Shoei Glamster Helmet Review- Best Vintage Style Helmet

The Shoei Glamster is the first motorcycle helmet to combine modern 21st-century technology with a classic look. This is a full-face helmet designed to give you a unique style and the chance to stand out from the crowd with a wide range of safety and convenience features. So, if you’re wondering if the Shoei Glamster is worth buying- this article has all you need. Let’s get started!

Shoei Glamster Helmet Review


Let’s talk about the design aspect of the helmet first. It is designed with attention to even the smallest details without sacrificing ease of use. With elements like the iconic ducktail shape of the SHOEI Neo-Classic series as well as a lower air intake with a stylish design and more, we designed the Glamster in the style of a helmet. Classic full-face danger. The Shoei logo along with the distinctive Glamster logo sticker gives a fresh touch to its vintage style.

Shoei Glamster’s shell is made with Shoei’s Advanced Integrated Matrix making the hat a high-performance fit. This is a premium shell material made from multiple layers of organic fibers and glass making the helmet very light in weight without compromising on quality. Besides, the hat comes with 3 shell sizes to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. Case sizes are also very diverse from SX to XXL for buyers to choose freely. Color options include off-white, black, Basalt gray, and even Laguna blue. At the moment, the helmet costs about $399.99-$949.99 depending on the color.



The first thing to say about the safety of the Glamster is that it has Shoei’s AIM (advanced integrated matrix) fiberglass housing. It’s the same shell technology used to make the GT Air II and SHARP 5. The Shoei Glamster has been crash-tested in 2022 and has a 4-star rating, which is great for an antique helmet. dictionary. The inside of the helmet is a dual-density EPS liner, and the helmet is fastened to your helmet with a retro-fit double-loop fastener. This EPS liner provides better protection by allowing the case to absorb shocks of varying degrees. To keep you on the helmet at all times, the helmet uses a double D-chin strap, matching its classic look and feel.

For added safety, Glamster includes emergency-release cheek pads. Additionally, Shoei has also included an EQRS liner inside the helmet. This lining is easily removable and washable. The only downside of the hat is the inability to use Bluetooth devices. This is a low-profile design so there’s not much room for speakers. Although this is probably not a big deal because this is a classic helmet and many people who buy this helmet will surely identify the type without Bluetooth integration.



Shoei has added a few vents to the Glamster’s case such as the chin vents. This means the air will always be pushed through the chin bar whether you like it or not. However, the small vent on the forehead can be closed, which is a big plus. The inside of the helmet also has fairly spacious internal air passages and there are corresponding vents and cutouts in the inner lining to let some of that air pass through your head.

The only problem here is that there are only two small air vents at the bottom of the roll neck to let the air out. This reduces the chance of air escaping around the head of the helmet. And despite its classic look, the Shoei Glmaster offers you a great modern ventilation system that combines today’s features with a classic look.


When buying a new helmet, everyone must be concerned about noise issues. Round, smooth helmets have a reputation for being larger than their more modern helmet counterparts. Fortunately, Shoei has made an effort to reduce wind noise by including a chin curtain. This fabric, in addition to reducing wind noise, also has the ability to help keep warm in winter. Wind noise is a factor that greatly affects the process of traveling on the road. With the Glamster having a rounded profile, thin chin bar, and lightweight texture, I knew wind noise would be an issue. However, thanks to the chin curtain along with earplugs, many of these problems are limited.


Shoei Glamster uses a new flat design CPB-1V visor, which is quite consistent with the classic full-face design of the hat. The shield moves in an eccentric way when it is closed or opened, which prevents it from rubbing against the window bead for smooth operation. The window beads also match the helmet’s classic design, while its rim shape enhances air tightness. Glamster makes driving more comfortable with the latest features in a classic style.

The visor is also very wide to provide adequate visibility including good peripheral vision. In case it needs to be replaced, this visor has a large knob that is easy to operate with gloves and it automatically turns off when riding. The visor is also equipped with an anti-fog Pinlock to keep you safe and focused on your ride. It’s not a quick-release visor, though, so if you want to swap it out or remove it for cleaning, you’ll have to take out your screwdriver.

shoei glamster

Other Features

The special feature that makes many people choose to use Shoei Glamster is EQRS. This is an emergency quick-release system that allows the wearer to easily remove the helmet in the event of a collision. The EQRS has a special ribbon on the cheek pad that holds the rider’s cheek, which can be pulled in an emergency to remove the cheek pad from the helmet. This allows the helmet to be easily removed from the head of a rider requiring emergency assistance.

  • Beautiful and outstanding design
  • Light-weight
  • Pinlock visor included
  • Chin curtain increases comfort
  • No built-in Bluetooth
  • The wind noise is a bit loud
  • The price is a bit high


The Shoei Glamster Full Face Helmet is Shoei’s latest offering for nostalgic riders everywhere. For anyone who is passionate about hiking or motocross and wants a timeless style, the Shoei Glamster is a great helmet. Glamster not only offers all the protection of a full-face helmet but also all the latest protective developments from Shoei. The Shoei Glamster is a premium product in today’s saturated market that offers comfort with modern features.

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