24 Coolest Motorcycle Helmets In the World

What makes the coolest motorcycle helmets? We all understand that the main benefit of wearing a helmet is to guard against catastrophic head injuries, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good while wearing one headgear. A nice motorcycle helmet will keep you safe while you’re moving and looking good.

In contrast to the 1980s and 1990s, wearing a helmet is not as unusual today. Helmets used to be big, and heavy, and they might make pedestrians uncomfortable for hours. Modern safety features and technology, along with a sleek appearance and eye-catching designs, make wearing a helmet enjoyable. Find the coolest motorcycle helmets for you today in this article!

24 Coolest motorcycle helmets

AUTOPDR Vintage Helmet

This distinctive helmet comes with extras! AUTOPDR resembles a soldier’s helmet from the future or a different Star Wars character in appearance and sound! It appears to be built with strong fire resistance in mind. The ABS housing includes UV-protection glass.
At only 2.8 pounds, the casing is quite light. This means that it fits your head comfortably even though it was made for heavy-duty road use. simple style with a blue mask and a black motif. At the top, it even has a badge. One of the most stylish motorcycle helmets of 2019 is this one.

LS2 Helmet

Sometimes all you want is a useless helmet that works and looks decent. You don’t need eye-catching hues or ground-breaking patterns-just something that will look fantastic and remain in place.
You have found exactly what you need with the LS2. Even just the visor is worth the cost. It has an anti-fog coating in addition to being scratch resistant. This visor is a necessity if you frequently drive in damp circumstances. A rapid release button is included on the sunshade. The fast release mechanism on the chin strap allows for quick and simple removal as well as height adjustment.

NENKI ‘Iron Man’ Helmet

Marvel enthusiasts are the target market for the NENKI Iron Man helmet. Iron Man merchandise has been flying off shop shelves since the release of the Marvel films, and there is no shortage of fans who also like riding. This helmet has two visors and is covered in an iridium coating that reflects sunlight. For excellent ventilation, it also includes several vents. Although the red and yellow color scheme is really vibrant, how do you intend to display a helmet like this? Everything is up to you.

Vega Open Face Helmet

This is for fans of open design. The retro and 1960s design is only the cherry on top. The open-face design of the helmet will keep the rider cool while also enhancing visibility, and the pinup female images give it a slight rockabilly flair. There are a total of five designs available, one of which is a glossy black one. Your head is well-cushioned and protected while driving thanks to the ABS thermoplastic alloy shell.

TORC Route 66 Helmet

Steve McQueen, a racing aficionado and legendary actor, would put on this type of Torc if he were still alive today. It has a nostalgic feel and is entirely American in design. It brings back pleasant memories of the 1960s and 1970s.
More than that, it makes you think about bygone daredevils who took great risks. Despite its vintage appearance, it has every contemporary safety feature a driver might possibly require. It exceeds current DOT requirements and is a highly useful helmet for racing. For ultimate comfort, it has a suede interior, a retractable visor, and a moisture-wicking lining.

1Storm Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

This modern full-face helmet from 1Storm is loaded with features, including three levels of ventilation, an aerodynamic design, and a comfortable inside. This model has a sleek appearance thanks to the matte black coating and mirror visor.
The inside of the helmet is permeable, moisture-wicking, detachable, and washable. The rider is kept cool and dry by the ventilation system, which is quite flexible.

ScorpionExo EXO-GT3000 Helmet

This helmet has a five-layer combination of carefully developed fibers woven into the material, in addition to the stunning, eye-catching pearl white finish and aerodynamic shape that give it such a futuristic appearance. plastic is used to make a strong, light shell. can withstand a variety of roadside abuses and usage.
Even at high speeds, the revolutionary Scorpian design encourages a continuous seal to reduce wind noise. You can drive in strong light thanks to the retractable sun visor’s improved visibility.

Predator Helmet

This eerie-looking helmet is great regardless of whether you like the movie Predator or not. The handmade helmet comes in a small number. The helmet boasts a sturdy fiberglass shell and a retractable visor with colored finishes, allowing for safe riding in low light circumstances if you get beyond the colorful style. glare.
A toggle-switchable laser is also included with the helmet. I advise you to understand how to lock your motorbike helmet because it is one of the most popular versions on the market.

Scorpion Street Helmet

The Scorpio Road helmet does more with less. Its fantastic paint job and simple design go perfectly together. Your eyes are shielded from the sun and dangerous UV rays by the face shield, which is completely black from the outside. Additionally, the visor has a unique EverClear coating that lessens fogging. A KwikWick coating on the inside aids in preventing the growth of germs and dampness. Additionally, it is quite cozy to wear.

