Some of the Best Karting Helmets and how to choose

You should refer to the best karting helmets below and choose one if you intend to participate whether you race go-karts professionally or as a recreational sport, safety should always come first. Go-kart racing, unlike other sorts of motorsports, exposes you to the environment because there is nothing between you and the tarmac, unlike vehicle racing. 

As a result, it’s critical to be adequately outfitted with safety gear. A licensed karting helmet is one of the most crucial pieces of safety equipment you should have. Helmets are certified for safety by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Snell Memorial Foundation (Snell). Both have their own set of measurements and requirements.

Only Snell-approved helmets will be featured on this list, as they are more often used in racing and have stricter certification criteria. With that in mind, let’s have a look at the many go-kart racing helmets available.

Best Karting Helmet Reviews

I’ve reviewed the best go-karting helmets and compiled a list of the top eight in my opinion. The ratings below will show you how I ranked them based on the most critical factors: ventilation, comfort, material, and weight.

I’ve given each helmet it is own rating in the hopes that you’ll be able to come to your own judgments. Hopefully, you will be able to make a more informed purchase selection as a result of this. Here’s a quick rundown of the best karting helmets:


  • Conquer Carbon Fiber Racing Helmet- $249.95

Our top pick and thus the best karting helmet on this list is the Conquer Carbon Fiber Auto Helmet. The carbon fiber composite shell of this go-kart racing helmet gives it an incredibly light weight of little over 3 pounds. It has a fantastic aerodynamic design with a shiny finish that makes it stand out in terms of appearance. The Conquer Carbon Fiber Racing Helmet is equally outstanding in terms of features as it is in terms of appearance.

This Snell SA2020-approved is the best karting helmet and is suitable for go-kart racing. In addition, the shell incorporates HANS threaded inserts and a 3 mm anti-scratch and flame-resistant protection. This guarantees that the helmet is durable and can withstand a significant amount of force. This helmet’s eye openings are unusually large, allowing you excellent visibility on the racetrack.

Conquer Carbon Fiber Racing Helmet- the best karting helmets
Conquer Carbon Fiber Racing Helmet

Because the inner components are well-padded, the interior is exceptionally soft and comfortable to wear. The cheek pads are easily removed for cleaning. When you’re out on the track, you’ll notice how wonderfully ventilated the helmet is. It has ten strategically positioned vents to keep your head cool throughout your race. The vents are evenly distributed across the helmet.

The Conquer Carbon Fiber Racing Helmet is a fantastic combination of high-quality, safety, and comfort, earning it the top spot on our list as the best karting helmet. For go-kart racing, this is an outstanding winner!


The Bell GP3 Sport comes in second place and is an exceedingly high-quality racing helmet that is ideal for professional go-kart racing. This racing helmet comes in a variety of sizes in two colors: black and white. Furthermore, it is SA2020 certified, making it an excellent alternative for competitive karting!

This best karting helmet is built of a lightweight composite material that makes it suitable for track racing go-karts. It has a traditional F1 style and an appealing aerodynamic shape. Particularly at chicanes, you can feel how aerodynamic it is. During your kart race, the aerodynamic design also lowers drag.

Bell GP3 Sport
Bell GP3 Sport

Bell’s strong chin bar design is also included on the Bell GP3 Sport, which is well ventilated. The ventilation apertures are excellent for bringing fresh air inside the helmet. Throughout the space, there are input and extraction vents. Furthermore, its solid construction protects the user from high-velocity impacts. It also has a regular multi-foam density interior for a snug and comfortable fit.

It also has integrated channels, making it simple to connect a radio communication system. A drawstring bag is included as an added benefit for storing the helmet. Overall, it checks all the boxes and is an excellent helmet for professional go-kart racing. For good reason, the Bell GP3 Sport Helmet is the second in one of the best karting helmets.

The Zamp RZ-59 Helmet is a full-featured racing helmet designed for longer or more professional go-kart races. It has a fantastic ventilation system that allows the driver to choose between forced air, natural air, and air plugs. The extra aeration is evident and accessible through the top and sides of the chin bar.

As you can see, there are a lot of features in this helmet. The helmet shell is made of fiberglass, which is light and strong while providing excellent protection. It also includes a shell and chin bar, as well as an aerodynamic design.

