Bern Nino Helmet Review-The Best Helmet For Your Child

The Bern Nino is a skate-style helmet that is offered in several cute or stylish patterns for boys and girls big or small. In addition to their sporty and fun styling, Nino helmets are unique because they provide “all-season” protection. Bern Nino connects parents with the performance and safety they provide. Today we will review this very popular Bern Nino helmet for children in this article.


The size of the hat is quite diverse, from 48 – 51.5 cm (XS / S), 51.5 – 54.5 cm (S / M) with very lightweight, only 310g suitable for children. With a range of only 3 or 3.5 cm, these helmets don’t have as much room to grow as other helmets. Children’s helmets usually have a head circumference of 4 to 7 cm. Besides, the Bern Nino helmet also brings fun graphics as well as cool colors in the design that make children very interested and excited when wearing it. This children’s helmet is priced at $80.52 on the market.



The Bern Nino helmet provides exceptional coverage, with the shell of the helmet extending down the back that most other helmets have. While this contributes to the helmet getting hotter, it also extends the level of protection the helmet gives your child. It is important that the helmet also has the same CSPC certification as every other bicycle helmet in the US market. All Bern helmets feature patented Zip Mold technology. Compared to the standard foam found in most helmets, Zip Mold is a liquid injected foam that bonds directly with the lightweight PVC outer shell, to create a seamless, snug fit. low profile and high strength-to-weight ratio.

The advanced nature of Zip Mold technology has a higher weight-to-strength ratio, allowing for a helmet with a thinner, lighter, and more comfortable profile. The Nino’s slim profile and flat back makes them one of the few helmets we recommend for a tow bike or child bike seat. Flatter and less bulky help the helmet does not push the child’s head forward when leaning against the back of the seat. Not only that, but you can also attach a PDW bike light to your helmet or add a cold-weather bike lining for all-season cycling. Standard nylon straps and standard buckles are also fitted on the Bern Nino helmet.

Bern Nino Helmet Review


For about $20, you can buy an optional winter knit that lines your helmet to cover the air vents and keep less fat and ear strain at bay. This is the only kid’s bike helmet we know of that has this product. While wearing a regular knit cap underneath a cycling helmet is also an option, they are often quite bulky and can cause the helmet to rest “on” the head rather than being really secure. The Bern winter liner is designed specifically for this helmet to fit snugly inside. Nino comes standard with a warm-weather lining with a slide-out sun visor.

The liner covers the inner circumference of the helmet with sweat-wicking technology but has significantly more contact with the child’s head than a traditional helmet liner. In addition, the inner padding of the helmet extends down to the inner rear of the helmet, but these pads are not sealed. This means that sweat is more likely to be absorbed and then likely to come out again. In addition, the hook and loop stability adjustment at the back of the head can be adjusted quickly, ensuring a snug fit. Wicking polyester lining helps keep moisture off the head and face; The removable lining is machine washable.



A big reason for the Bern Nino’s smaller size range is its Velcro adjustment system. Most bike helmets these days have a dial adjustment knob on the back of the helmet. The knob can be rotated to secure the helmet’s rear cage to your head. These helmets can come in a variety of sizes. On the Bern Nino helmet, Velcro can only be tightened so far before you run out of Velcro. Also, note that the Velcro adjustment may slide onto the helmet when it is put on. As a result, when wearing the helmet, our testers found it necessary to hold the adjuster to prevent it from folding.


  • Zip mold, liquid-injected foam allows the helmet to have a lower profile, and lighter.
  • High coverage along the back and sides of the helmet.
  • The slimmer profile and flat back are great for use in bike trailers.
  • Sliding sun visor
  • Optional winter lining


  • Less ventilation than other helmets
  • Velcro sizing system
  • Narrow size range

In short, the Bern Nino helmet is a lightweight, durable, and affordable children’s helmet. With a variety of colors and low designs, the Bern Nino youth bike helmet has become a very popular product. Today’s article has an overview of this helmet. Perhaps this is a great, safety helmet that will add a lot of fun to any bike ride for your child.

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