7 Best Ski Helmet With Visor This Winter

Winter is approaching, so everyone’s need to participate in skiing is higher. An indispensable valuable item for skiing is a ski helmet with visor. Useful advice is to prepare to buy now before the price is too high in winter. In today’s article, we will introduce you to the most popular ski helmet with visor and useful tips before buying. Let’s follow along.

Why should you buy a ski helmet with visor?

When going to the ski areas, it is not difficult to find many people wearing ski helmets. You will also see some people not wearing helmets but they all wear a pair of glasses to protect their eyes. Interesting isn’t it? Why do people always wear eye protection, sunglasses, goggles, or even helmets with visors? The answer is very simple that not everyone knows, that is to avoid the glare from the snow that can be harmful to the eyes.

For those who wear glasses, a ski helmet with visor is the best solution. Because there is enough air, you can just use your regular tempered glasses (or sunglasses) and your glasses and visor won’t fog up. Make sure the visor fits snugly over your eyeglass eyeglasses when mounting! You avoid getting snow on your helmet thanks to this visor. This guard against moisture intrusion and visor damage.

Skiers wearing helmets with visors will never have to worry about losing or losing their glasses or sunglasses because visors are part of the helmet. Another great reason to buy a ski helmet with visor is that you can flip the visor up and down easily even while wearing the helmet. So why not buy one for yourself to enjoy this winter?

The most popular ski helmet with visor

Uvex 500 Visor V helmet- $261.49

Uvex stands for “Ultra Violet Excluded” which means to remove harmful ultraviolet rays that can affect the eyes. Today, Uvex is honored to have won many prestigious awards including the “brand of the century” award in 2010 for the high optical quality of their goggles and helmets. Unsurprisingly, Uvex products are the choice of Winter Olympics champions. It has been claimed that the Uvex 500 Visor V ski helmet is ahead of its time and it has some great technology to make your skiing experience so much more enjoyable. The Uvex 500 visor V ski helmet comes in 3 sizes from 52cm to 62cm and comes in two colors with a weight of about 600 – 650 grams.

Beginners, intermediate skiers, and even experts can wear helmets. The polycarbonate shell and shock-absorbing EPS foam lining are closely bonded together structurally during the helmet’s in-mold manufacturing process to provide a lightweight helmet with high impact resistance. In addition, the interior cushioning is entirely detachable for simple washing. With a comfortable, straightforward buckle that can be opened and closed with only one hand, the adjustable chin straps stay in the ideal position for the shape and size of your head. In order to keep your head cool and dry on hotter days, the front of the helmet has adjustable vents that let cool air in while warm air is directed through the exhaust holes at the back to escape.

Uvex 500 Visor V helmet

To accommodate your demands or weather restrictions, the vents can be closed. The Uvex 500 ski helmet also features an extra-wide visor with a panoramic view, allowing the wearer to see everything around them while gliding down the slopes. To lessen exposure to the chilly wind, the lower border of the visor is cushioned and moves swiftly over your facial features. Achromatic optical lenses with anti-fog coating are used in the integrated visor. Skiing in a variety of weather situations is made possible by Uvex’s Variable Technology, which swiftly adapts to any lighting conditions in VLT classes 1 to 2.

Bollé Backline Visor helmet- $122

Bolle is another famous French ski helmet brand that has been researching and manufacturing optical frames since 1937. Their latest range of visor ski helmets is designed for comfort, ergonomics, and comfort, ensuring safety with quite a clear vision. The Bolle Blackline helmet weighs 650g with two visor options: a yellow low-light visor for increased contrast while skiing and another visor for harsh sunlight conditions.

The shell of the helmet is injected with ABS which has a very high impact absorption capacity and provides considerable protection in the event of a crash. The helmet also features adjustable ventilation to control how much air can be circulated on days with varying weather conditions. Also, adjustable vents make it easy to cool down (or stay warm) and prevent fogging. The hat also includes a comfortable inner lining and removable ear pads for easy cleaning to prevent bacteria from entering.

