5 Best Ski Helmets To Buy In 2022

Skiing is one of the extreme sports where you need to be equipped with specialized protective equipment to ensure your safety. Along to help you have a better and safer experience when participating in winter sports.
Today’s Helmetme article will introduce you to the 5 best ski helmets to buy in 2022.

Smith Vantage Snow Sports Headgear

With the Smith Vantage MIPS helmet, most people will be impressed at first sight by its comfort. The lining design is very soft and fits snugly on the head so there is almost no pressure or rubbing when moving.
The chin strap also comes with plush padding, which helps to not irritate the skin even in dry and cold weather.

The strap is designed to be simple and easy to use, making it easy for the user to tighten or loosen the lobe to the size they desire. This is not great, but not all ski helmets do.

Ventilation System

In Vantage there are 21 vents, more than most other helmets on the market. For example, in the Oakley Mod 5 hat, there are only 8 air vents. The important thing here is that the vents are generously sized and easy to customize even when you’re wearing ski gloves.
Overall, thanks to its luxurious lining and special ventilation system, the Smith Vantage helmet stands out for its ability to balance comfort and usability front and rear.


Although it has fast heat dissipation and good ventilation, the ability to warm and retain heat for the hat is also quite good. When you buckle up and put on the hat carefully, no wind will get in, and make sure to keep your head warm during use.
However, if you want some insulation, you can still wear a thin beanie inside, depending on the environment and your preferences.


To increase safety, many companies have incorporated MIPS technology into their production, also known as the Multidirectional Impact Protection System. This system is more widely accepted and applied than some other systems.

Simply put, the technology is designed to reduce potential damage to the brain by impacts through a lining that moves independently of the outer shell.
Another safety feature incorporated into the design of the Vantage MIPS is Smith’s distinctive honeycomb Aerocore construction, visible through the air vents. This technology is intended to improve energy absorption during a collision. Helps minimize the impact of collisions or injuries.

Boa tension system

The Boa Closure System is an easy-to-use and quite popular system in the market.
You may have seen them on other outdoor equipment and accessories, such as ski boots or casual footwear. In this case, we can understand that it is the system on the back of the helmet, making it easier to tighten or loosen.

In particular, the Smith’s Boa system features a targeted 360-degree swivel design that fits both forward and to the side, allowing the Vantage to customize to your head.


At 1 pound 1.6 ounces, the Smith Vantage MIPS has a pretty solid weight in the ski helmet market. With such a relative weight, the hat makes it easier to move, not burdensome or difficult for the user.

Quality and durability

After testing with strong impact strength, Smith Vantage Mips is great without any problems because it achieves excellent durability. No fraying or any serious signs of wear. The reason is that the outer shell of the hat is made of ABS plastic, so the hat has a very solid structure. Therefore, users can rest assured that the safety will be almost absolute.

Fit and size

This hat has a flexible size adjustment mechanism that allows you to tighten or loosen it to get the best fit for yourself. However, it is worth noting here that in the female version, there are small and medium sizes (about 51-59 cm, which is the head circumference), but in the male version, there will be Larger sizes to better fit men’s head size.
Currently, this hat is priced at about $ 270, which is quite a high price, but in terms of the quality it brings, it is completely worth it.

Oakley MOD5 Manufacturing Base Pilot Hat

Oakley is known for its ski helmets with sunglasses and snow goggles. MOD5 has a stable construction and good quality, unique changeable rim design suitable for a variety of goggles.
Those who want maximum ventilation may be a bit disappointed, but the MOD5 is nevertheless an impressive and beautifully rounded lid. Below, we share our experience with Oakley MOD5. To see how it ranks against the competition, check out our article on the best ski helmets.

At the forefront of the brand’s snow helmet line, the Oakley MOD5 is designed primarily for user comfort. The hat is sleek and fits well overall without any noticeable flaws.
In particular, the chin strap is padded with soft fleece to reduce friction and it has a magnetic buckle for easy operation. The results from the testing process show that the strap system works very well and there are no problems when removing it when skiing or in a crash.

