Fox Racing Dropframe Helmet Review 2022

The Fox Proframe helmet is much praised as an open-face helmet that provides ventilation to the rider. Originally a trail riding helmet intended to please those who spend most of their time running at high speeds. This model provides almost full-face helmet coverage without the chin bar. So what are the detailed features of the hat? In today’s article, we will talk about the Fox Racing Dropframe helmet review. Don’t wait any longer to get started!

Fox Racing Dropframe helmet review

The origin of the Fox Racing helmet

Because of its roots in motorcycle racing, Fox Racing is experienced in making robust, highly protective helmets. So they launched Dropframe by taking advantage of the fast-expanding mountain bike helmet market. First-half helmets and XC helmets are no longer widely used. Today, you can buy lightweight enduro full-face helmets, convertible full-face helmets with detachable chin bars, and most recently, open-face helmets like Dropframes. The open half helmet market has experienced a tremendous boom in recent years. Fox DropFrame is one of the most popular options thanks to its eye-catching fantastic appearance and sturdy construction.

The DropFrame promises better protection than a conventional trail helmet, while it is not quite as protective as a full-face helmet like the ProFrame. DropFrame is guaranteed to keep you safe because it received the highest rating of any helmet ever tested (5 stars) in Virginia Tech’s helmet tests. You can feel the helmet’s confident fit and additional protection for the ears, chin, and rear of the head as soon as you slip it over your head and tighten its Fidlock into position. Read this Fox Racing Dropframe helmet review to learn more about the Dropframe, an open-face helmet that was one of the first to be introduced to the market in 2019.

The origin of the Fox Racing helmet
The origin of the Fox Racing helmet


  • Certifications: EN 1078, AS/NZ 2063, CPSC
  • Provides extended coverage as well as occipital regenerative protection.
  • Widespread EPS Varizorb Dual Density Liner
  • There are 8 air intake holes and 7 air outlet holes with a fixed face shield.
  • Fidlock helmet lock included
  • Anti-warm and antibacterial lining
  • Includes two pads for easy customization


One of the more recent helmets with an open separator and tons of back of the head coverage but no chin protection is the Fox’x Dropframe. Unmistakable features include the fixed top, side vents, and of course the ear protectors. The helmet includes several key elements of a modern, high-end helmet. The helmet’s shell is comprised of an EPS material with dual-density foam that gives substantially more coverage than a typical trail helmet while also absorbing impact. For added defense against lateral blows, the shell extends along the back of the head and lowers down around the ears. The inner lining is made of anti-bacterial and sweat-wicking material.

The helmet also features a visor that is fixed in a single position to optimize airflow. Fox also includes a Fidlock magnetic lock on a traditional lock. Fidlock is especially convenient in gravity applications if you often wear thick gloves when moving. However, Dropframe Pro has a rotational impact system even if the ordinary Dropframe does not. To help shield your head from the forces of rotation during impact, they have MIPS. We were a bit disappointed that MIPS wasn’t included in the base model, as it’s quickly becoming a standard feature on any worthwhile trail helmet.


Overall, the Dropframe is a comfortable helmet. The EPS shell is delicately designed to fit a variety of head sizes as well as the inner pad is quite thick. The ear flaps of the EPS shell are flexible to fit your head when the helmet is pulled on. When traveling on the road, we did not experience any discomfort in terms of pressure points or headaches. During testing, we found that the ear flaps of the EPS shell were a bit off-putting for people with slightly larger head sizes. The only way to feel more comfortable is to switch to the thinner second pad that Fox provides.

Along with excellent padding, comfort is helped by substantial ventilation holes. These channels air around your head very well and spill warm air out the back. In addition, the hat also features large open ear holes that do not obscure your hearing at all and allow the headphones to not have any pressure when entering, that is if music is your vibe while riding. The chin strap is relatively standard, but it has a great lanyard. It just clamps together and comes apart very easily, even when you’re wearing gloves.



The Dropframe inevitably concedes some airflow as it strives to establish a compromise between a downhill crusher and a light trail helmet. This high coverage helmet doesn’t promote airflow as well as the finest trail helmets we tested, despite having eight huge intake vents in the front and seven exhaust holes in the back along with the open-ear design. Because of the thin front-to-back channels in the EPS foam and the substantial cushioning, conditions can quickly become uncomfortable at low speeds.

Having said that, we believe that the Dropframe vents are effectively given their intended use. This helmet serves its purpose well if you spend most of your time ripping tricky descents and aren’t aiming to set any records on the trip. We never encountered a circumstance where we had to stop and remove the helmet for relief, as we would with a full-face helmet, even on hot days. Although that’s not what the Fox designers had in mind, we wouldn’t want to use it for our next XC event.


We were really surprised when we put the Fox Dropframe helmet on the scale. It weighs just over a pound at 499 grams and is actually lighter than a few standard trail helmets we’ve tested. The designers did a great job of making the Dropframe protective enough for rough terrain while keeping the helmet weight at a reasonable level. When traveling on the road, the helmet will not feel bulky on your head and at the same time provide a sense of security when moving on rough terrain.


Dropframe is a well-built product, much like the majority of Fox products we’ve tried, and as long as you keep the clutter to a minimum, we believe it can stay for a very long time. collide. This helmet should be replaced after an accident, as with every helmet with an EPS foam shell, but if you can prevent it, the material and structure will last. In order to prevent separation over time and to ensure that there are no EPS left in regions that are vulnerable to wear and tear, the outer shell is fused to the EPS in the mold.

fox racing dropframe helmet review
fox racing dropframe helmet review


The Dropframe is cheaper when compared to other high-coverage gravity helmets, and it matches some of the premium trail helmets we’ve tested. If you’re looking for a little extra protection with a lightweight, we think this is a good place to look. The price of the Fox Racing Proframe helmet being sold on the Amazon e-commerce platform is $199.95.


Fox Racing has long set the standard for high-quality mountain bike helmets, clothing, and accessories at great prices. And the Dropframe is one of the best helmets currently on the market. Dropframe’s design was inspired by the groundbreaking Proframe Full face trail helmet. The same need for additional coverage in a modern trail helmet spurred the revolutionary design that is the driving force behind this new model.

This is the perfect helmet for riders of all levels who want more coverage, more confidence, and more fun on the trail. Our article has talked about Fox racing Dropframe helmet review on all factors such as design, comfort, features, durability, and also price. hope to bring a lot of useful information and help you choose for yourself a suitable helmet to accompany you on your upcoming journeys.

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