IBM Watson Media- The best Business Video Platform and CMS

IBM Watson Media has been recognized as a market leader in video solutions. TrustRadius, the customer voices, and insights platform announced that IBM’s video streaming solutions have been awarded a 2020 Top Rated Prize in the Video category.

IBM Watson Media’s video streaming services are regarded as important players in the video sector by the TrustRadius community, with a TrustRadius Score (TRScore) of 8.8 from out of 10 and over 200 verified reviews. Let’s follow us to find out more about IBM Watson Media- The best Business Video Platform and CMS right now!

Overview of IBM Watson Media: Business Video Platform and CMS

For live streaming, on-demand viewing, and internal video distribution for business communications, use a video content management system (CMS). Focusing on the video sector, IBM Watson Media offers artificial intelligence-based solutions for contemporary problems. Discover how Salesforce uses a robust online video platform to engage with staff members, including live and video-on-demand, improving the workplace environment.

Overview of IBM Watson Media: Business Video Platform and CMS

When the video streaming services featured here today first debuted in 2006, they offered cutting-edge live streaming capabilities. Rich video-on-demand capabilities were added to that package, including auto-archiving, which would subsequently become the norm in the business. The process of integrating IBM Watson with this technology started in late 2015 and early 2016.

This made it possible to create automated closed captions in a number of different languages. 2018 saw the introduction of business video searches across archives. This made it possible for end users to enter keywords and instantly receive appropriate results based on what was stated in the videos thanks to an AI-driven method that made use of IBM Watson.

Launch of a Mobile Video Streaming App by IBM Watson Media to Improve Office Communication

Businesses need a better method to engage and connect with employees as we transition to a more globally distributed workforce. Because of the geographical and physical dispersion of modern organizations, 60% of Fortune 1,000 employees are not at their workstations, according to Global Workplace Analytics.

The IBM Video Streaming mobile application, a new offering from IBM Watson Media that is now available on iOS and Android, gives corporate organizations an end-to-end, security-rich solution for live mobile video streaming. Businesses may now link all of their employees, up to millions worldwide, from the palm of their hands with the IBM Video Streaming application.

What is IBM Watson Media’s Video Streaming?

IBM Watson Media offers live streaming, corporate communications, and virtual event solutions with a focus on privacy, dependability, and scale. Additionally developed to enhance video quality and supported by IBM Watson AI for closed captioning and automatic video search. Keep attendees connected while reaching a virtually unlimited global live stream audience.

Storage, event support, personalized branding, content management, multiple user accounts, and real-time statistics are all included in both editions. For automatic speech-to-text conversion and automated closed captioning, both utilize IBM Watson AI.

Using single sign-on or corporate directories, IBM Enterprise Video Streaming is an internal video solution that protects video assets for employee use. Engagement is measured on a per-video or per-viewer basis using individual viewer monitoring. This approach is frequently used with IBM’s Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) service, which performs edge caching and stream splitting to shield the corporate network from the pressure of streaming video.

Large external audiences may watch videos thanks to IBM Video Streaming, an external video solution with an optional monetization option. The SD-CDN, a software-defined content delivery network created with QoS (Quality of Service) in mind to safely transmit video, enables scalability for high viewership.

Benefits of BM Watson Media’s Video Streaming

Bringing effective business video to mobile

The IBM Video Streaming application is an organic progression of IBM Watson Media’s Enterprise Video Streaming solution, a continuous and on-demand streaming platform that links mobile and desktop workers across the world. IBM is offering a smooth, safe, and usable Business Video Platform and CMS that enables companies to transmit one-to-many live streaming movies as workplace communication moves to mobile.

The IBM Video Streaming Application, which is powered by Watson, automatically closes captions all video material with AI, making it accessible and interesting for viewers. Closed captions can be edited by administrators to improve its readability and contextual relevance.

IBM automatically creates sophisticated metadata from video footage in addition to closed captioning, giving organizations the ability to search, surface, and index content to determine which films are the most interesting to their employees at what times.

Businesses may have complete control over video material using the IBM Video Streaming application, including ingestion, interpretation, storage, distribution, content and metadata management, and access. Administrators are able to give particular personnel their own access in order to protect sensitive data like finances and sales tactics.

Lowering the entrance hurdle for live video streaming

In the past, live-streaming video has needed the assistance of expert production teams to provide top-notch video content. IBM Watson Media makes it simpler for businesses to produce and distribute outstanding video content on mobile devices without compromising quality with the IBM Video Streaming app. In reality, the cameras on most modern mobile phones can capture films of superior quality than those on laptop or desktop computers, with the fastest phones capable of up to 60 frames per second.

Communication in the workplace being transformed

Businesses nowadays should behave like media organizations, providing cutting-edge means of communication and teamwork to boost employee happiness and boost retention. IBM offers organizations the ability to achieve this using its app in an efficient, scalable, and cross-platform manner. Executives may live broadcast significant town hall meetings to millions of people worldwide using the IBM Video Streaming tool, fostering a culture of open communication.

Tracking of viewers on IBM Watson Media

For IBM Video Streaming and IBM Enterprise Video Streaming accounts, viewer tracking is accessible. The “TRACKING” menu may be found on the dashboard after logging into your account. You may monitor who watched your films live and on-demand on each channel in this menu.

When viewing an on-demand video’s audience statistics, you may modify the video’s information by selecting “Edit” from the header. You will be sent to the Video CMS page as a result. There is also a link to a preview video. By clicking on it, you may watch a placeholder preview of your film and discover the exact URL.

The timing of the video, which attracted individual viewers, is broken up into 10 portions below. You can see the viewers (often displayed as email addresses, depending on your authentication configuration), the date they last viewed, and the percentage of the overall length they watched below the timeline. Please be aware that it might be challenging to get 100% view, especially for brief live streaming when viewers may not join right away or may choose to exit the viewer before the program ends.

Benefits of BM Watson Media's Video Streaming

IBM Watson Media: Artificial intelligence Business Video Platform and CMS

A set of AI-powered tools from IBM that evaluate photos, video, language, sentiment, and tone are being introduced as part of IBM Watson Media. According to the firm, Cognitive Highlights, one of the first products offered by IBM Watson Media, will be used during the US Open tennis tournament.

Cognitive Highlights, created at IBM Research using IBM iX, analyzes statistical tennis data, crowd noise, and player emotions using action and facial expression recognition to pinpoint the match’s most crucial moments. The technology will then automatically choose the highlights after ranking the strokes from the seven US Open courts.

IBM Watson Media solutions may assist with content discovery and search, suggestion boosting, intelligent speech-to-text closed captioning and highlighting or identifying specific types of material, such as violence or explicit language.


There are several different products available under the IBM Watson Media brand, some of which have transferred over from IBM Cloud Video. Together, IBM Watson Media – Business Video Platform and CMS stand for a reliable, scalable, and AI-driven video ecosystem created to address the pressing media issues of the day. IBM Watson Media provides the capability to enable more engaging video experiences, from solutions for businesses to entertainment.

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