Top 10 Best Full Face Cruiser Helmet You Should Consider

It goes without saying that a cruiser is the best type of motorcycle to have by your side on a long trip. Choosing an appropriate cruiser motorbike helmet is so crucial. If you are in an accident, a good helmet will keep you safe and might even save your life. However, if you look at many brands and models, you can find it difficult to locate one that meets your needs. Let us help you choose the best full face cruiser helmet carefully curated by us in the article below. Follow along with us!

Features that the best full face cruiser helmet should have

Type of helmet

Motorcycle helmets come in a range of styles. Half helmets provide the least protection and do not shield your eyes while you are moving. They are a reinforced version of a cycling helmet. An open-face helmet, also known as a 3/4 helmet, covers the top, back, and neck but leaves the face uncovered. They shield the head without covering it entirely.
The best defense against every hit is a full-face helmet. Additionally, think about flip-up or modular helmets. They give all-around protection with a flip-up visor and combine the features of a full-face helmet and a full-face helmet.

Shell structure

The material that was used to create the helmet shell must be taken into consideration. Materials with high durability include Lexan polycarbonate, carbon fiber, and fiberglass composites. You must select a helmet that provides superior defense against significant impacts and friction.


A motorbike helmet’s only function is to safeguard your head from severe injuries. Spending money on a helmet that will provide you with the most protection is preferable. Use those that are constructed using high-quality materials to guarantee your complete safety while riding. The DOT, ECE, and SNELL certifications can be used to assess the safety of a helmet. Helmet safety and authorization for use on busy roads are guaranteed by ECE and DOT regulations. The greatest protective headgear for you, nevertheless, is SNELL certified, which ensures a far greater safety standard than DOT/ECE.

Make sure the bicycle helmet you choose has the appropriate safety features to improve protection. Consider looking for a multi-directional impact prevention system, for instance. It has internal padding that deflects shocks in all directions.


The weight and structure of the helmet are the most crucial factors to take into account when choosing the best cruiser motorcycle helmet for you. For motorcycle cruisers, light helmets are generally best because the risk is low. They are simple to use and put on, and with prolonged use, they result in less neck discomfort. They are less resistant to severe hits than people who are carrying hefty weights, nevertheless.
Choose between the simplicity of use and high protection when evaluating the applicability of any helmet, and then examine the materials used in its construction to gauge its strength and longevity.


When choosing a cruiser helmet, price should be your deciding factor. Motorcycle helmets can be purchased for anywhere between $100 to $800. Remember to pick a helmet that performs well rather than one that is only fashionable and of poor quality. Longer warranties are offered with more expensive products than cheaper ones. Be sure to research before you buy to determine which will result in the greatest long-term financial savings.


Some types are very heavy, which causes the driver great discomfort. A full-face helmet that allows you to view your surroundings clearly and provides excellent ventilation is what you desire. Pay close attention to the vents and internal lining.

Best full face cruiser helmet

Bell Qualifier-$142.16-$157.95

Bell Helmets is regarded as the biggest and most reliable motorcycle helmet manufacturer and has years of experience making safety equipment for automobiles. However, their most recent full-face helmet, the Qualifier, has captured the attention of every cruiser, novice, and expert rider with its amazing details and safety. The Bell Qualifier is constructed of a very lightweight polycarbonate material that satisfies and exceeds DOT and ECE safety regulations. It boasts an incredible aerodynamic shape for cruising at high speeds and an ABS shell structure. Furthermore, it is adaptable enough to be worn by riders of all head shapes because of its three distinct case sizes!

Second, the Bell Qualifier is a full-face helmet for men that are made to offer riders of all experience levels the highest level of safety. It has a tough NutraFog II face shield that guards against fog and UV rays that blur your vision. Additionally, the material provides a wide field of vision to the periphery and is totally scratch resistant.

Bell has provided the full-face Qualifier helmet with a secure click-release system to prevent the helmet from constantly bobbing over your head as you move around. The lock and unlock process is incredibly quick and simple, and built-in speaker pockets keep you engaged and connected the entire trip. Bell Qualifier uses its completely cushioned wind neck to take extra precautions to block out any unwelcome road and wind noise. Additionally, the removable design makes it simple to wash, dry, and store after use. The fabric lining is constructed of a breathable and antibacterial substance. It’s one of the best full face cruiser helmet.