 Zamp RZ-59 Helmet
Zamp RZ-59 Helmet

The inner material is soft and comfortable, allowing for a comfortable fit. When you put this karting helmet on, you’ll immediately see how well-made it is. It also has replaceable, fire-resistant inside padding that is easily cleaned. It’s no surprise that this karting helmet includes noise-dampening ear muffs, M6 restraint inserts, and a Z-20 series 3mm clear shield and chin bar, among other features.

Finally, this is a fantastic helmet that is suited for intermediate or professional go-kart racing. The Zamp RZ-59 is a feature-packed go-kart that is well-equipped to tackle professional racing.

  •  Sparco Air Pro RF-5W Helmet

Another karting helmet that strikes the perfect blend of comfort and quality is the Sparco Air Pro RF-5W. It’s also Snell SA2015 approved, with an aerodynamic design that includes a front, back, and top venting system with a total of 6 air ducts. While sitting comfortably on your head, the air travels through the helmet optimally. This is immediately apparent as soon as you step onto the racetrack.

Sparco Air Pro RF-5W Helmet
Sparco Air Pro RF-5W Helmet

It has HANS threaded inserts and is extensively padded with a fire-retardant material on the inside. This helmet, like any other high-quality helmet, has removable internal pads that can be removed and cleaned easily. The helmet’s design is aerodynamic, which means it enhances airflow into and around the helmet, which is critical in go-kart racing.

The Sparco Air Pro RF-5W Helmet is constructed of Kevlar and Fiberglass, making it a durable and high-quality go-kart racing helmet. It can also be used for professional go-kart races because it is SA2015 certified. If you’re a seasoned expert searching for a top-of-the-line helmet, this is definitely one to consider!

  • Bell K1 Pro White Helmet

The Bell K1 Pro White Helmet is another excellent Snell SA2020-approved entry-level karting helmet. It is available in four distinct sizes and four different colors. Bell helmets are recognized for their lightweight and aerodynamic designs, and this one is no exception. It only weighs 4 pounds and is exceptionally light for the best karting helmet, yet has a heavy-duty composite shell.

Bell K1 Pro White Helmet
Bell K1 Pro White Helmet

It also has airflow across the forehead and chin bar area, as well as a full chin bar. Keep in mind that the Bell’s orange variant lacks chin bar vents. If you want a ventilated helmet, this custom-painted Brus Helmet is the way to go.

It has a 3 mm SRV Shield, large-sized eye ports, and M6 hardware for neck and shoulder restraint devices, among other technical characteristics. As you can see, the K1 Helmet’s feature-rich design does not disappoint. The helmet’s interior fabric is exceptionally comfortable, however, it is not removable. There are techniques to clean it, but they may be a little more time-consuming. The eye apertures are 4.5′′ in diameter, making them Bell’s widest opening for any helmet. Overall, the Bell K1 Pro White Helmet is one of the best karting helmets.

Another terrific and economical racing helmet that is Snell SA2020 certified is the RaceQuip PRO20. It’s comprised of light composite material with a silicone shield to keep dirt, dust, and water out. This is a crucial characteristic for kart racing because you are in direct contact with the environment and must be well-protected.

The helmet’s NOMEX interior ensures a secure and comfortable fit. NOMEX is a flame-resistant substance that protects you from harm. The RaceQuip PRO20’s shell is made of fiber-reinforced polymer, making it exceptionally robust. It’s also built highly aerodynamically, as you can see, to ensure the least amount of drag on the kart course.

RaceQuip PRO20
RaceQuip PRO20

Because there are no vents, this best karting helmet offers excellent sound dampening. This greatly minimizes the amount of noise produced during karting. This feature, however, comes at a cost: there are no ventilation intake or extraction vents, which means it may grow hot while racing.

If you live in a hotter climate, you might wish to invest in a ventilated helmet. The anchors for the head and neck restraints are pre-drilled, which makes installation a breeze!

Overall, the RaceQuip PRO20 Full Face Helmet is a fantastic kart racing helmet with a high-quality build and aerodynamic design that is ideal for beginner go-kart racers. It’s available in five different sizes and a variety of colors.

  • Conquer Aerodynamic Helmet- $249.95

The Conquer Aerodynamic Helmet is ideal for go-kart racing because it is Snell 2020 certified and comes with a number of useful features. The outside is composed of Conquer’s high-grade fiberglass Aero shell, which has threaded inserts for further durability. There are also HANS device mounting points where restraint devices can be attached.

Conquer Aerodynamic Helmet
Conquer Aerodynamic Helmet

With chin spoilers and aero ridges, this best karting helmet was specifically developed for enhanced stability. This also helps to reduce drag, which is crucial in go-kart racing. The Conquer Aerodynamic Helmet also has front, back, and top ventilation vents to guarantee that the helmet is well ventilated. It also has a heat exhaust at the back that ensures warm air is expelled.

