Best Shark Modular Helmet Review- The Evo-One 2

Shark has been designing upside-down/modular helmets for years with each new model improving little by little. They have the Evoline helmet line and also the Openline. And now, they have added Evo-One to their lineup. It’s a further evolution of the Evoline line but designed to be a bit more compact. So today, we‘re going to do a basic review of aspects of the shark modular helmet, specifically the Evo-One 2. Stay tuned shortly.

Shark Modular Helmet Review- The Evo-One 2


Overall, this helmet is easy to impress with clean and strong lines. This EVO-ONE 2 has a fairly compact, aerodynamic design, and thermoplastic housing with 2 case sizes. The manufacturer has tried to create a helmet that scores high in safety with a flip-front mechanism. There is a regular range of solid colors – called Blank, in addition, to gloss black, matte, and white. Hats are currently widely available on e-commerce platforms with prices ranging from $386.99 to $469.99 depending on the color you choose.


Almost all helmets these days have an easily removable, washable liner, and the shark modular helmet is no exception. The lining itself is CoolMax and has a subtle 3D texture so it feels less sticky when the temperature and humidity are high. Air channels reveal expanded gray polystyrene underneath. The lining features large pockets for the speaker that open to the front of the helmet and closes with velcro. inside is a niche that fits the SENA speakers as if they were designed specifically for them.

The chin visor on this helmet has a unique design. It is deployed with a blue plastic handle that is easy to find and use while wearing gloves. It snaps into place and stays there until you push it back into place on the back of the chin bar. In addition, the Cushion on the chin strap is just the right size, nice and soft. The design of the neck roll is equally unique. The surface next to the skin is quite soft and has an elastic layer that hugs the neck. Besides, the hat also has a glasses-friendly lining that is very comfortable and does not cause discomfort when wearing.

Shark Modular Helmet


Shark modular helmets, especially the Shark Evo-One 2, have been DOT and ECE certified and have been safety tested by SHARP helmet laboratories in the UK. SHARP also records the % impact during testing with the chin guard remaining fully locked. In the case of the Evo-One 2, this is recorded as 100%, which certainly gives the driver peace of mind as it will protect them on the go. It also has a 5-Star SHARP rating, which is great for a modular helmet. Finally, for the safety of the Evo-One 2, it has a dual similarity. It is a European standard but means it has been tested/certified for use in both full-face and open-face configurations.
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