The 7 best motorcycle helmets for big heads

Motorcycle helmets are undoubtedly the most protective item of clothing you can don when driving. In addition to saving lives and keeping you well-protected, some of them may also make you appear stylish. However, it’s crucial to understand that not all helmets are created equal. For petite or bigger people, etc., some helmets come in small, medium, and large sizes for motorcycle helmets for big heads.

A helmet that doesn’t fit properly is the last thing you need, especially if your head is bigger than typical. In the case of an accident, it could be challenging to remove your helmet if it is too tiny. A huge one can fall off and not adequately protect you. It’s possible that the variety of sizes and alternatives is making your brain hurt. But do not worry.

We’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of some of the top motorcycle helmets for big heads.

Top 7 best motorcycle helmets for big heads

1. Open-Face Helmet- Torc T50-$109.99

Torc T50 Open-Face Helmet
Torc T50 Open-Face Helmet

For skulls with an oval shape, the TORC 50 is suitable. It is a full-face helmet of the most recent generation with a cutting-edge friction-based shield closing system. You may always open or close the face shield thanks to this method.

This helmet has a Snell M2015 safety certification and complies with D.O.T. and ECE motorcycle helmet safety regulations. An Ultrasuede technical fabric, comfort cushioning, and detachable cheek cushions are all found inside the helmet. The helmet comes with a five-button snap system and three-snap peaks to connect and detach your face shield.

This helmet is available in sizes XS to XXL and can be adjusted to properly suit your head. The suede texture feels like leather and will wick away sweat. Since the helmet is entirely black, stickers may be used to customize it any way you desire.


  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Comfy
  • Fits skulls with an oval shape
  • Slightly
  • Fabric that wicks away moisture
  • Snell Accredited
  • Chaps that can be removed
  • The DOT safety standards approved
  • 2 sizes of the outer shell


  • If not properly fastened, a helmet might lift up.

2.  Full Face Helmet- Best Overall HJC-$154.99-$199.99

Because it offers a maximum size of XXL and is one of the most dependable helmets on the market, we decided that the HJC Full Face Helmet was the best overall about motorcycle helmets for big heads.

HJC Full Face Helmet-motorcycle helmets for big heads
HJC Full Face Helmet

We wear the HJC helmets, and so far, there have been no problems. They are strong, comfy, and available in a range of colors and sizes. This specific helmet has a small polycarbonate shell that is state-of-the-art. A multi-cool, moisture-wicking comfort lining is located underneath the shell.

These HJC helmets have received SNELL and D.O.T. approval. This indicates that they have gained the Snell certification, are acknowledged by all significant racing bodies, and are permitted for use by the Department of Transportation. You may feel secure in the knowledge that you are fully protected if any helmet has these stickers on it. Your protection is further aided by the D-ring and chin strap that is adjustable.

The lens of many people’s helmets fogs up when they’re wearing them, which is a problem. This helmet includes a 3D face shield with an optically superior anti-fog lens that prevents 95% of UV radiation. You’ll always have a view via your lens. Overall, the helmet incorporates cutting-edge CAD technology and is lightweight and comfortable.


  • Large heads fit
  • Available in several different styles
  • Comfort lining that wicks away moisture
  • The shield filters 95% of UV radiation
  • The D.O.T and Snell


  • Possibly need to order a size larger

3.  Half Helmet- Bell Pit Boss-$139.99-$219.99

First off, premium materials were used to construct this helmet. A three-layer, interlaced polycarbonate plastic matrix strengthened with carbon fiber and Kevlar makes up the exterior shell. The end result is a lightweight, very resilient material that offers outstanding impact protection and is scratch-resistant.

It’s simple to find the Pit Boss you want to contrast with the finish or artwork on your vehicle or compliment it because there are designs and paint schemes to fit just about every taste. Even though it is simple, this half helmet gives you more alternatives than many full-face motorcycle helmets.

Compared to comparable helmets in their price range and class, the Pit Boss’ two shell sizes accommodate more different head shapes. The cushions may be taken out and adjusted for maximum comfort, and the internal lining is machine washable and antibacterial. While riding, there are no air intakes to assist keep your head cool, however, this is unneeded because there is no visor.

Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet-motorcycle helmets for big heads
Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet

The Pit Boss wasn’t designed with additional creature conveniences like Bluetooth audio or intercom systems in mind. Given the simple design of the helmet, you could definitely wire something together, but it could be difficult. Setting up a Bluetooth music system is possible at best, but modifying and personalizing the helmet safely would need much skill.

Let’s last discuss the Pit Boss’ chin strap, which is its most comfy component. With the instantly adjustable D-Ring and snap/buckle, you can quickly size your helmet, have it securely fastened, and maintain a comfortable fit all day. The Pit Boss excels in one area: it is so light and comfy that lengthy road trips and all-day rides are delightful without pressure spots or pinching.

Better visibility is not possible than with a half-face helmet. Because the visor, chin bar, and face shield are not present, you have unrestricted vertical and horizontal peripheral vision. The drop-down sun-shield is an extra bonus for brighter days when you’ve forgotten your sunglasses.