1Storm Helmet

This is the high-speed enthusiast helmet you’ve been waiting to see. This helmet is clearly intended for heavier riders based on the color scheme. In addition to being lightweight, it is also quite strong. The fast release button makes it simple to put on and remove the helmet.
Additionally, the visor features a glossy coating that blocks UV rays and keeps the sun out of your eyes. Housing made of thermoplastic alloy encourages stability at high speeds. Just a quick reminder that using the provided visor at night might reduce visibility.

Nitrinos NS-5 Helmet

Since opening for business in 2005, Nitrinos has produced motorcycle helmets in Russia. The renowned Spartan Helmets and Car Ear Helmets are among their product offerings. They have demonstrated via their portfolio that they are innovators in the field of bespoke motorcycle helmets. One of the significantly impacted designs from the Fallout video game franchise and its iconic Brotherhood of Steel helmet is the Nitrinos NS-5. With this unusual motorbike helmet, plunge into the zombie apocalypse!


The NS-5 helmet has a Kevlar-reinforced body that is lightweight and strong. Composite helmets and even bulletproof jackets are made of the incredibly strong material kevlar. When it comes to absorbing effects, the inner foam layer is excellent.
You may also use this helmet to record your voyage for a more dramatic viewpoint if you wish to! A Sony or GoPro video camera is supported by the specifically made bracket on the back right side of the helmet (or any similarly constructed). You only need to set up the camera on the extra plastic stand to get started shooting!

Deadpool Helmet

With one of the greatest superhero motorcycle helmets available, you can transform into a recognizable Marvel anti-hero. Deadpool’s helmet, which might easily be included to our list of excellent motorcycle helmets, is present. With its stunning design and solid construction, this helmet is guaranteed to win your heart.
This Deadpool motorcycle helmet’s shell is constructed from high-quality polycarbonate. While being sturdy, it is also lightweight. This also makes the helmet more comfortable. Because it has an EPS liner, the inside lining of the helmet is excellent at absorbing impacts. It is available in various foam densities that will lessen the possibility of head injuries from impacts.
The Advanced Channeling Ventilation System (also known as ACS)on this Deadpool motorcycle helmet allows for sufficient airflow to both the front and back parts of the helmet. This technology does great  job of absorbing moisture and heat from the helmet. The EPS liner prevents airflow through the top vents. At least the chin vent is functional and effectively moves air.

Cookie Monster Helmet

The world is familiar with Cookie Monster, who brings joy to everybody. Wearing this adorable motorbike helmet will make everyone’s day better, and who knows, you could even appear in some social media posts. It will undoubtedly assist in lowering your danger of accident because the Cookie Monster pattern in dark blue is so distinctive.
The majority of full-face helmets will suit this Cookie Monster motorbike helmet. Even your friends may lend it to you knowing it will suit their helmets as well!

Smiley Face Custom Airbrushed Helmet

Certainly not your typical motorbike helmet, this one. It has earned a position on our list of excellent motorbike helmets just for the happy face design. One of the trendiest motorbike helmets available is available from the folks at Blaze Art Works, sure to make people grin. The Smiley Face custom motorcycle helmet is available in the colors Red, Green, Blue, and Black.
The Smiley Face Custom Air Helmet by Blaze Art Works is really a high-end Matrix Alpha helmet with added artwork. This implies that the Matrix helmet and this custom motorbike helmet have similar shell designs. Its shell is made of lightweight, aerodynamic materials. The driver benefits from increased safety and comfort.
Three high-gloss paint coats that are resistant to the worst weather are applied to this piece of art. The Smiley artwork will always be there on the helmet, so you can relax. Four ventilation ports on this specialized air-covered helmet keep the interior breathable for each rider. It’s a big benefit that the visor is resistant to UV rays and scratches.

Ruroc Atlas Helmet

Ruroc is more recognized for its protective gear and ski and snowboard helmets, but its first motorcycle helmet, the Atlas, was a simple phenomenon. The design of the dirt bike helmet suits the black color well. Due to its outstanding construction, this helmet is perfect for both leisurely and strenuous rides.

The Atlas motorcycle helmet, one of the best on the market, stands out for its ventilation system. It is made to withstand various climate conditions. Five air intakes and six vents on the Atlas helmet’s shell contribute to its improved ventilation. To further ensure your comfort and quietness, foam dampers are fitted around the ear portions. For improved de-misting, the chin vent incorporates a switch system. Therefore, when you pull the switch while riding, more air is forced into the visor’s bottom, improving visibility. Anti-fog and anti-scratch paint has been applied to the Atlas helmet’s visor.

