Sellsy- The Best Data Management Software for Enterprise

For a company, regardless of its size, having a good management of its customer and employee database is crucial for its optimal functioning, for this reason they must entrust this vital information to a software that protects it and offers easy and orderly access to them. Therefore, that’s why Sellsy- The best data management software for enterprise was born to do this mission.

What is data management software?

Data management software is computer software that accepts data and transforms different data types into a single storage container or combines numerous types of data into a single resource, such a database. Since various data management tools may route incoming data to a database or collection of databases, the specific term is frequently used interchangeably with the more general term data management software.

Why Sellsy is the best data management software for enterprise?

Sellsy software Overview 

The French company Sellsy offers a business management system with a user-friendly interface that combines CRM, billing, accounting, and support. The CRM package from Sellsy contains all the online resources and business growth guidance you’ll ever require.

The application provides a 360-degree view of consumers and a comprehensive perspective of sales funnels so that business prospects can always be under control.

Live chat, shared calendars, task management, help desks, and a mobile app that allows access to the CRM from anywhere are among Sellsy’s key features. Its drag-and-drop functionality makes tracking and organizing opportunities even simpler.

For accounting and billing, you may make customized budgets and convert them into invoices with a single click. Thanks to the electronic signature and online payment, you will be able to close more agreements. Additionally, it offers you the chance to link your bank accounts to the application so that you can see all of your financial data clearly. It even offers the necessary accounting data.

In addition to offering online help and webinars to learn more about the product, Sellsy integrates with a number of other programs, including Mailchimp, Dropbox, and Google Apps.

Overview about Sellsy
Sellsy Overview

Its pricing structure is adaptable, allowing you to only pay for the features you actually use. You can add necessary billing and accounting tools for an additional €30 per month for each group of tools starting at €40 per month (minimum 2 users).

The best data management software for Enterprise- Outstanding Features

1. A straightforward invoicing program for small and medium-sized businesses

You can choose from a wide range of crucial capabilities for effective business administration with Sellsy Invoicing.

Sellsy will streamline your sales administration so that your salespeople may concentrate on what matters most. With just a click of a button, you can quickly and easily create customized quotes and turn them into invoices. You can close your firm more quickly thanks to electronic signatures and online payments.

2. Customization of your quotations

You have the option to produce any form of business document (quotes, commercial proposals, contracts, etc.) and customize it as you see fit with this invoicing software. In order to contact your consumer at the appropriate time after they have seen your quote, you also have a tracking system.

3. Streamline your billing

Once your customer has accepted your quote, Sellsy makes it simple for you to turn your quotes into invoices. Your quote becomes an invoice with the simple click of a button, preventing typing errors and saving you significant time. You can automate your recurring bills with this service. Selecting the recurring and creating your invoices are the only steps required.

4. Accelerate the payment phase to receive payment more quickly and securely.

By incorporating electronic signature and online payment of your invoices with Atos, Stripe, Paypal, and Gocardless into quotes, Sellsy streamlines your sales process.

5. Precise accounting oversight

In order to make your accountant’s job easier, Sellsy incorporates an accounting plan. His access to your Sellsy account will be unrestricted. Analyze your files or products using the analytical strategy. With our bank reconciliation tool, you can control all of your financial flow.

On the Sellsy interface, manage every spend. Connect your bank accounts to Sellsy to maintain total cash flow visibility. To get your file ready for your accountant, you can reconcile your sales, purchases, and other accounting data.

6. A Complete CRM Solution

You’ll appreciate being able to keep an eye on all of your everyday business activities, including quotes and invoices, stock levels, customer support, direct debits, and online signatures. Sellsy is a naturally collaborative solution that helps sales teams perform much better.

Sellsy assists you in raising your revenue.

  • Using the CRM module’s improved customer profiles, you may communicate with customers and prospects with ease.
  • Tracking your quotes and closing deals is simple.
  • Send invoices right away to receive payment more quickly.
  • Manage past-due debts and follow up on them quickly.

Using Sellsy, you may monitor your margins.

  • Keep track of your purchases and charges with ease.
  • Determine your company’s profit margins immediately.
  • Simple inventory management
  • Utilize the time monitoring feature to monitor the number of hours your team puts in.
  • Store your accounting information on Sellsy and grant free access and exports to your accountant.

Sellsy enables time savings.

  • You may easily construct a quote by adding the goods and/or services from your catalog in a matter of minutes. Even a barcode scanner can be used!
  • Expired invoice? Use Sellsy to simplify billing! After your client has accepted your quote, convert it into an invoice and send it to them using your Sellsy account.
Outstanding Features of Sellsy- The best data management software for Enterprise
Outstanding Features of Sellsy- The best data management software for Enterprise

The strong points, weak points and the cost of Sellsy software


  • An intuitive and customizable interface
  • Complete functionalities in terms of CRM, invoicing and accounting and the possibility of choosing the modules you need
  • Marketing automation and CRM
  • Catalog management
  • The mobile app
  • The adaptability of the software to the development stage of your company


  • The price too high for some VSEs
  • Missing analytical accounting elements
  • Limited mobile app

The cost:

After this evaluation, I believe the Sellsy CRM solution to be a very full and user-friendly product. It will fit perfectly with businesses with more than 10 employees that are searching for a useful all-in-one tool. To amortize the cost, however, there must be enough business to cover the cost, which can be pretty high (depending on the modules and users). So, we advise it for businesses with a minimum annual revenue of €500,000 and ideally €1,000,000.

Other solutions, including Quickbooks or Sage, are accessible if you’re looking for a less priced solution without CRM.

Technical Supports and customer services

You can contact or chat with Sellsy’s customer support team directly from the application. You can schedule a meeting with a member of the Sellsy team in advance to learn more about the program and get guidance.

You can contact technical assistance if you run across problems while using. It’s possible to receive an additional bill for certain of the support’s more complicated tasks.

Additional resources include:

  • Blogs,
  • EBooks,
  • Explanatory videos,
  • Webinars led by the Sellsy teams.


Efficiency in processing information is a crucial competitive advantage that can aid businesses in boosting productivity and streamlining everyday operations in the data-driven corporate world of the twenty-first century. Entrepreneurs can greatly streamline data handling and automate a good portion of their shop floor processes by implementing high-profile custom database management software, in detail, Sellsy- The best data management software for enterprise.

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