8 Most Popular Snowboard Helmet With Bluetooth

Listening to music while skiing can provide a variety of enjoyable experiences that help you participate more excitedly. So a snowboard helmet with Bluetooth is a great solution. This assist option also allows you to communicate with others in the snow. There are a few great options when it comes to helmets with built-in Bluetooth and we’re going to list 8 types of snowboard helmet with Bluetooth in today’s post.

Why should use a snowboard helmet with Bluetooth?

There are several reasons you should consider purchasing a Snowboard helmet with Bluetooth even though it’s not a must-have accessory. Best of all, you can listen to your favorite tunes, and using your phone hands-free while skiing is a great treat for the soul. First of all, ski helmets with built-in audio help reduce pain caused by headphones. If you enjoy listening to music or making phone calls while riding, wearing headphones for hours can be very uncomfortable, and a ski helmet with Bluetooth will fix this problem.
Second, it helps you to be lighter and less bulky when traveling. You don’t need to worry about wires and headphones getting in your way. That means the whole process of listening or communicating is simplified so you can spend your time focusing on skiing without the hassle of tech gadgets and wires. What’s more, wearing a helmet with Bluetooth and a speaker linked to your phone means your hands don’t get cold when you have to work with your phone.

8 most popular snowboard helmet with Bluetooth

Smart4u SS1 Smart Ski Helmet- $75

For an affordable option that still gives you good impact protection and quality sound, check out the Smart4U Smart Ski SS1 helmet. The Smart4u SS1 smart ski helmet has a tough ABS shell wrapped around an inner EPS layer for impact protection. Inside is a soft padded lining to keep your head warm and comfortable. The lining is removable for cleaning. Smart SS1 has three color options: black, blue, or white, comes in 3 sizes small, medium and large with sizes from 52cm-62cm, and is CE certified for safety.

This choice features an integrated Bluetooth system with a headset and microphone. This makes it simple and convenient to listen to call music. Additionally, speakers reduce wind noise while you’re riding. Large buttons make it possible to operate without taking off your gloves. It is waterproof, adjustable to most head sizes, and has a battery life of up to 15 hours on standby and five hours for music or phone calls. To customize the size to fit your head, turn the knob on the rear. This well-liked helmet type has excellent sound quality and IPX4 water protection, but regrettably no chat or PTT (Push to Talk) functions. The battery takes around two hours to charge.

Smart4u SS1 Smart Ski Helmet

POC Obex Spin Communication Snow Helmet- $129

The POC Obex Spin Communication has an in-built Bluetooth speaker and an award-winning design. The POC Aid communication earpads are simple to pair with your smartphone or other devices, and they come with built-in speakers that produce excellent sound. POC is known for its commitment to quality, so you get more than just a fashionable, sleek helmet. The helmet also has MIPS technology, which lessens rotational impact during particular accident scenarios to help protect your head. Instead of absorbing the full power of the collision, the MIPS sliding plane inside the helmet will only minimally move.

The helmet is made of a durable ABS top shell, an in-mold polycarbonate shell, an EPS foam lining, and three levels of impact protection. At the back of the helmet is a fixed clamp and just below is a sizing system that allows you to achieve a perfect fit without the need for extra padding. The vented lid slides so you can open or close it depending on the weather or your own comfort. At the front, there are integrated air vents to prevent fogging. The hat has 2 colors: Uranium Black and Hydrogen White with 3 different sizes from 51cm-62cm. Obex Spin is also comfortable and light enough to wear all day.

POC Obex Spin Communication Snow Helmet

Sena Latitude Snow Helmet- $119~$159

Sena Latitude is a beautiful snowboard helmet with Bluetooth at an affordable price. It connects to other devices using four built-in Bluetooth connections, a microphone, and Sena’s intercom technology. All you have to do to stream music through the speakers is couple the helmet with your smartphone; you won’t need a phone or data connection. Additionally, you won’t need to take off your gloves or helmet to answer the phone.

Sena Latitude is also built with an EPS interior that ensures your helmet’s safety and a tough ABS shell. A mesh lining and black velvet cushioning provide warmth and comfort inside. Up to 8 hours of speaking time are possible with the Latitude S1 intercom, which has a range of up to 1 km (0.62 miles). Features 18 active vents to keep your head cool while skiing or snowboarding. The hat has only one color, Matte Black.

Sena Latitude Snow Helmet

K2 Phase Pro Helmet- $79.82~$119.95

One of the best choices for snow sports and other outdoor adventures, the K2 Phase Pro Helmet can be worn all day in comfort. A K2-level basic sound system that includes an in-line small microphone and an integrated headset is included with the helmet. The system is integrated inside the headphones, giving you a discreet speaker that won’t obstruct your view while still providing good music. You can unplug the cord whenever you want to have a wireless experience, which you can then use to connect to a mobile device or audio player for audio and communication.

Its durable ABS shell texture, which is available in 4 various colors including green, grey, white, and black, is optionally available with MIPS lining for even more protection. This detachable lining wicks away moisture and is machine washable. Despite being relatively lightweight, the helmet nonetheless provides considerable impact protection in the case of a fall or collision. In addition, the helmet contains a matrix vent that, when the temperature rises, boosts airflow.

