Review a Classic Style Bell Bullitt Helmet With 8 Main Features

In the late 1960s, Bell released the Star, the first full-face helmet, revolutionizing the motorsport and helmet industry, and setting a new standard in safety. Since then, motorcycle helmets have come in all shapes and forms, but their essence has always been the simple and classic Star. The beauty inherent in the simplicity of the Star has made it an effective and aesthetically appealing motorcycle device that has stood the test of time.

Paying homage to the glory days of motorsport, the Bell Bullitt helmet has inherited the classic look of the Star but has added contemporary comfort and crash protection. Bell Bullitt is the epitome of classic helmets from Bell, a company with 60 years of history in the production of safety helmets. This style may not be to everyone’s taste these days, but those who love the classic look shouldn’t miss it. So what’s so special about this helmet? Let’s review the details of the Bell Bullitt helmet in this article.

Bell Bullitt helmet Review


  • Manufacturer: Bell
  • Made in: China
  • Color: 7
  • Size: XS-XXL
  • Weight: 1462g +/- 50g (size M)
  • Safety designations: DOT- and ECE-approved


Bullitt has a wide range of color options with exquisite graphics. Available in solid black, matte black, cream red trim, and sky blue if you want a classic look. Bullitt comes in 3 case sizes and six fit sizes, from XS to 2XL. They also recommend that users try a size slightly larger than the medium one. Since the production of 3 shell sizes is usually reserved for high-quality and more serious helmets, it shows that Bell is committed to this helmet and sees it as more than a mere novelty. . The hat is quite lightweight, only about 3.1 Ibs, and costs from $429.95- $439.95 depending on the color you choose.



The Bell Bullitt helmet has yet to be evaluated by the experts at Snell but it has been tested for safety by the UK government’s SHARP safety rating agency and scored three reliable stars (out of a maximum of 3 stars). 5), which is a very respectable performance. It is also DOT certified and it is also guaranteed to the EU ECE standard, the European Economic Commission safety test accepted in 47 countries, including the UK.


The suede lining is designed for maximum comfort. The suede is perforated for breathability and the leather sections are soft. The colors of both materials match well with each other and each feels great to the touch. Bell also claims that the hat has an anti-bacterial lining that can be removed for washing and dries very quickly. The Bell Bullitt helmet uses EPS foam for a lightweight feel and maximum comfort. Bullitt’s cheek pads don’t feel like they’re imposing on the space inside the helmet. The double D-ring is made of thicker steel, keeping the strap snug. There is a genuine leather zipper on the D-ring, making it easy to remove the buckle even with gloves on.



Bell Bullitt helmet gets a lot of compliments on its ventilation system. It has 5 metal mesh air intakes that allow air to pass through the top of the head smoothly. The main highlight is the vent at the back of the helmet which helps direct air along the top of the head and adds to the overall aerodynamic feel of the helmet. The front chin vent can also be closed from the back.


Bell Bullitt helmet is really like an open-face helmet, it is very wide with an excellent field of view and minimal head rotation. The shield comes in two styles, flat and bubble, each with different pros and cons. The flat visor eliminates the slight visual distortion of the bubble shield, but the bubble allows for better ventilation and a more classic look, which is probably the goal if you were buying this helmet in the first place. The shield can be closed with a magnet. In addition, the shield is also anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-UV.

bell bullitt helmet


One problem that has been noted with the Bell Bullitt helmet is its noise when the shield is fully open. When you run at low speed, the face shield is partially closed, but still, hear the noise. But when the shield is completely closed, all background noise is eliminated. At higher speeds, it’s not a quiet helmet, most likely due to the very wide aperture, which means you’ll trade sound for a wide field of view. If you want to limit the noise you can use wireless headphones or use earplugs.

Chin Guard

This is a full-face helmet, so you are expecting a great degree of chin protection, but Bullitt’s design has reduced chin protection to a minimum for visual effect and for maximum Determine the height of the helmet’s front aperture. The chin bar includes a small vent that can be opened/closed from the inside. If you’re not a fan of the breeze blowing through the bottom of your helmet, this could be a problem for you. Therefore, this problem deserves additional attention. The Bell Bullitt helmet also comes with a double loop lanyard and has internal speaker pockets in the lining.


  • Available in 3 case sizes
  • Built-in face shield that can be easily flipped up and removed
  • Interchangeable cheek pads
  • 5-year warranty
  • Reasonable price
  • Replacement parts available


  • Ventilation is not effective
  • The wind noise is too loud when the face shield is flipped up
  • The glossy finish is prone to scratches


To sum up, a Bell Bullitt helmet needs to be more than just a classic look to ensure its value for money. This hat really has a charming look and is suitable for those who love nostalgic style. The hat has sturdy construction with lots of customizable color options to make it your own unique hat. While the downside is wind noise, there are some simple ways to deal with it. If you’re after that classic style and don’t want to compromise on quality, features, or accessories, then you need to check out Bullitt.

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