HJC FG 17 Helmet Review-Do You Want to Buy It?

If you are looking for a sturdy and safe full-face helmet that is ready to take part in any race then we recommend the HJC FG 17 helmet. At a reasonable price point and with available features, this helmet is exactly what you are looking for. Let’s review the HJC FG 17 with comprehensively to see what’s special about it!

Review HJC FG 17 helmet – $180


Hats are quite diverse in size from XS to XXL with a weight of about 1.66kg. It can be said that the HJC FG-17 is designed for the medium oval head structure and the durability of this helmet is average. From the outside, the helmet will be neither larger nor smaller than your head. The hat comes in 9 different color options available with the usual glossy/matte black and white versions plus Force, Strike, and Zodd color designs in a variety of color combinations.


The hat is equipped with HJC’s ‘Silvercool’ interior with a lining that can be easily removed and washed. Not only that, but it also has antibacterial and hygroscopic properties, helping to limit many unpleasant odors when moving outdoors in high-temperature conditions. The cheek pads are integrated with the neck roll and are clearly contoured in different densities. The HJC FG 17 is a comfortable helmet to wear even on long trips.
There’s also a glass notch in the liner – there allowing your glasses or sunglasses hands to rest comfortably next to your head and not be pressed against it. However, some users claim that in the case of the FG-17, they don’t always work as originally intended with it being a bit too tight to be easily plugged in and seated. This seems to depend on the shape of the arm, and things can release after a while of use. Because of this, we do not recommend the FG to people who wear glasses.


The HJC FG 17 is built with a tough fiberglass shell and is coated in ACU gold so it can be used on the track. It has been tested for safety by the SHARP crash helmet safety program and certified for good crash protection with the ECE REG 22.05 safety certificate. Matching all other helmets that can be used on the track, the FG17 features a second d-loop fastener. If you haven’t seen them before, they are old-fashioned but work perfectly well and are quite easy to use. It also comes with a visor locking mechanism which can be useful on the track to prevent your visor from opening in the event of an accident.

Review HJC FG 17 helmet


For air circulation, the HJC FG 17 has two ventilation channels on the chin side, two ventilation channels on the top, and four ventilation channels on the rear to let the old air out. The aerodynamic construction of this helmet is rated 5.9 out of 10 by the COAU and the ventilation structure is rated by the COAU as 8.25 out of 15. Once opened, the ventilation of the helmet is rated very well. and HJCs Advanced Threaded Ventilation (where the vents push air through the shell and the lining absorbs EPS shock and runs through the scalp) for all-weather performance.


The HJC FG-17’s isolation would receive a score of 3.4 out of 15 if we averaged the user evaluations. The various reviews shouldn’t surprise you. This is due to the fact that everyone’s hearing, driving habits, and motorcycles are unique. Each motorcycle we ride has a different amount of windbreak, and our speeds vary. COAU’s wind tunnel testing at 100 km/h resulted in a noise level of 94.87 dBA and a 15.14 out of 20 rating for this helmet. Therefore, the HJC FG helmet can be given an average noise rating of 17.



HJC FG-17 has Pinlock with a good UV protection visor. Therefore, fog cover will not be an issue. The FG-17 also features HJCs’ excellent Rapid Fire visor system, which allows you to remove the visor by simply pressing down on a tab on the sides, then quickly pushing it back into place to place it. Really handy to keep your visor free of surrounding insects or change to a smoke shade in the sun. When you drop the visor, it clicks and locks into place. It is not difficult to reopen the visor, it only requires a finger push up on the locking tab to release it, then, in the same motion, the visor opens.

It is designed for riders to keep the visor closed in all circumstances and to be safer in the event of an accident. If we were to generalize the user reviews for the HJC FG-17, we might rate this helmet’s wide field of view as 14.8 out of 15.


To sum up, the HJC FG-17 is a very reliable headgear. In the case of an accident, it should offer a high level of protection because it is comfortable and has a nice visor mechanism. It must offer a satisfactory amount of noise suppression and check all the appropriate gas and liner boxes. Although it doesn’t stand out in any specific way, it offers excellent value for the money due to its reasonable pricing. In today’s article, we have specifically reviewed the HJC FG 17 helmet in terms of all the features. Hope this article is useful to everyone.

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