AGV K1 Helmet Review With Necessary Features

Some of the biggest names in MotoGP, including Valentino Rossi, have been spotted sporting AGV helmets, an Italian brand that is well-known internationally. The AGV K1 helmet is one of the best and cheapest economy sportbike helmets on the market. Strong styling, high safety performance scores, and an overall no-frills approach allow the K1 to score well between price and performance. Together with Helmetme evaluate the overall AGV K1 helmet in today’s article.


AGV K1 helmet weighs about 1472g, which is considered quite light. The K1 has a strong aggressive look and it’s aerodynamically well-formed. The aerodynamic lines, ventilation structure, and spoiler development are precisely designed. The K1 is best suited for a medium oval head, like other AGV models. This helmet comes in a total of 7 sizes, including 2 different shell sizes.

Although the helmet only comes in 2 shell sizes, it still caters to head sizes from XS to XXL. There are many different colors and designs for you to choose from. The AGV K1 helmet is made of thermoplastic. Although this is not a premium material, it is a perfect fit for low-end helmets and ensures good protection. This helmet comes with a Double-D loop fastener and this is the most common chin strap mechanism available. AGV K1 helmet is currently sold on widely e-commerce platforms with prices ranging from $209.95- $289.95.



The AGV K1 helmet is a sleek, aerodynamic helmet that resembles the AGV Pista, the top model of the company. At high speeds and without shaking, the rear spoiler offers the best stability. This implies that while riding, your head will be less prone to waver. The AGV has a remarkable safety record. AGV helmets built of the same thermoplastics in the past achieved a stellar 4/5 stars in the SHARP test. The helmet is exceptionally safe and is ECE 22.05 certified, despite not having undergone SHARP testing.

The AGV K1’s expanded peripheral vision, made possible by the extra-wide visor, is another excellent quality. It is tall enough to be used while bent over without obstructing your view. Additionally, it is wide enough for you to avoid having to cover numerous blind spots. Driver safety has increased significantly as a result of fewer distractions. The Collarbone Safety Profile is an additional important point. In the case of an accident, the structure of the housing and inner lining is intended to reduce the likelihood of collarbone-related injuries.


Another strong point that the AGV K1 helmet offers is the extended peripheral vision thanks to the extra-wide visor. It’s tall enough to use in a bendy position without blocking your view. It’s also wide enough that you don’t need to cover many blind spots. There are fewer distractions allowing for a significant increase in driver safety. Also worth mentioning is the Collarbone Safety Profile. The structure of the housing and inner lining are designed to cut down on the risk of collarbone-related injuries in the event of an accident.

The AGV K1 helmet actually has a pretty comfortable interior. The interior is made of Dry-Comfort fabric made up of three separate sections, which are completely removable and washable as needed. The nose guard or breath guard and wind guard are also removable. On the sides of the helmet, there are speaker cutouts to be ready for any intercom. In addition, the helmet’s cheek pads are specially designed to be eye-friendly. So it won’t be a problem for those who want or need to wear glasses while riding.

agv k1 helmet


Two vents located on the chin and three vents on the forehead are relatively easy to operate on the go. All are operated by sliders. The helmet uses AGV’s Integrated Ventilation System (IVS), which are air vents that are hollowed out inside the shell. This directs the airflow into the helmet shell and disperses it into channels around the lining, allowing air to flow through the helmet more efficiently.

The hood is designed with a dual rear exhaust system located just below the rear spoiler and 5 air intakes to keep a constant flow and remove moist air. When the liner is removed, there are clear channels between the intake and exhaust to aid airflow. Even on humid summer days, this helmet does a good job of keeping the wearer’s head cool.


Visibility is a crucial factor to consider while selecting a helmet. Low visibility helmets can give you anxiety and are also very dangerous. The 190° parallel field of view on the AGV K1 helmet is broad. This helmet has the tremendous advantage of allowing you to gaze around without having to move your head too much. You may be familiar with the huge aperture that AGV helmets offer if you’ve ever worn one.

Ratchet-mounted helmets come with six adjustment positions out of the box. This K1 sports a scratch-resistant polycarbonate face shield that is incredibly simple to position and use, even while riding, for the visor. It has anti-fog properties and is designed to shield you from UV radiation. Additionally, using the clip, the visor is simple to take off and put back on, and it also has a solid feel. The Pinlock anti-fog lens is an optional device that must be purchased separately, which is a significant drawback.



  • Excellent peripheral vision
  • Removable antibacterial lining for cleaning
  • Available in different colors and designs
  • A 190-degree horizontal view provides all-around visibility.


  • Quite noisy due to no ear protection
  • Does not come with Pinlock
  • Ventilation sliders are difficult to adjust when wearing gloves

To sum up, this AGV K1 helmet is a great helmet. This helmet is no frills but it has everything you need from a cheap, sport-focused helmet. This helmet is mainly for guys who want a helmet that they can use for their daily commute or on the track or travel. So if you are looking for a low-cost racing-style helmet, the AGV K1 helmet is the helmet for you.

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