The MOD5’s inner lining and ear cushions are completely removable if you want to add a beanie under your helmet. Although this inner lining is not as good as other ski helmet products, it still provides comfort and reduces pressure when in use. However, this is only a small insignificant drawback given the overall quality of Oakley MOD5.


The ventilation system of MOD5 is considered to work quite well. This helmet has 8 vents that help draw air through your goggles and out. For comparison, the Smith Vantage and Quantum have huge vents of 21 and 22, respectively, that are capable of emitting good heat during long adventures or inclement weather.


An advantage of Oakley MOD5 is that this helmet keeps warm quite well. With the vents in the closed position, this helmet will help keep your head well insulated from drafts or cold, even on particularly windy days. Even when you’re traveling in heavy rain or snow, the closed vents do a great job, of preventing moisture from entering your helmet. In particular, the flexible removable earpads enhance insulation and comfort.

Modular Rim System (MBS)

MOD5’s most recognizable feature is the Modular Rim System (MBS), which consists of two interchangeable rims (small and large). This creates a seamless and unified helmet. The only complication here is that changing the rim requires a tool, which will take some time for you, but it won’t matter as it also eliminates the gap between the top of the ski goggles and the helmet that some previous ski helmets could not do.

Boa tension system

Like many high-end ski helmets, the Oakley MOD5 has a Boa adjustment system in the back that can be customized for a snug fit.
The Boa system is the easiest to use and the most stable we’ve experienced on the market. To adjust, simply turn the wheel at the back in either direction, turning to the left will loosen the helmet, and turning to the right will tighten the helmet.

When you feel a snug fit, the dial automatically locks into place to prevent slipping. Overall, we found the Boa system to be very reliable and easy to operate (even with gloves on). Not to mention, any equipment equipped with the Boa system, from helmets to snowshoes to ski boots, comes with a lifetime warranty.


At 1 pound 4 ounces, the Oakley MOD5 is a little heavier than similar ski helmet products, but it’s still perfectly affordable for resorts and used in many countries around the world.
For those who primarily ski on the piste, the MOD5 isn’t too heavy or bulky, and the warmth and extras are worth the trade-off for many.

Quality and durability

MOD5’s goal is to build good quality to last a long time. This helmet feels very solid in the hand, with a combination of ABS along the front and lighter molding around the back that effectively balances the weight of the bike. hat.
After the impact testing process, the helmet remains intact with only a few minor scratches, and no dents, cracks, or abrasion. In addition, all interior stickers are used to fix the lining and have good adhesion.

The goggles are also appreciated for being quite easy to use. You just need to slide the goggles strap under the plastic clip and you are ready to use.
Finally and perhaps most importantly, MOD5 is quite light, so when worn on the head, there will be no discomfort or heaviness that affects the movement.

Fit and size

For those who often use large ski helmets, Oakley MOD5 is the right choice. The sizes of this hat have head circumference from 59-63cm, however, also come in the medium size (55-59cm) and small sizes (51-55cm).
With a large brim design, the helmet can work in conjunction with the Oakley Airbrake XL goggles, the top of the goggles is horizontal with the helmet and the sides are also gapless. Arguably this is the most suitable combination of helmet and goggles I have ever seen.

To tighten or loosen the helmet, the Boa system at the back is easy to use even with gloves on and it hugs your head snugly without any noticeable pressure points.
The Oakley MOD5 hat is currently available for about $ 200

Smith Vantage MIPS

Coming from a company with a long history in protective equipment, the Smith Vantage MIPS excels in every performance indicator we test. Hybrid shell construction, MIPS technology, and easy BOA adjustment wheels provide a perfect fit without compromising on weight or protection.

Just holding this high-end ski helmet you can feel its construction is very durable and quality, so its high price is completely worth it for dedicated skiers. The combination of helmet and goggles also creates a pretty good interface not only with Smith glasses but also can be coordinated with goggles of other brands. The fit, comfort, and ease of adjustment are what we found as they can work with a variety of head shapes and sizes.

