport Mag is a full-face helmet designed for riders who want the feel of a full-face helmet at an economical price.

bELL sport mang

 SA2020 Bell GTX.3- $799.95

The new SA 2020 GTX.3 has a lightweight carbon composite shell with beautiful aerodynamics, such as a front chin crossbar and an integrated rear spoiler for improved aerodynamic performance at higher speeds. The GTX.3’s integrated visor, dual-screen anti-fog visor, and rear vents allow for clear air exchange and visibility while also keeping dust out of the helmet (especially on the road ground or other extreme racing environments). The GTX.3 is suitable for racers competing in a range of races since it has industry-leading performance and pro features.


 SA2020 Bell Racing M.8 Composite- $549.95~$$649.95

The M.8 is the latest step in Bell’s iconic M-series design concept, which blends traditional aesthetics, improved visibility, and adaptable features that allow the helmet to be worn in any form. racing mode. The lightweight composite shell, Comfort-Plus cabin, improved ventilation with manual lever air intakes, and wide windows all contribute to the M.8’s comfort and remarkable features. Riders who desire a flexible, lightweight helmet with a broader field of view (particularly for those who use glasses) in the same design can choose the M.8.

best autocros helmets

SA2020 Stilo ST5 GT Zero 8860-2018

stilo-st5-gt-zero-8This is certainly the helmet for you if you want an autocross helmet with a lot of features. The list of features is extensive, including:

  • Optional Hydration Port
  • Optional Forced Air
  • Optional Extrusion Bladder
  • FIA 8860 certified
  • Suitable for a wide range of users
  • Multiple visors and
  • Wide eye shields are included

SA2020 Bell Racing M8 Carbon- $1099.95



The M8 Carbon is the next iteration in Bell’s iconic M-series design platform, designed for racing in closed cockpits. The M8 Carbon helmet blends conventional style with maximum adaptability, allowing it to be utilized in a variety of racing situations. The M8 Carbon provides next-level comfort for riders with a lighter carbon finish, premium inside, greater ventilation, and big eye holes for riders who use spectacles or desire optimum visibility. Bell’s classic style and industry-leading performance are sought after by racers.

SA2020 Stilo ST5 GT 8860-2018

Everything we love about the ST5 GT synthesis is included in the ST5 GT 8860: optional comms/mic ports, hydration ports, forced-air, and great comfort. It incorporates the FIA 8860 certification while also removing some of the weight. Furthermore, the elegant Stilo design looks fantastic on carbon materials. Almost all drivers find such form to be comfortable.

Bell Racing RS7C LTWT



Bell’s RS7C LTWT is a wonderful pick if you’re looking for a lightweight carbon helmet. The RS7C LTWT was created for NASCAR in collaboration with Penske Racing with the purpose of decreasing weight for long hauls and enhancing ventilation in a closed cockpit. These requirements also apply to racing races, thus this helmet is ideal for anyone who pulls a big G-spot and runs for more than 30 minutes. The RS7C LTWT’s versatility is further demonstrated by the fact that it may be equipped with leading aeronautical and air support equipment.

SA2020 Stilo ST5 FN Composite

In this or even a higher price range, the Stilo ST5 has the most optional options. The ST5 has a built-in microphone and radio connections, as well as hydration and gas ports. To remove the helmet, safety staff might utilize an optional ejector bag. The majority of testers praised the unique case design, which was encased in a beautiful finish. Stilo also has a large selection of full and radius visors, as well as peak visors. The ST5 is made for automobiles with closed cockpits and eyewear that are medium in size.


The OMP GP8 helmet has a synthetic shell for durability and low weight, as well as a breathable and ergonomic inside lining. The OMP GP8 features a unique ventilation system that assures a constant flow of cool air to the wearer via elegant vents on the chin, top, and back of the helmet. The visor is secured in place by a sophisticated locking device built into the chin. The GP8 is perfect for open or closed cockpit scenarios, as it comes complete with a clear sunshade and smoked travel visor. The GP8 from OMP also has a dual D-Ring clasp that offers a snug fit for every wearer. OMP GP8

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