Bollé Backline Visor helmet

Simply take out the two aluminum dials on either side to alter the visor. To complement the Backline, Bollé also manufactures a variety of colors and lens kinds. Ours has both a class 3 lemon lens and a class 2 “silver gun” lens (a photochromic option is also available). The visor’s outstanding field of vision is wider than that of any ski goggle, and it is coated with anti-fog and anti-abrasion material (but not scratch-resistant), double-layer foam, and vents on the underside for a cozy fit and feel.

The Giro Essence MIPS Snow helmet- $274.95-$400.00

Giro is a ski helmet manufacturer founded over 30 years ago with attention to detail. Today we will talk about the Giro Essence MIPS women’s ski helmet with integrated visor. Essence is specially designed for women with stylized earpads and decorative details. Giro is extremely confident when declaring that this helmet not only protects you but also does not smear your makeup. The Giro Essence MIPS Snow helmet uses the very popular internal molded construction whereby the polycarbonate shell is fused with the EPS inner lining to make the helmet stronger, providing better ventilation, lighter, and cooler than traditional helmets.

Essence also includes the MIPS brain protection system for maximum protection against spinning impacts. Thanks to the combination of Stackvent technology, your visor will be fog-free and you can adjust the airflow instantly with the control knob. The In Form Fit system allows you to manually customize the fit using the adjustable fit system on the back of the helmet, even while wearing ski gloves. Users can fully adjust themselves to suit their head shape thanks to the cap’s vertical adjustment mechanism. furthermore, the Essen earpads are also compatible with Giro Audio Systems in two sizes ranging from 52 cm to 59 cm.
It has an interchangeable visor and comes with two Cat 1 and Cat 3 lenses, and has soft foam around the bridge of the nose. If you’re looking for a women’s visor ski helmet, don’t miss this Giro Essen MIPS Snow helmet we just introduced. Not only is it a stylish helmet that complies with European standards, but it is also the only helmet in its range to offer additional safety features and excellent protection for any sport. any sport in the snow.
The Giro Essence MIPS Snow helmet

Bollé Might Visor Snow helmet- $125.97~$200

Bollé used to be a leader in the production of sunglasses and safety goggles before entering the ski helmet market in 2007. Not interested in following existing technologies, Bollé created different options that did not intend only to satisfy skiers but also professionals competing in the field. The Bollé Might Visor ski helmet has the outstanding features that ski enthusiasts have come to expect. This Bollé ski helmet with visor comes in 3 sizes from 52cm to 62cm and is certified in accordance with European Standards EN-1077 for helmets and EN-174 for visors.
Bollé Might Visor Snow helmet
 Start with a super-durable ‘Injected ABS’ shell with an EPS foam lining for added safety. The built-in ventilation system will keep your head cool while you play too hard and sweat on the slide. The hat also uses Bollé’s Click-To-Fit™ system with a rubber adjustment dial that you can fine-tune even with gloves on. The earpads are soft and comfortable to keep the ears warm while allowing the user to easily remove them for cleaning or replacement. For added comfort, the visor has a foam lining along the base of the visor for more comfort on the face, as well as a padded chin strap to reduce chafing. The Bollé Might Visor ski helmet comes with a photosensitive photo visor for cats 1-2.

SINNER Titan Visor Ski helmet- $121.78-$524.95

SINNER is the name of a company in the Netherlands that was founded in 1996 and is inspired by their world travel cars. From humble roots in Amsterdam, SINNER has grown into an international sports and lifestyle brand and can be found in over 3000 stores worldwide. The SINNER Titan ski helmet with visor is ideal for freestyle skiers due to its lightweight. A quick-release buckle is located beneath the chin on the polycarbonate shell with an EPS liner, which was made using the in-mold technique. When required, the washable and removable soft fleece inside lining offers comfort and warmth.
You will feel comfortable wearing this helmet all day long. The adjustable vents on the front of the helmet can be opened as temperatures rise gradually to let cooler air enter the rear vents for the best possible air circulation. The adjustable chin strap can also be used to get the ideal fit. You may further customize the helmet to fit your head size using the adjustment dial on the rear of it. It comes in 5 sizes ranging from 53 cm to 62 cm.
SINNER Titan Visor Ski helmet
The visor is visor-friendly and has TRANS+ achromatic lenses in the Cat 1 to Cat 3 range that offers 100% UV protection, an anti-fog treatment, and soft foam around the lens’s nose. It provides increased contrast, making it ideal for use in low light, snow, or light fog. The SINNER Titan helmet looks pretty great on a European-standard run and can even be a great start for those just starting out this winter sport. This is one of the top ski helmet with visor available, and it deserves serious consideration. particularly if you don’t intend to spend a lot of money.