The interior of the helmet is lined with Nomex, a fire-resistant material. It’s also really comfy to wear, which is obvious during longer runs. The inside pads may be removed for easy cleaning, and the helmet has a clear face shield with tear-off posts on the front.

Overall, the Conquer Aerodynamic Helmet is an excellent all-around helmet for go-kart racers who are new to the sport. It has a lot of features and can keep you going for a long time before you need to update.

The Zamp RZ-58 is a highly attractive composite fiberglass helmet that weighs only 3.74 pounds. It incorporates some of Zamp’s most cutting-edge technologies while keeping a competitive price-to-performance ratio. Let’s take a deeper look at what it has to offer.

The RZ-58’s shell is built of composite fiberglass, which is extremely durable and ensures your safety during kart racing. The helmets are fitted with a 7-Top air system that ventilates the whole interior. Fresh air is taken in through the chin, scalp, and exhaust vents, while warm air is vented out the back.

Zamp RZ-58 Helmet
Zamp RZ-58 Helmet

The inner is lined with a strong, fire-resistant material that is very comfortable to wear. A 3 mm clear shield with tear-off posts and 12.125′′ center posts may be seen on the front. Because the eye holes are quite large, you may maintain a good viewing angle throughout the race.

M6 inserts for restraint devices are also included with the helmet. On any Zamp helmet, these inserts are perfectly positioned and simple to install. Overall, the Zamp-58 is a high-quality, cheap helmet that is available in five sizes. Make sure you choose a size that is appropriate for you. Always use the sizing guide provided by the manufacturer!

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Karting Helmet

There are numerous go-karting helmets on the market, making it difficult to locate and select the ideal one. I’ve tried a lot of them and compiled a list of the best karting helmets to help you narrow down your options.

It’s also vital to remember that each driver has his or her own tastes and must decide which helmet is best for him or her. It’s a good idea to consider the many features of racing helmets before making a decision. The next section will focus on features such as type, material, comfort, size, design, and pricing of helmets.


Certification is critical for all sorts of safety equipment since it serves as a safety standard for manufacturers. You should have a helmet authorized by the Snell Memorial Foundation, generally known as Snell, for go-kart racing. They certify helmets for safety and impose various measurements and restrictions on helmet manufacturers to guarantee that they satisfy the needed safety level.


It’s necessary to turn your head, but you should strive to keep the range of motion to a minimum because you’re putting yourself in danger every time you don’t glance ahead at the racing conditions. Wide eye ports enhance your viewing angle so you don’t have to move your head as much and can focus on your eyes, which move considerably faster and with less effort. Try to find a helmet with larger eye ports, as this will only help you.


When picking a karting helmet, ventilation should be a top priority. During a race, a properly vented helmet can help you feel more relaxed and comfortable. This is crucial because any irritation can lead you to lose concentration.


Best karting helmets are built of a strong, shock-absorbing material that keeps your head safe in the event of a collision. Fiberglass, carbon, and composite are the three most prevalent materials used. Each substance has its own set of advantages, and it’s critical to recognize them.

Glass fiber is used to make fiberglass helmets, which are comprised of fiber-reinforced plastic. In comparison to their price, these fibers are quite robust. These helmets are normally less expensive, although they are significantly heavier than the other options. Carbon helmets are comprised of a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer with a very high strength-to-weight ratio. Because of the higher cost of materials, these helmets are usually more expensive.


It’s critical to have your helmet in the correct size. The helmet will either not fit or will be exceedingly uncomfortable to wear if it is too small. If your helmet is too big, it will start swaying and, in the worst-case scenario, detach from your head when you hit something. This is a really dangerous situation.


Aside from credentials, you should also make sure the helmet has sturdy and reliable equipment. Ensure that the helmet’s shell is composed of high-quality, long-lasting material and that the inside pads are well-protected. Some karting helmets are composed of Nomex, a flame-retardant material that is also abrasion-resistant.

In conclusion, I hope that this information has assisted you in making an informed decision while selecting the best karting helmet. Karting helmets come in a variety of styles, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. In a word, make sure you choose the SA2020-certified best karting helmets.

When deciding which helmet to buy, take into account the kind, material, size, style, features, and price. Go-kart racing is a lot of fun, so be sure you’re properly protected while on the track.

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