10 Best Useful Water Sport Helmets

When you participate in any water sport, it is essential to wear a helmet. There are so many great waterproof helmets to choose from such as Tontron, Vihir, Triple Eight, NRS, ipoob, that it is difficult for customers to make a purchasing decision. Don’t worry, today’s helmetme article will list the 10 best water sport helmets for you all. let’s start right now.

Is it necessary to wear water sport helmets?

In fact, there is no law that says you must wear a helmet when participating in water sports activities, so it will depend on your level of knowledge and the type of water activities you will be participating in. It’s critical to understand that helmets for water sports differ from those for bicycles and motorcycles. When one of these helmets collides with a hard surface like a road or path, the head and brain are protected. No matter what type of water sport you engage in, protecting your head is crucial.

Underwater helmets are typically made with a hard shell and high-quality EVA foam inside, specifically designed to withstand the fast-paced, high-impact nature of many water sports. Some water sports helmets also come with ear flaps for stronger impact protection. Underwater risks are unpredictable. There may be rocks sunk in the river or branches and stumps resting under the calm water. Also, don’t rule out the possibility of being hit by an out-of-control canoe or kayak. These situations can easily knock you into the water and cause injury. So wearing water sport helmets is extremely important, which can reduce the risk of injury in a collision.

10 Best Useful Water Sport Helmets

Gath Gedi- $189

Gath helmets, historically linked with surfing, are today worn by marine lifeguards, competitive water athletes, and lovers of heavy water all around the world. Gedi features a highly impact-resistant ABS shell that is flexible on impact and prioritizes comfort and protection. Additionally, Gedi has an additional layer of head protection in front. The Gedi prioritizes comfort over safety, with a closed-cell foam inside and a repositionable headband for a customized and incredibly comfortable fit. To avoid cracking, an additional layer of foam is placed over the chin strap. Paddlers can choose between half-cut and full-cut designs using the ear protectors’ detachable earpieces, and each one has acoustic vents that can be adjusted.

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Tontron Comfy Practical- $39.90

One of the water sport helmets is the Tontron Comfy Practical. This ABS helmet is quite typical and has an EVA lining that is secure and comfy. On the back of the helmet, there is a dial mechanism for closing and adjusting. With the help of this mechanism, the paddler can easily change the helmet’s fit with just one hand. The 11 vents on Comfy Practical’s case, which allow for both air and water drainage, are its most remarkable feature. Comfy Practical is the best option for kayaks or other boating sports enthusiasts because of its abundance of air vents.

Tontron Comfy Practical

Sweet Protection Rocker- $229.95

When it comes to water sport helmets, the name Sweet Protection Rocker cannot be missed. This helmet has all the features a water sportsman could need. It offers exceptional impact resistance by fusing the flexibility of thermoplastics with the rigidity and strength of carbon fiber. A number of side vents on the Rocker help drain extra moisture while also ventilating the scalp. Even during the most intense workout, the Coolmax liner’s moisture-wicking properties assist reduce moisture build-up.

The Rocker’s general shape offers great protection for the ears and the back of the head, while the shatterproof visor guards against injury to the eyes and nose. The Occigrip system enables quick adjustment, enabling the paddler to customize the Rocker’s fit and maximize comfort. The only downside to the system is that there are only two adjustable attachments, as opposed to the four commonly found on the high-end helmet.

Sweet Protection Rocker

NP Surf Watersports- $59.95

A multipurpose sports helmet is what the NP Surf is intended to be. With interchangeable ear guards and an adjustable closure system, it is consequently quite useful and fits most activities and skulls comfortably. The NP surf helmet is made to be simple to use, cozy, portable, and flexible. The Surf weighs only a little over a pound, making it portable enough to bring on any trip. The Surf is versatile enough to fit any head shape and is perfect for beginners or club helmet wearers since it has an adjustable head and chin grip system. The clip-lock design on the molded EVA closed ear protectors makes it simple to install or remove them while providing a little extra protection.

NP Surf Watersports

WRSI Current Kayak helmet- $129.95

The Whitewater Research and Safety Institute currently distributes a multi-impact kayak helmet that was created by WRSI in collaboration with Northwest River Supply. Modern sailing helmets feature an open shape, an ABS outer shell, and air vents that let air flow and water drain. The inner shell efficiently lessens the impact of impact or impact by combining a polyurethane sub-shell and an EVA foam lining.

The helmet has a soft removable inside that you may alter to fit the shape of your head. The hat also has an adjustable 0-Brace strap to ensure the most comfortable fit. The Electric Series is built with a Connection Hold System that maintains the helmet in place and self-adjusts in the case that water pressure pushes the helmet backward to provide additional protection against hydraulic forces.

WRSI Current Kayak helmet

WRSI Current Pro helmet- $149.95

The WRSI Current Pro Kayak Helmet is an improved version of the rowing helmet it replaced. All the advantages of the old helmet are still in this upgraded model, but it has been given more safety features to safeguard your head in rougher water. The Pro now features a polyurethane sub-shell, an EVA foam inner lining, and the same multi-impact ABS shell. This combination ensures comfort while offering triple-layer impact absorption and protection.