Salomon Driver S Ski helmet- $161,15~$210,3

The Salomon family began producing skateboards in 1947 in Annecy, France. the region referred to as the “Pearl of the French Alps.” With more than $1 billion in sales per year, they are still producing skateboards, boots, clothes, helmets, and goggles more than 50 years later! This helmet has an improved Airflow Concept and increased ventilation thanks to the combination of an In-Mold inner shell and an injected ABS outer shell. Salomon’s unique EPS4D technology, which maximizes energy absorption and impact protection while simultaneously providing channels for better airflow, enhances the hybrid shell. Salomon’s unique Fit Dial Fit system, which is now built into the lining for increased durability, offers a precise and comfortable fit with simple dial adjustment.

Salomon Driver S Ski helmet

The Advanced skin/Activedry inner lining is not only comfortable but also quick-drying and is 100% removable and washable for better hygiene. For added comfort, the chin strap is padded to reduce irritation from chafing. The Salomon Driver S helmet features the exclusive Salomon Motion Shield system that provides a perfect face fit and allows you to wear your prescription glasses at all times. The visor is interchangeable to suit weather conditions without any special tools to replace it. The Salomon Driver S helmet comes with a Cat 2 visor and comes in 3 different sizes, from 53cm to 62cm. Conforms to European Standards EN-1077 (helmet) and EN-174 (face visor).

The revolutionary Motion Shield System is built right into the visor. You will feel more at ease if you use this ski helmet for an extended period of time. In the event that you are dissatisfied with the included equipment, there is also a simple lens-changing method. Make sure this helmet is in your pocket if you intend to go skiing soon. Of course, don’t forget to pack extra gear like snowboards and winter coats.

Kuyou Ski Helmet- $42,5-$99.99

Natural conditions, according to many, are unpredictable. Because of this, you might prefer a ski helmet with visor that offers a wide, clear view even in bad weather. The Kuyou Ski Helmet is one that we advise. Kuyou’s visor promises an excellent view because it can cut down on solar radiation. Additionally, there is a knob to change its position if necessary. Additionally, because this helmet supports the OTG (Over-The-Glasses) capability, readers can also use it. The hat also includes frameless, anti-fog ski goggles that are comfortable, come with an elastic band for enhanced compatibility, and are perfectly mounted on the helmet behind the snow goggles clip.

Anyone who enjoys snow sports needs our ski helmet and goggles combo since it offers effective all-around head protection. According to safety regulations, this head guard features an ABS shell that has an impact-resistant EPS core, giving the helmet a highly impact-resistant structure. This ski helmet has received CE certification and complies fully with EN1077 criteria. This is, we dare say, one of the greatest visor ski helmets on the market right now.

The KUYOU Ski Helmet combines an exterior shell with a shock-absorbing EPS lining instead of the “traditional” method of screwing or gluing the shell to the inner foam protection, making our helmets lighter. It will remain comfortable even after wearing it for several hours because it is more robust and better ventilated. adjustable in size 58-61cm. The Kuyou ski helmet has a rotating knob that may be used to change the head circumference and tightness to match various head sizes.

ski helmet with visor

Buying guide for ski helmet with visor

When selecting a helmet for outdoor activities, safety requirements should come first. Make sure it has been approved or has undergone rigorous product testing. Once that has been established, you can start considering additional factors, such as comfort, design, and others. Let’s look at some of the elements you might want to consider before selecting the best ski helmet with visor.