Bell Qualifier


  • Manufacture of a painless, lightweight ABS polycarbonate shell
  • Attractive, scratch- and UV-resistant face protection with an integrated speaker pouch
  • Wind noise and wind resistance padding
  • NutraFog II anti-fog and anti-scratch face shield coating
  • Antibacterial, washable, and breathable removable liner
  • Five-year warranty included


  • Over time, the padding near the chin expands up
  • Compares favorably to the actual value

Shoei J-Cruise II-$579.99

Another well-known, trustworthy company that consistently tries to live up to the high standards of its clients is Shoei. Shoei has refined the J-Cruise II in an elegant and minimalistic form because they are well aware of how important sleek design is to any cruiser helmet. The J-wearer Cruise’s is always the most fashionable rider on the road thanks to its aerodynamic shell form and selection of colors.

Despite having an open-face design, Shoei’s cruiser helmet does a remarkable job of keeping fog or dangerous UV rays from disrupting your driving experience. No matter how chilly or wettish the environment is, the J-Cruise II’s sophisticated EVO lens face shield guarantees optimum visual clarity. Even after prolonged usage, the interior of this helmet is very cozy and dry thanks to the use of a dependable and soft hybrid fabric. Additionally, any rough contact between your head and the helmet shell is softened by the improved soft fabric.

Are you one of those technologically smart bikers that have trouble locking their helmets on their heads? If so, you’ll be thrilled to learn about the convenient micro ratchet mechanism found on the Shoei J-Cruise II. This makes it easy to put on, take off, and adjust the helmet on the head without having to worry about falling! It’s finally time to improve the ventilation in Shoei’s half-cruiser helmet. Through the addition of a new air inlet, Shoei was able to increase the ventilation of the helmet by up to 30% after months of testing and research. In doing so, the J-shell Cruise’s form provides ideal air intake and raises this volume by 20%!

Shoei J-Cruise II


  • Attractive casing design that is modern and sleek
  • Available in many shell colors and sizes
  • 99 percent of UV rays and fog are blocked by sunshades
  • Made of polycarbonate, a lightweight and compact material
  • Suitable with Shoei and Sena. headsets with Bluetooth
  • Seven-year hardware warranty included


  • Very expensive

Torc T1 Retro-$199.99-$409.99

Another best full face cruiser helmet is the Torc T1.  RetroThe cost of the TORC T1 Retro full-face helmet is not prohibitive. It has fiberglass construction and ECE certification. Although it is made in China, I found that the company is the biggest helmet producer of several well-known brands. Due to the oversize design, this headgear fits motorcyclists with large heads comfortably. A closer examination reveals that its fiberglass exterior is well-built and lightweight, and I like how it looks.

Interior imitation suede and the paint finish are of low quality. Given that it is not among the most costly helmets available, I can understand its skepticism. The vent controls and D-rings are closed in a way that I prefer, however, it’s best to make adjustments when still sitting still. The visor was simple for me to use, and the locking level keeps it safe. I added the tinted visor to my purchase because I often fly in the hot sun.

The broad visor on the traditional Torc T1 full face helmet offers an amazing field of vision. The low chin bar and absence of breath protection, however, render it vulnerable to fog on chilly mornings. If you prefer the retro appearance for a change, you might want to try it. You may have heard the whistling and whistling sounds of the wind when you’re wearing this out-of-date headgear if you’re wearing a sport-oriented helmet. You’ll find it chic and reasonably priced with the desired traditional design.

Torc T1 Retro


  • Detachable, anti-scratch, and anti-fog shield
  • Air intakes and vents at the front chin’s recess
  • Padding for the chin strap


  • Pushing a cushion on your forehead
  • Inferior paint finish

Shoei Neotec II –$799.99-$899.99

Shoei has made a name for itself as one of the leading retailers in the industry today, so you can be confident that whatever you purchase is of the highest caliber. The Shoei is ideal for a variety of riders because it was designed for comfort and safety. This helmet has a premium appearance and feels even if it won’t break the bank. The design of this helmet is particularly distinctive from other helmets in this price range thanks to a small chin vent and a streamlined rear vent.