Bluetooth is compatible with Atlas helmets. Your smartphone and other Bluetooth-enabled devices can be connected. For easier navigation, you may utilize voice commands and add instructions. You can also have a casual chat with your pals or improve excellent journeys by listening to your favorite music.

Stormtrooper Helmet

This helmet’s design is simply too great to leave off the list. With a timeless design from a timeless classic, the Stormtrooper helmet is appropriate for adults and teens. It’s wonderful even though the build and durability aren’t the finest.

This motorcycle helmet complies with OSHA standards, therefore it is secure enough to be worn on the rider’s head. Yes, the casing is fiberglass that has been painted to resemble the distinctive Stormtrooper look. Your head’s exterior will be shielded by the helmet’s strap. Additionally, the Stormtrooper Helmet’s design will provide you with effective sun protection.
The interior of the helmet should be particularly breathable because it features many of the same vents and holes as the original Stormtrooper design. Additionally, it avoids moisture accumulation.

The Stormtrooper helmet’s inside padding is quite cozy. It most definitely enables prolonged helmet use. On the front of the helmet, there is a foam sweatband as well. It effectively solves the perspiration issue that other Stormtrooper helmets are infamous for by absorbing and drying the sweat that you produce while riding.

Shark Helmet with LED Strips

Given that it has a modular design, the shark helmet is unquestionably one of the most distinctive motorcycle helmets to wear. The helmet may cover both the face and the open by flipping. When it comes to modular helmets, this is “the world’s safest modular helmet type,” according to the producers. When LED strips are added, everything looks fantastic and performs well!

coolest motorcycle helmets

After passing ECE tests, the Shark Evoline 3 motorcycle helmet is now approved to be worn as a full-face helmet. It received the highest safety rating from UK testing company SHARP. The air vents on this Shark helmet’s typical chin and forehead make use incredibly simple, even with gloves. Since modular helmets frequently have ventilation issues, helmets are really well ventilated.

Sizes ranging from XS to XL are available for you to select from. Some customers think the helmet is too big. Well, given the extra devices included in the motorbike helmet itself, it’s not exactly odd. The interior of the helmet may be entirely removed and cleaned. Surprisingly, this helmet’s primary visor performs admirably. The primary visor automatically opens when the helmet’s chin guard is opened and pushed through the visor, which is a neat function. When it comes to UV protection, sun visors do fairly well.

Shadow Trooper Helmet

Definitely cool are shadow warriors. We have listed them among the top motorbike helmets because of this. This helmet looks fantastic, but it won’t offer much in the way of protection or toughness.
Great metal designs are available on the Shadow Trooper helmet. It resembles the movie version nearly exactly. The design is handcrafted and consists primarily of black fiberglass material. However, this type of fiberglass is not the most resilient. Recall driving extremely cautiously because helmets are not built to survive crashes.

Ruroc RG1-DX Helmet

The RG1-DX from Ruroc is a whole system rather than simply a helmet. This helmet is suitable for riding, cycling, skating, and winter sports. Ruroc is one of the innovators in the helmet market thanks to some excellent design decisions.
You may choose from four alternative wearing arrangements since this helmet was designed with extreme sports in mind. This may be worn as a half-helmet or as a full-face helmet. Your needs and preferences will determine everything. On hot and chilly days, the mask will offer excellent visibility. It has been proven to work at -20 degrees Celsius in tests. The mask may be taken off. In essence a magnetic lens with ventilation built in, the maglock serves as a visor. The anti-fog system ensures visibility is preserved in harsh conditions.

The Shockwave system, created by Ruroc and available separately, allows Bluetooth features. You may use voice control to navigate, call your loved ones, or play your favorite music on the fly. This helmet’s inside is made of Rheon linen. This lining is constructed of a liquid that solidifies upon contact, lowering the risk of a traumatic brain injury by 30%. Amazing, isn’t it? ABS plastic, which is exceedingly durable, is used to make the helmet shell.

Predator Helmet

A spot on the list of top motorbike helmets has been gained by one of today’s most well-known alien hunters. Yes, we are referring to the actual Predator! You appear serious and well-groomed wearing this specific model. This helmet will be your chosen travel partner on the paths you share if that is your wish.
This full-face helmet is built with excellent components. The fiberglass material gives the helmet additional durability. Additionally, it successfully completed a number of safety tests. The Predator has a brilliant red and black pattern that comes to life. This motorbike helmet has a laser light with an on/off switch to complete the Predator costume.