Ventilation is also an important element of a good helmet and Vantage is also doing this very well. Easy-to-use adjustment switches and an ideal vent position make this helmet the perfect choice not only for the hottest days but also for the coldest blizzards.

The sleek, unique design delivers sleek lines and makes it one of the most fashionable helmets on the market. The only drawback of this helmet is the rather high cost. However, the price will go with the quality, if you are brave enough to shell out the big bucks for this helmet then you will get a great product that can last for a very long time.

Fit and comfortable

Like most Smith helmets, the Vantage also comes in a wide range of sizes to accommodate a wide range of head shapes thanks to the easy-to-use BOA adjustment system and custom sizing, even when you’re wearing it. span.
The padding inside the helmet is also appreciated as it provides excellent cushioning inside the shell of the helmet. This helmet comes in 3 different sizes, making it fairly easy to find the right size.


Vantage’s heat retention is rated quite well.
When used on the coldest days, you will feel a bit of air passing under the headphones. This is probably the only downside we found, but if they fit snugly in your ears it can cause pain and discomfort.

So in our opinion, the fix when you use this Vantage helmet on the coldest days is to wear an extra thin wool hat inside to keep warm better. However, this is also one of the best warm-keeping helmets we’ve ever experienced, even if you use them on hot days, you don’t need to worry about sweating because of the layer. Antibacterial lining inside will keep the helmet dry and clean all day long.


This helmet has the best ventilation in our test group. The position of the vents is optimally designed to create a flow of air through the helmet to help the helmet breathe. The vents near the front and top of the helmet close with a slider, while the center and rear vents use a separate slider. The vent sliders on the Vantage are quite smooth, unlike other models, which feel a bit rough.

This also helps set Vantage apart from similar helmet products.
However, the ability to open and close different sets of vents sets the Vantage apart from some of its competitors.


When it comes to the weight of this helmet, we still have a lot to consider. With the special features that it offers such as 21 vents, detachable headphones, BOA adjustment system.., its weight is still relatively light.
Beautiful outer shell design, attractive lines, and many special features, this helmet is currently priced at about $ 270

Giro Ledge MIPS

The Ledge is a ski helmet with a minimalist design, for skaters who don’t need to be too fussy about design. The hard shell structure and the available MIPS technology make the helmet simple, but of stable quality, ensuring the safety of the user.

However, Adjusting the fit can be difficult to use and almost impossible to adjust once you have the helmet on. This is probably one of the downsides of this helmet.
The earpads are removable to match your style or weather when you’re skiing. Fixed vents will likely detract from a particularly cold day of skiing in Squaw Valley.

All in all, the Ledge is a basic helmet for a low price, but we generally recommend upgrading to the MIPS version of this helmet, as it’s still quite modestly priced.

Fit and comfortable

The ledge can be used comfortably in a variety of weather conditions. The proof is that we did not notice any problems even when testing on the hottest or coldest days. The earpiece of the hat is tight enough to provide warmth but also not too tight to cause pain when used for long periods.

Giro’s Auto Loc 2 adjustment system is a bit awkward to use and can’t be adjusted quickly. However, you do not need to worry too much because most people do not share helmets so there is no need to adjust too much.

So this is not a big deal. And if it’s super cold and you want to wear a beanie underneath, the adjustment is easy at home. For a helmet at such a low price, we found it to be quite consistent in quality and comfortable to wear.


You might find the Ledge warm enough if you’re a thin helmet wearer. With the vents permanently open, we could feel the cold air rush through the helmet on chilly days. However, this will be a great choice if you live in a warmer climate or prefer to wear a beanie under your helmet.


As mentioned above, the vents on this helmet are permanently open, with no closing option. There are 8 vents on this helmet and it seems to vent well on cold days.
The Ledge comes with the added feature of a headset as it is detachable, making for a nicer helmet for warm days. One downside to this helmet is that if you’re skiing on a snowy or rainy day, it’s quite a bad experience, as the fixed vents cannot close which will make you miserable, and wet.