The 4.2-pound Neotec II has a micro ratchet system that lets you alter the fit and overall adjustment to your preferences. The helmet’s lining is breathable, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial. You’ll enjoy how comfortable the helmet feels inside because it helps to muffle unpleasant sounds and vibrations. It is a pleasant extra benefit that this function is not more frequent. This particular motorcycle helmet’s SENA SRL Bluetooth connectivity kit is one of its selling points. You may use this helmet to make and receive calls, navigate using a smartphone, and listen to music fully hands-free.

You will have unlimited head movement with Neotec II and superb peripheral vision. Its distortion-free visor and sunscreen ensure that you can see clearly at all times, even in the sun’s strongest rays. The face shield features an anti-fog coating and is UV resistant. In every condition, Shoei wants you to be noticed. Amazing ventilation can be found in Neotec II. Even when you drive slowly in a hot atmosphere, your head will remain cool and dry.

Shoei Neotec II 


  • Face shield that is anti-scratch and anti-fog
  • Retractable sun visor


  • Quite expensive

Simpson Mod Bandit-$588.78-$740.83

A completely working module designed to resemble a sports and racing helmet is called the Simpson Mod Bandit. Because of its all-around support and adaptable features, riders adore this helmet. This motorbike helmet will not appear “average” at first glance. Its outside case has a matte appearance, and mesh vents run parallel to the chin bar. Simpson purposefully created a streamlined design for this helmet because the matte finish complements the chrome embellishments on the outer shell beautifully.

The case’s material is both lightweight and scratch-resistant. For your convenience, the interior cushioning is composed of soft nylon, detachable, and machine washable. Additionally, you can pair this helmet with your smartphone via Bluetooth so that you may use the navigation system, make calls, and listen to music hands-free. This feature is uncommon in helmets in this price range. Due to the Mod Bandit’s intermediate oval shape, it can fit both round and oval heads.

Depending on the sort of weather and environment you are riding in, this helmet features a variety of visor systems that you may modify. The factory visor, the smokey visor, and the iridium dark visor are the three color choices available. These choices look amazing and will keep you visible in all conditions. Riders claim that the Mod Bandit provides a relatively quiet ride and has excellent ventilation. Although this helmet has EU and US DOT certification, it does not yet have a SNELL or SHARP rating.

Simpson Mod Bandit


  • All-round support and customizable features
  • The case material is scratch resistant and very light in weight
  • Has several visor systems


  • Does not have a SNELL or SHARP rating

Biltwell Gringo S-$279.99

If you are looking for the best full face cruiser helmet that is stylish and functional at a reasonable price, then the Biltwell Gringo S Helmet is what you should consider. Riders adore this stylish, retro-styled helmet for its comfort, durability, and safety in addition to its good aesthetics. The driver may effortlessly open and close this model’s profile for protection from outside elements like road debris, and it also includes cozy BioFoam crossbar cushioning. The interior is an impact-resistant EPS liner with hand-stitched padding, while the exterior is composed of lightweight ABS molded plastic. It is quite comfortable because of the diamond-stitched foam padding and lycra lining.

But there are drawbacks. Since the roadway is often windy, several users have complained that they dislike traveling long distances on it. Additionally, it lacks ventilation, and the lining, while cozy, is not removable. This is why people who are buying their first helmet for a new bike or for light city or ocean trips should consider this helmet.


  • Modern, retro-inspired style
  • a comfortable interior
  • Lightweight


  • The liner cannot be removed
  • No vents are present

Nolan N104 EVO-$329.95

Good ventilation is one of the most crucial features to look for in a full-face motorcycle helmet, and this is where this product excels. The AirBooster Technology in the Nolan N104 EVO full face helmet provides outstanding climate management in a variety of weather conditions. The manufacturer used the information from the N104 as a guide to developing a ventilation system that is much more effective and ideal for city commuting.