Nexx SX.100R Abisal Helmet

Don’t start with the shape and design; the side shell is the reason we picked the NEXX SX100 helmet. The Nexx SX.100R is one of those helmets that captures your attention right away. Its cutting-edge addition and incredible visuals in 4 gorgeous color options The following are the most crucial information you need to be aware of about helmet construction:
  • Polycarbonate/thermoplastic material was used to make the case.
  • One case size with three EPS lining sizes ranging from XS to XXL
  • The following certifications apply to helmets: ECE 22 05, DOT
  • Weight: 1525 +/- 50 gr
The interesting thing about this helmet is that it works with the Nexx X-Com Bluetooth Communication System, which is simple to connect to the helmet.
Arai XD4 Helmet
Arai’s XD4 is a high-end, high-quality motorcycle helmet, similar to their earlier models. The XD4 is priced at a premium since it is on the top end of the range. The XD4 is widely regarded as the best dual sport motorcycle helmet, therefore this price point is also well-earned.
The XD4 achieves the highest possible ratings for a dual-sport motorbike helmet from top to bottom. The sort of helmet you want for an adventure trip has a great field of vision and wide vertical and horizontal lighting for a panoramic view all around.
Arai XD4 Helmet
This helmet’s whole construction is solid and securely put together. You can see why Aria has such high praise for the XD series after holding this motorcycle helmet in your hand. Adventure touring motorbike helmets have been held to a higher standard thanks to Aria. The XD4 is the top-performing adventure travel helmet in terms of comfort, quality, and safety. And is a fantastic option for those who love ADV tours.

Bell Custom 500 Helmets

Riders that want a bit more individuality in their helmet may consider the next model. Because you’ll be personalizing this helmet, Bell’s Custom 500 is actually named “Custom.” Bell’s traditional helmet line is reimagined in 2014, utilizing all add-ons. It all depends on how you wear the Custom 500, which is a timeless timepiece that has been tried and true. This Bell motorcycle helmet may be summed up as a canvas.

You may symbolize anything you want with the Custom 500’s generous amount of smooth and beautiful helmet space. I want to stand up for my Dallas Cowboys. Anything goes on the side of that helmet. Whatever you want—sports teams, colleges, TV shows, etc. Even better, collaborate with a local artist to create something fantastic. Find the appropriate visor to fit, or not—the choice is all yours. Bell’s modernization of the Custom 500’s equipment is largely responsible for this helmet’s positive reviews.

It is a noggin top pad that is available in 5 different liner kinds for each size to fit your head properly. Overall, Bell’s Custom 500 understands precisely what it is and is in fine functioning order. For approximately $120, you can get a personalized helmet with DOT certification.

Shoei Solid Neotec 2 Modular Motorcycle Helmet

The most expensive motorcycle helmet in their series is made by Shoei. Neotec II is a bag of chips and everything in one. Shoei laid all of their cards face-up on the table, giving the impression that they had stacked the deck. the kind of excellence you’d anticipate from a Shoei helmet, along with all the bells and whistles necessary for a parade. Unquestionably the coolest motorcycle helmets and overall motorcycle helmet on the market is Shoei’s Neotec II.

A culmination of all the innovations Shoei has made throughout the course of its existence. Aerodynamic enough to be seen on the track, but also incredibly comfy to make a long road journey a dream. I could go on and on about how incredible the helmet is made or how Shoei improves upon the already ground-breaking design of the original Neotec. But if you’re prepared to spend more than 700 large pieces on a motorbike helmet, what happens? If the response is affirmative, there is no doubt that you ought to get the Neotec II.

You might want to look at these carbon fiber motorbike helmets if you don’t mind the expense. You’ll want to use this helmet seven days a week. Neotec’s earlier RF-1200 helmet, which was the first helmet we ever fitted, has the potential to be just as comfortable while being more suited for regular usage and being modular. The fact that the audio and communication system exclusively employs the Sena SRL Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom system designed for helmets is the main complaint from customers and reviewers. Although some small fraud is involved, other systems can be established. Even though it adds to the already high cost of the helmet, the customized technology enables the Neotec II to function more silently and to make the most of the communication system by seamlessly integrating it into the helmet.

In conclusion, not only are these 30 helmet types the best available for use with motorcycles, but they also have excellent safety ratings and have received DOT approval. Although it’s crucial, safety comes first. This buying guide should assist you in selecting a helmet that matches your personality and will keep you safe while driving.


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