4 Types of CKX Titan Helmet-What is Your Choice?

There are a large number of riders who prefer modular helmets and throughout this season the editors of super Trax magazine used the CKX Titan helmet and it really made a strong impression. with its unique features. Original Titan is designed to protect you in cold weather. For previous generations, you needed to install insulation and other components, but now the helmet is pre-assembled and ready to ride in cold weather. Today, let’s learn about the 4 types of helmets of CKX Titan with

General features of CKX Titan helmet

A great feature of the CKX Titan helmet is that it has a flip-down cap next to the muzzle that can be easily flipped down for unrestricted chatting with friends or getting some extra ventilation. All standard Titan helmets come with 2 sets of cold weather trail goggles. The hat also features optional achromatic ventilated goggles that not only limit glare on sunny days, but it also automatically adjusts the amount of light hitting your eyes, something you won’t find. found in many other modular helmets.

So what factors make the CKX Titan helmet special? Honestly, it all depends on its design elements. Many brands will pick up a generic helmet from a secondary supplier and then add some of their unique graphics and features to create their own helmet. But the CKX Titan helmet is different, the helmet is specially designed for modularity, and the goggles are designed simultaneously to work together almost perfectly. Finally, a special visor fits snugly into the helmet system with the ability to block the wind and provide a wide field of view of up to 210 degrees in all conditions without fog or fog. It is truly a unique and remarkable modular system.

4 Types of CKX Titan Helmet

CKX Titan original backcountry (winter roost)- $539.99


The CKX Titan Original is the only totally customizable snowmobile helmet, so hit the trails with it. It adapts to your riding style, but you can also quickly change it to suit the weather or your level of activity. Simply take off the insulation from the helmet frame (provided), which is packaged specifically for the trail, and swap it out for one appropriate for off-road riding activity.

The hat’s structure is composed of a carbon fiber shell or fiberglass composite material. The front vents of the helmet’s five total air vents can be independently adjusted. The cheeks and inner cushions are very practical and simple to clean. The helmet also features 2 flexible protective frames: An insulated frame for trail riding and a fully ventilated frame for long trips. What’s more, there are clear dual lenses for UV protection, anti-scratch, and anti-fog treatment.


  • Weight of carbon fiber: 1350 g ± 50 g (without goggles)
  • Weight of the fiberglass composite: 1450 g ± 50 g (without goggles)
  • 2 shell sizes (XS-L/XL-3XL)
  • 4 sizes of EPS
  • 5 vents

CKX Titan original backcountry (winter roost)

CKX Titan Electric Original backcountry (winter solid) –$619.19


With the 210 electric goggles, you can enjoy all the classic characteristics of the CKX Titan Electric Original helmet without having to worry about them fogging up. These glasses provide excellent eyesight and are extremely dependable and durable thanks to the finest wire quality they use. In order to maintain your vision no matter what, the electric Titan helmet incorporates an electrically heated goggles system that attaches quickly and has brand-new wiring and cable routing. describe the current chilly and ice weather.

You may adjust Titan Original to your level of activity and the outside weather. The insulation can simply be taken out for a livelier ride. Want to stop for a drink or have a conversation with your buddies while hiking? To use the detachable muzzle, a special feature of the helmet, simply open it without removing it.

CKX Titan Electric Original backcountry (winter solid)

CKX Titan air flow backcountry (winter solid)$499.99


Specifically made for mountain climbers or trail riders. The hat is made in the typical motocross style, and it has big vents all over to keep your head cool and well-ventilated. The muzzle is detachable, and the hat has vents. Fiberglass composite helmets are incredibly cozy and light for composite construction. The Titan is only 100 g heavier than other of the most costly carbon fiber helmets on the market with a reported weight of 1350 50 g. For those who want the best possible low weight, the CKX Titan is now also available with a carbon fiber design. To secure or remove the chin strap with the ProClip Quick Release system, you don’t have to take off your gloves.

CKX Titan flow backcountry (winter solid)

CKX Titan airflow backcountry (winter extra)$519.99


The Titan Air Flow winter extra is the ideal helmet for those who enjoy traveling for high-intensity activities because it is designed for activity. Several ventilation openings, perforated lining, and components designed for ventilation and breathability allow for optimal air movement. The amazing field of view offered by the 210° rear glass with ventilation foam allows you to climb straight to the summit without missing any of the beauty. There is no need to take off the helmet to talk to friends, or just take a breath of fresh air; simply open the removable muzzle, which is a special feature of the CKX Titan helmet. Do you like its genuinely conventional backcountry design? Let’s choose the CKX Titan Air Flow.

CKX Titan Helmet

To sum up, We’ve tested many different helmets over the years at extreme races and ski runs, and think the CKX Titan helmet is a very unique design that offers the features and benefits that come with it. can match your style. The above article has analyzed some common features as well as 4 famous CKX Titan helmets on the market with the price of each. Read the article carefully and choose the hat that suits your taste for a fun experience this winter. Hope the article is useful to all of you.

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