Suitable for size

As with any other type of helmet, bicycle, motorcycle, etc., the most important aspect of helmet safety is that the helmet must be the right size for your head and that the helmet must be fastened to your head. To determine the size of a ski helmet, measure your head circumference in CM (cm) and choose the helmet size that best fits this range. Some helmets have a micro-adjustment buckle that allows you to precisely adjust to your head size when your head size is between the numbers.

The material

Ski helmets, whether they have visors or not, need to be sturdy and long-lasting. A material that can endure significant impacts and absorb shocks must be used for the primary housing. In the meantime, the face shield must be sturdy enough to shield the face in the event of a collision. So, take into account the top-rated ski helmet with visor from prestigious manufacturers. Typically, they provide helmets made of high-quality materials and sturdy construction.


Skiing is an intense outdoor sport and you can sweat a lot while playing. Therefore, choose a ski helmet with good ventilation to ensure optimal airflow. Alternatively, you may also want to consider models that come with breathable padding. This way, you will remain comfortable even if you have to wear a ski helmet with visor for hours.

VLT rating

When shopping for a ski helmet, you should keep in mind the stated VLT (visible light transmission) rating, which lets you know how much light the lens blocks or lets in. With visors, some manufacturers use 4 types instead of direct VLT recording. Different lenses are given VLT ratings based on the lighting conditions they will be used in. Although the VLT rating is presented as a percentage, you’ll generally see it written as “Cat 1, Cat 2, etc.” Other times, the VLT rating might be denoted by the letter “S,” such as S2. The Smith Optics numbering scheme is where the “S” originates from. Each category describes different lighting or weather conditions. Those categories mean:
  • Cat 0: Snow falls or after sunset
  • Cat 1: Recommended for cloudy or gray weather with low light.
  • Cat 2: Medium brightness. Sunny and cloudy.
  • Cat 3: Dark lenses are recommended for clear days with bright sunlight.
There are also so-called chromophore lenses that can automatically adapt to various lighting conditions in addition to the lenses classified above. Typically, they are classified as Cat 1 to 3 fit. Some ski helmets with visors feature replaceable lenses that you can switch out as needed. Other visor helmets only have one lens, which is often an S2 for medium sunshine or cloudy circumstances.

Safety certification

The majority of helmets sold will exceed the necessary safety standards, however occasionally fake or inexpensive imported helmets may not. To be on the safe side, choose ski equipment from a dependable brand or search for the most popular safety labels (usually affixed to helmets and in product descriptions). The European standard EN 174 and the American ASTM F659 are the appropriate standards for ski goggles and visors, respectively. The Australian Standard is being developed based on ISO 18527-1, and the British Standard, BS EN ISO 18527-1, is currently being tabulated for certification.

There is frequently a trade-off between weight reduction and effective protection because not all helmets provide the same level of protection. You’ll have to make the final decision between getting a lighter helmet (usually EPS foam) or having a slightly more protective one (usually an ABS-pumped shell).

Extra features

Once the helmet has been verified to meet all the safety requirements, you may begin looking more closely at extra features like Google connectivity, an integrated audio system, a microphone, etc. There are some excellent ski helmets with Bluetooth speakers, in fact. This means that one thing you must keep in mind is that the comfort of a ski helmet shouldn’t be compromised by any of this. In fact, it will increase how much fun you have skiing.

To sum up, Ski helmets are generally made of durable materials to withstand impacts. However, to protect your eyes from the sun, you’ll need more than that. That’s where the best ski helmet with visor come in. Your eyes should not be exposed to glare, snowflakes, or other obstacles because of the visor. With the help of the visor, you will be more agile in moving between snow slopes.It works well on both sunny and cloudy days.

That is why we have prepared a list of recommendations for the best ski helmet with visor available on the market today. Here is a list of some of the greatest substitutes on the market. Hope the article provides useful information that you need as well as you can buy the right ski helmet soon to comfortably experience this winter.

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