Compared to comparable models on the market, the face shield is bigger, giving the driver a greater field of vision. The sun visor can also be lowered using the Anti-Scratch and Fog Vision Protection System slider (you just press a button and it retracts instantly). The interior of the helmet also contains a ton of options that encourage extras, like detachable cheek pads, detachable neck rolls for warm areas, and detachable, washable antibacterial inner padding.
Thanks to its cozy inside padding, the Nolan N104 is eyewear-friendly, however, some users have complained that it isn’t always comfy. It is best to try it on first to determine whether it suits you if you are thinking about this because it promotes spectacles.
Nolan N104 EVO
  • Fog-resistant Vision Protection System that is favorable to eyeglasses
  • Booster Technology for Air
  • Padding frequently makes people uncomfortable

Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS-$229.95

This helmet is included on the list because it is designed to be excellent for both the street and the dirt, for both experts and beginners. The Bell MX-9’s adaptability is built upon a highly appreciated polycarbonate shell for comfort and lightness as well as a superior ventilation system that keeps you cool the entire ride.
Additionally, it has an EPS liner, a washable comfort liner, and an adjustable mouth vent. The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, or MIPS technology, which provides motorcyclists with protection, is one of the best features of this helmet and one of the main reasons people purchase it. You will be able to better protect your head thanks to enhanced and improved rotational impact and power management.
The retractable visor, which is excellent for street use, is another useful feature. You may quickly flip the visor up and put on a pair of dirt-resistant glasses if you need to. One of the issues that some riders brought up was that the helmet didn’t function as well as they had anticipated. However, this shouldn’t be an issue if you are traveling by air. Bell has always made helmets with advanced safety-promoting technology. This model is no exception; for about $200, you’ll get fantastic value and protection catered to various rider types.
Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS
  • Enhanced safety thanks to MIPS technology
  • Inexpensive price
  • Polycarbonate shell that is lightweight
  • Noise levels could be raised

Arai Defiant-X-$679.95

You might be hesitant to buy given the price, but Arai’s products are of exceptional quality. In addition to using strong materials and having great airflow, safety is guaranteed. The Arai Defiant X helmet is built of components that guarantee the rider’s security and comfort. It has a tough exterior that spreads impact energy in the case of a collision, and it has Free Flow ventilation, which lowers turbulence and raises hot air emissions.

Other features include a visor with Pinlock insert lenses, washable cheek pads, and a removable antibacterial liner. This helmet’s versatility makes it appropriate for both quick rides and leisurely journeys, and the sleek style is ideal for both. Although this helmet has a very broad field of vision, some users claim that it can perform better in terms of blind spot vision. However, other than this, customers are still raving about how well it fits, looks, and has safety measures. This is the last best full face cruiser helmet.


  • Made for quick and cruising rides
  • Sleek style
  • Ventilation using a free-flow system


  • So expensive
  • Blind spot visibility is not the finest

Scorpion Covert-$151.45-$188.53

Scorpion Covert is one of the most adaptable helmets on the market right now, offering you three different helmet models in one. The upper portion of the helmet is essentially a half helmet in the conventional sense. The helmet is then converted to a three-quarter variant by the comfy back sleeves. Then it becomes a full-face helmet when the companion mask is worn. High-powered magnets hold each piece in place, making moving them around quick and simple. You shouldn’t need more than a minute to install or remove this helmet once you understand how to do it.

The comfort level of this helmet is not diminished by the fact that it is made up of numerous sections. It is one of Scorpion’s most comfortable helmets thanks to its fit and luxurious interior lining. Your level of vision will vary depending on the model of this helmet. You will have the clearest eyesight when wearing the helmet in the half or 3/4 mode. Although the full-face option will limit your visibility, it won’t impair your ability to drive. This helmet’s EverClear sun visor will shield your face from the sun and remain foggy in cold temperatures. This makes the helmet ideal for biking in any weather conditions.

Scorpion Covert

When using helmets that hold half or three liters, you will hear the noise. Undoubtedly, a mask will help to drown out the sounds. You may change the ventilation while wearing the helmet by adjusting how you wear it. The mask has multiple vents so that even when you’re wearing the full-face version, you can still get enough airflow. Even though it has three functions, this helmet is only categorized as a half helmet. The sole flaw in this helmet is that it doesn’t have a chin strut. It has DOT approval in the US, so you can wear it with assurance.


  • The plush inner lining and fit
  • The EverClear sun visor
  • a mask will definitely help eliminate the noise


  • It does not come with a chin strut

In conclusion, in order to protect your head in the event of a flying accident, choosing the correct helmet is crucial. You must be careful to select the greatest option for your requirements because it could save your life. You can be sure that choosing the greatest helmet won’t be challenging or complex thanks to our shopping guide. We hope this article was helpful in finding your best full face cruiser helmet for traveling. They’ve been handpicked, so you can do more research and experiment to see which one suits you best.

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