K2 Phase Pro Helmet

Giro Ledge Snow Helmet- $50.07~$84.95

With its robust shell design and dual-match auto-positioning system, the Giro Ledge Snow helmet is truly unique. The Bluetooth 5.0 wireless chipset and 40mm drivers, which are 2.2 inches high, 0.5 inches thick, and 1.8 inches broad, fit the helmet’s earpads with ease. The fit may then be altered to match any head size using the elasticized fit in the rear. Goggles can be adjusted with the helmet’s front vents to prevent fogging.

The upper super-cool vents, however, offer sufficient ventilation. Thus, while snowboarding, you can comfortably listen to your favorite music for up to 10 hours. One of the greatest ski helmet headphones, the Alta speaker, has three big buttons that allow you to operate every feature without taking off your helmet or gloves.

Giro Ledge Snow Helmet

Smith Vantage Helmet- $270

It is impossible not to mention the Smith Vantage Helmet in the list of snowboard helmet with Bluetooth. In combination with the Boa 360 fit system and Aerocore structure, it provides the greatest amount of coverage, a precise fit, and enhanced airflow. Additionally, the ideal fusion of fashion and technology fuels outdoor activities.

Due to its IPX5 water resistance, you don’t even need to worry about your audio player getting damaged in the snow. To stream your preferred music, just pair the chips with a Bluetooth device and insert them into the audio liner of your helmet. You can use voice controls and listen to music on the go for 12 hours of playing. Simply ask Siri or Google to change the song or control the level without taking the device out of your pocket.

Smith Vantage Helmet

Livall RS1 Bluetooth Smart Ski Helmet

The LIVALL RS1 Bluetooth Smart Ski Helmet includes fall detection technology, PTT (Push to Talk) radio/network conversation, Bluetooth hands-free phone connectivity, and more. It comes as a bit of a surprise that it won the Wearable Technology category of the 2018 CES Innovation Awards. The RS1 has an impact-absorbing high-quality EPS foam inner layer and a high-strength ABS outer shell for increased comfort and protection.

High-quality headphones and wind-noise-reducing microphones provide clear call quality. The hat comes in two color options, two sizes (medium and large), and lengths of 54-61 cm. It has 15 anti-fog vents for airflow and a swivel knob for a snug fit at the rear. Charging time is approximately 2 hours, with an amazing battery capacity of 16 hours for radios and 48 hours for standby. And it is IPX4 water protected against rain and snow.

Video: Source from Second Chance Limited (Youtube)

Wildhorn Drift Snow Helmet- $89.99

The last helmet on the list of snowboard helmet with Bluetooth is the Wildhorn Drift Snow Helmet. The champion’s preferred helmet is the Wildhorn Drift Snowman Helmet, which has a stylish design. For improved head protection and durability, an in-mold process joins the lightweight polycarbonate shell and inside EPS foam liner. Your head is comfortable all day thanks to the inner lining’s optimal sports comfort. With 13 vents and an adjustable slide control that uses Wildhorn’s VNT ventilation technology, your head will remain cool or toasty. The Wildhorn Drift helmet can also be used with a variety of goggles. The hat is also offered in three different sizes ranging from 51 cm to 63 cm and in various colors.

snowboard helmet with bluetooth

How To Pick The Best Snowboard Helmet with Bluetooth


The main purpose of a helmet is to keep the wearer safe, especially in the event of a collision. If a helmet isn’t built well, it won’t give you the safety and impact resistance you need in the event of a fall or accident. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends ski helmets that meet the following certifications: ASTM F2040; CSA Z263.1; Snell RS-98 and S-98.


When purchasing a snowboard helmet with Bluetooth, put ventilation first. Consider the size of the unit’s vents and determine how many are adjustable. The top ski helmets contain strategically positioned vents and sweat-wicking interior materials. Depending on how much air you need, these vents can be opened or shut.


The best helmets successfully blend comfort, fashion, and safety. You need a helmet that is lightweight if you plan to ski all day to prevent soreness and fatigue in your neck and shoulders. However, a helmet that is excessively light can not offer enough safety. This is not to imply that a big, cumbersome helmet makes you safer. In fact, if it is excessively heavy, it may crash to the ground violently when falling quickly.

Audio Quality

Of all, everyone has different tastes in speakers. Your helmet speakers should have sufficient bass to play your favorite rhythms and clean acoustics. To be safe, turn up the level just enough so that you can hear what’s going on around you but not too much.


Helmet sizes vary by manufacturer, so finding the right helmet for you isn’t always easy. Many helmets only come in vague sizes like “small, medium, large, extra large”… so you may need some trial and error if ordering online. It is essential that you try it on before you buy it. If the hat is too large and feels loose on your head, it will not be suitable to protect your head from impact


Always go with a helmet that has a soft interior so you can be comfy all day. Additionally, a liner provides good insulation. In summary, a good helmet with soft interior vertical padding will keep the wearer warm and comfortable on very chilly days.

In conclusion, The snowboard helmet with Bluetooth is one of the most exciting helmet innovations in recent years. They spare your ears the discomfort of helmet-padded gadgets striking your ears while allowing you to listen to music, talk on the phone, and converse with others. It’s nice that you can use the controls while wearing gloves since they include buttons that are big enough to be used without taking off your gloves. It’s also much more convenient to use the controls when you have less gear to carry about, which enables you to have wonderful skiing experiences. This article introduced 8 snowboard helmets with Bluetooth, hopefully be useful to you.

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