This will make many people consider choosing another helmet. However, you can overcome it by wearing a small hat to avoid getting wet and warming the body.


The Ledge has a slightly more rounded shape than some other helmets, but it is this shape that gives it a simple, sturdy feel and is suitable for skaters. While it’s not the prettiest, it’s certainly not the heaviest helmet we’ve tested. Despite its simple design, the Ledge is a bit heavy at the end.

For some people, weight is extremely important and this can be a factor to help them consider whether to buy it for use or not. Priced at around $70, this is probably the cheapest helmet on our list of ski helmets to buy in 2022.

Salomon MTN Lab

Next on the list of ski helmets worth buying in 2022 is the Salomon MTN Lab. It’s a ski helmet designed for a specialized purpose. Suitable for adventurous explorers or those looking for solitude who don’t like crowds.
With its ultra-lightweight, large vents, and design that meets rigorous safety standards for both ski and mountaineering helmets, it’s great for skiing or climbing enthusiasts. mountain.

Moreover, Salomon includes small breakthroughs that add significant value to this helmet. Even on hot days and you sweat a lot, there is no need to worry because the lace lining inside the hat can absorb sweat, and can also be removed and washed.


As with most helmets, the fit will largely determine the overall comfort of a helmet. We found the Salomon MTN Lab to be slightly wider and shorter than some of our other helmets.

This means that people with taller or slimmer heads may find a slightly better fit. People with narrower heads are likely to find the earpads a bit high. However, this hat has a dial adjustment system at the back that adjusts the size and fit to suit each person’s head size. But we still recommend that you try on the helmet before you buy it to ensure the right fit for your helmet.

Salomon decided to ditch the plush interior padding with this helmet to save weight. As a result, this helmet is less luxurious than the other helmets in this article. However, you can wear an extra hat underneath to replace the padding.


Salomon MTN Lab’s ability to warm and retain heat will be a bit difficult. It has a soft, warm Merino wool lining, enough for all the coldest days. Unfortunately, the top half of the liner is mesh, which is essentially useless for insulation.
The Salomon MTN Lab is designed primarily for ventilation rather than warmth, and you may have to compensate for this by wearing a beanie underneath.


It is rated as one of the most ventilated helmets on the market. Includes 2 vents in the front, 6 on the top, 3 on the sides, and 4 more on the back, besides the goggles strap.
We confidently state that you can ski the streets of Phoenix in August and feel comfortable. The mesh top lining also adds ventilation to this hat. The removable lining for easy washing and cleaning is also one of the points that we appreciate about this hat.


Weight is also a commendable item in this Salomon MTN Lab helmet. A lightweight, only 11 oz. (Medium size), it makes the ski helmet as light as possible but still provides the necessary protection and safety for people.

When it comes to weight, it’s clear that Salomon is designing a helmet perfectly suited for the countryside. When you climb mountains, weight is also a very important factor, the lighter the weight, the easier your journey will be. This will make you happier on your trip.

The exterior design of this helmet may not be suitable for many demanding users, but in our opinion, the MTN Lab is a pretty smooth overall helmet. It’s not too flashy and complicated or fancy, it’s classic. Suitable for country skiers, as it is quite classic and simple.
However, with the price of about $ 200, price is quite high compared to the average income of the people in the countryside, so you will need to consider a lot when buying this hat.


All the ski helmets we introduce here are helmet products of good quality and reasonable price. Depending on your preferences and style of skiing as well as the budget you can afford, there will be choices that are right for you. While there are many different models and brands of ski helmets to choose from, the best helmet is the one that best fits you, keeps you comfortable, and ensures your safety. Stay safe when you’re on the go and skiing.

We hope our article “5 Best Ski Helmets To Buy In 2022” was useful to you.

Thanks for reading!


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