The 12 Most Modern Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth For Riders

Ordinary helmets must be unfamiliar to all of us, with the development of today’s technology, helmets equipped with Bluetooth can be an essential part of motorcycle safety technology, so you can keep in touch with your teammates or even listen to relaxing music during the journey. These devices are essentially motorcycle helmets with built-in Bluetooth headsets and can bring a lot of conveniences. Today we will introduce 12 motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth for your reference.

Motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth

AGV K6 Helmet- $499.95

The K6 helmet is extremely light at only 2.95 pounds, providing light comfort to the wearer. The hat is crafted from a combination of carbon fiber and aramid fiber with a 190-degree field of view and five large front air vents to keep your head ventilated and cool on hot summer days. The AGV K6 is available in sizes from S to 2XL to fit all head sizes. At speed, the K6 has been wind tunnel tested to be quieter with fewer gusts of wind.

AGV K6 Helmet

Klim Krios Pro Helmet- $749.99

Also one of the motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth, the Klim Krios Pro helmet has outstanding features that make it unique. The outer shell is made of carbon fiber while the inner structure is in the form of a Koroyd honeycomb that is able to self-destruct on impact and absorb the forces caused by the deceleration. The helmet also has a transition lens that changes according to available light, so you can always see clearly and ride safely.

There is also an additional flexible ADV cap with a quick-change function to remove the visor and switch to the street look when needed, without the need for tools. As you drive, both the vents and the cover of the Klim are shaped to reduce wind noise. It is compatible with Bluetooth systems and has ear bags ready for speaker mounting.

Klim Krios Pro Helmet

SRT Modular Transmit Helmet- $399.95

This is a fully featured modular helmet built with recessed ear pockets and compatible with Cardo or Sena systems. It’s also fairly light for a modular helmet under 4 pounds, includes a drop-down visor, and has an extremely wide field of view. The interior of the hat is designed for comfort and ventilation. The Pinlock face shield holds firmly when you lift the lid up for more air vents. In addition, the manufacturer is very subtle when designing some space behind the two visors for those who wear glasses.

SRT Modular Transmit Helmet

LS2 Valiant II Helmet- $349.98~$512.97

Indispensable in the list of motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth is the LS2 Valiant II Helmet. At first glance, it looks like a full-face helmet but you can actually use it as a 3/4 helmet. The hat is quite large in size and is only available in two shell sizes, 2XL and 3XL, so it will be suitable for people with large head sizes. The helmet is equipped with a double shield that is anti-fog and not deformed. The inner lining of the hat can be easily removed for cleaning. In addition, you can easily connect Bluetooth to communicate with people because the hat has an engraved part for the ear speaker which is very convenient.

LS2 Valiant II Helmet

FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet- $219.99

FreedConn’s Bluetooth motorcycle helmet earns its place as the best motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth on the market with its combination of design and engineering capabilities. The device comes with a built-in Bluetooth intercom that allows you to talk to someone 500 meters away while driving, it can also connect to a smartphone allowing you to listen to music, and receive directions. GPS from the map easily. Overall this helmet has a durable design and meets government safety standards. It also comes with a lightweight shell that has built-in ventilation to make driving more comfortable. With a fairly light weight of only 4 pounds, it won’t feel too heavy on your head for long periods of time.

FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

Torc T14B Helmet- $29.99~$259.99

Torch T14B is a helmet that offers quite a few options for users with different sizes and many colors to choose from. It features noise cancellation to help reduce wind noise during calls, along with Bluetooth 3.0 to connect to your smartphone. Speaking of Bluetooth, the Torc T14B helmet allows intercom calls from 400 meters away and can provide up to 24 hours of talk time on a single charge. The helmet has a flow-regulating ventilation system that keeps you comfortable on long rides. The built-in drop-down visor also helps keep the sun out of your face. Overall the T14B is one of the top picks because of its technological features and options.

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Helmet- $249.99

This name cannot be missed when it comes to motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth- ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Helmet. Helmets come in a variety of colors, with a number of built-in modular features. It meets or exceeds both DOT and ECE safety standards, and comes with a sunshade to keep you firmly focused on the road. ILM helmets with Bluetooth 3.0 technology can last up to 8 hours on a single charge. However, if not used for a long time, the Bluetooth system will automatically return to “deep sleep mode”. To turn it back on, you need to charge the battery for 30 minutes before it works again.

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Helmet

Sena Momentum Evo Bluetooth Helmet- $319.95

This sleek and stealthy Bluetooth helmet is made by one of the most famous names in motorcycle intercom. The shell of the hat is made of composite and multi-density EPS lining. It has a single vent on the top and chin with a rear exhaust port and the integrated communication system is the highlight of this helmet as it uses the latest mesh intercom technology, Bluetooth 4.1. However, the size of the hat is quite limited with only 2 sizes, so you need to consider it carefully before choosing.

Sena Momentum Evo Bluetooth Helmet

AGV Sportmodular Carbon Solid Helmet- $779.99

The AGV Sportmodular is designed to be one of the most versatile helmets you can buy. Using carbon fiber construction technology, the cap is very light in weight similar to the AGV K6- about 3.06 pounds. The AGV offers an ultra-wide 190-degree field of view, and the sunshade and visor allow distortion-free vision from any angle. The helmet is designed with a special cuff inside that reduces wind noise and is reversible to let more air in in the summer or block the wind in cooler conditions. The AGV Sportmodular is also considered one of the best motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth.

AGV Sportmodular Carbon Solid Helmet

BILT Techno 3.0 Modular Sena Bluetooth Helmet- $259.99

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have Bluetooth technology built into your helmet as there is now a BILT that comes with a built-in Bluetooth v4.1 system. You can talk to up to 4 people at once for eight hours with a range of 1000m and the ability to automatically increase the volume when in noisy areas. The shell of the hat is made of die-cast alloy with multi-point ventilation to keep your head cool.

BILT Techno 3.0 Modular Sena Bluetooth Helmet

NOLAN N100-5 Helmet- $439.95

As an Italian-made modular moto helmet with an advanced polycarbonate shell, the Nolan N100-5 can be used daily with its advanced features. Designed to fit Nolan’s N-Com connection system, N100-5 sport recess for speaker and microphone, dual-action chin guard opening system as well as Microlock dual lever chin strap retention system. In addition, the hat also possesses an extremely effective ventilation system with Air Boosters technology.

motorcycle helmets with bluetooth

ICON 1000 AIRFRAME Pro Carbon Helmet- $550

The final helmet on our list of motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth, ICON’s flagship Airframe Pro Carbon Helmet is built around an advanced shell made of hand-placed carbon composite and lined with an interior. The five-piece hydradry is removable and washable. The helmet is also equipped with both a visor and a windscreen – all of which are attached and removed using ICON’s quick-release system.

ICON 1000 AIRFRAME Pro Carbon Helmet

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To end the article, we have introduced 12 motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth for your reference. Hopefully, with our suggestions above, you will easily choose a suitable hat for yourself to accompany on every trip. Wish you are always safe on the road and have many beautiful experiences.

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