The replaceable earpads that are designed to shield the ears from waves and add additional warmth distinguish the Current Pro from the previous model. A sun visor that shields the eyes from dangerous physical elements is another added function. Users of this helmet have commented that it provides good impact protection, a comfortable fit, and is easy to adjust.

WRSI Current Pro helmet

WRSI Trident Composite- $209.95

The WRSI Trident Composite helmet is a terrific option for paddlers and kayakers, whether they want to take on Level IV rapids, enjoy multi-day sailing adventures, or simply cruise vast lengths of water. It combines immaculate style and remarkable performance in the most demanding situations. The exterior of the WRSI Trident is made of a durable, scratch-resistant carbon composite that can survive many impacts. It has a visor that shields your face and eyes from the sun and rain.

This helmet, like the WRSI Current and WRSI Current Pro, is made with a polyurethane subshell and an EVA foam lining for improved impact protection. The washable and detachable cushion lining is available. Thanks to the O-Brace straps, the user can achieve a perfect fit that provides comfortable wearing comfort. These features also keep the helmet in a secure position in the face of hydraulic forces.

WRSI Trident Composite

SANDBOX Legend Low Rider- $79.99

Also on our list of water sport helmets today is the SANDBOX Legend Low Rider. With a low-profile design, you can navigate the rapids with confidence with the reliable head protection the helmet provides. This helmet is made up of a sturdy ABS outer shell with soft EVA foam to help protect your head and brain from impacts.

The Legend Low Rider comes with a variety of pads of variable thickness, as do the majority of SANDBOX sports helmets, giving the wearer up to 18 different options to adjust the fit. The snug-fitting pads have a polyester spandex material that dries quickly and wicks away perspiration and moisture. There are 11 vents in this water sports helmet for enhanced airflow. If you feel that your ears could use extra protection, you can add ear flaps to them (available separately).

SANDBOX Legend Low Rider

SANDBOX Classic 2.0 Low Rider- $84.99-$109.99

Wearing the SANDBOX Classic 2.0 Low Rider Helmet ensures your safety from head injuries whether you’re sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, or water rafting. This stylish helmet offers cozy protection and the distinguishing brim of SANDBOX. A hard ABS shell with a plush matte finish is featured on the Classic 2.0 Low Rider helmet. In the event of an accident, the multi-impact EVA foam lining will lessen force.

Additionally, it has two pads made of strong, quick-drying polyester spandex. You can select the thickness of these pads that best suits you because they come in several thicknesses. The stealth vents on this water sports helmet are identical to those on other SANDBOX 2.0 Classic models. They allow air to flow into the EVA liner through the ventilation channels and then expel heat and moisture out to the rear vents.

SANDBOX Classic 2.0 Low Rider

NRS Havoc Livery Whitewater- $52.95

The last water sport helmets on this list are none other than the NRS Havoc Livery Whitewater. This is a helmet that can fit most people, designed to fit a wide range of adult head sizes. The lightweight ABS outer shell of the helmet is built with plush fit padding for a comfortable fit. To prevent them from separating while you’re riding through rapids or swimming underwater, fit cushions are attached to the inner shell.

The chin strap on this work helmet is adjustable to keep it in place regardless of how much you move. Additionally, it has a Dial-Fit ratchet adjustment system that you may use to modify the fit with a single turn of the knob. Large air vents are included in the NRS Havoc’s design for enhanced comfort and to keep your head dry, especially in warm weather. Additionally, these vents have drainage holes for quick drainage.

Water Sport Helmets

Things to consider when buying Water sport helmets


Because there is no standard certification for water sports helmets in the United States, so the standard recommended by CPSC is EN 1385:2012. As a result, EN 1385 only outlines the specifications for helmets in Class I to Class IV rapids and acknowledges that the majority of fatalities in water sports are caused by drowning after a head-on impact. instead of a head injury. As a result of the numerous scenarios that can arise in rapids or floods, certification does not go beyond Level IV, which makes it impossible to ensure your safety under such conditions.


The most important aspect of any helmet is its fit. If it’s too small, it will be tight and give you a headache that leads to you not wanting to wear it. If it’s too big, it will wobble over your head and can easily be knocked off by the hydraulic force of the water. The ideal helmet is one that fits snugly and securely to your head without causing discomfort and without moving too much. So carefully measure your oil ring and try it on before deciding to buy any hat to ensure as much comfort as possible during use.

Retention strap

The fastener is the most vital component of the helmet after it is firmly around your head. As soon as you contact the water, your helmet will come off if your retainer becomes unfastened or pops out of the shell. Regular quality checks of the belt are required. Pulling firmly on the rope or checking for cuts or tears will reveal its strength. Saltwater can quickly corrode metal if you use your helmet in the sea. In fact, you should probably rinse your helmet with fresh water after each usage if you use it in salt water before drying it.

In summary, the article has introduced the 10 best water sport helmets for those who are passionate about water recreational activities. If you know of any other hats that aren’t on this list, let us know in the comments below. Helmetme will be back with many more interesting articles.

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