A few reviewers have challenged the sun-compatibility visor with prescription glasses. The majority of bad reviews said that when riders took down the sun visor and used work glasses, it didn’t fit comfortably or slide freely. Your field of view is superb, with the exception of this little drawback.

If you plan to ride with a Pit Boss on your head, you must have earplugs or headphones. It offers essentially little sound absorption, and if your vehicle has a loud exhaust, your hearing will be irreparably damaged. Having better sight, but more wind noise and less protection from possible risks is a disadvantage of cycling wearing a half-helmet. The Pit Boss is not the motorbike helmet for you if you’re wanting to get one that is quiet.

This style of helmet boasts some of the finest ventilation available because it lacks a visor and chin bar. Naturally, you should protect your lower face and eyes from harm, but the Bell Pit Boss helmet is a great option if you want a helmet that keeps cool all day.

I object to the idea of riding without a chin bar to protect my face in an accident and a visor to protect my eyes. I’ll feel relieved that my helmet is protecting my head, but if I decide to crash off and take a trip over pavement, I want my helmet to absorb the brunt of the blow rather than my face. Half-helmets don’t offer that extra layer of protection, and if I get into an accident with only half of one, they could need to reconstruct my face, depending on how serious the impact was.

Go for it if you’re willing to take that risk. The U.S. DOT and EU DOT authorities have given the Pit Boss their seal of approval as an impact-safe helmet. If I’m going to ride with an open-face helmet, I’m going to rely on their assessment given their years of expertise.


  • An adjustable sun visor
  • Detachable neck drape
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Pocket speakers
  • Mechanism of dial adjustment
  • Slightly
  • The D.O.T approved


  • High-speed helmet lifts

4.  Big Head Helmet- Vega Ultra-$101.14-$114.99

If you have a really large head, this helmet will work well for you. The 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, and 6XL sizes are made especially for those with big heads and cheeks. This helmet’s ventilation system has three intake ports that can be closed, allowing for optimum airflow out while preventing the entry of damp weather.

Vega Ultra Big Head Helmet-motorcycle helmets for big heads
Vega Ultra Big Head Helmet

You’ll undoubtedly like the useful upgraded features that have been included. The lining is comfort tech wick-drying and machine washable/replaceable. You’ll also enjoy the added security of a strong D-ring strap. Additionally, it incorporates a quick-release pivot shield and an aerodynamic casing. The sad fact that the visor lacks anti-fog technology separates this helmet from our top recommendation.

For the best impact protection, this helmet also includes an integrated high-density channeled airflow EPS lining. The DOT and ECE have authorized it. It’s an excellent helmet for riders of various types of vehicles, including mopeds, scooters, sports bikes, and motorcycles.


  • Made for heads and cheeks that are unusually big, ranging from 3XL to 5XL.
  • 3 closable intake vents with an angled passive exhaust vent up front to let the most air out while keeping the rain out.
  • A lifetime assurance against manufacturing and material faults with a five-year limited warranty.
  • A helmet with DOT and ECE approval provides top-notch protection.
  • A reliable D-ring strap system.
  • Replaceable and washable You stay dry and comfortable thanks to the Comfort Tech Wick-Dri Liner System.
  • A 3.3-pound aerodynamic shell that is lightweight.
  • To guarantee that safety criteria are met, each batch of helmets is randomly tested.


  • Not an anti-fog visor

5.  Motorcycle Modular Full-Face Helmet- Yema YM-925-$86.99-$87.99

The Yema YM-925 will be our first stop, and we’ll look at every detail that will help you understand everything there is to know about this modular helmet.

The body is available in two colors, white and matte-black. The small size ranges from 55 to 56 centimeters, or 21.6-22.0 inches, in terms of inches.

The body’s construction material is exceptional and robust. The material has a multi-density EPS inside and an ABS outer shell. The reinforced chin strap is the chin strap that is utilized to construct the body of the helmet.

The helmet has an easy-to-remove clasp for comfortable wearing and removal, making it more practical for daily usage.

The body is specifically designed for use when riding bikes, while it may also be used for racing, dirt bikes, and even thrill rides. The sun visor system is there to shield our eyes from the damaging sun’s rays. The body is made to be completely vented, which allows air to enter the helmet and provides a comfortable riding experience. The padding within the helmet is pleasant and simple to clean, keeping the interior of the helmet pristine.

Yema YM-925 Motorcycle Modular Full-Face Helmet
Yema YM-925 Motorcycle Modular Full-Face Helmet

The helmet’s design ensures that it will shield your eyes from damaging direct sunlight and that you will have enough ventilation. Its aggressive design makes it easy to operate, and it complies with all DOT requirements.

The liner pads, which are present within the helmets and offer comfort while wearing them, can be readily washed, ensuring that the interior of the helmet is always clean. This helmet has a quick-release buckle, which makes it convenient to use.

This helmet’s graphics are matte black in hue. Both men and women can use it. The graphics are the most fashionable, which makes wearing the helmet more appealing. The helmet is not only sturdy and safe, but thanks to the graphics, it also looks good. As a result, many bike riders choose it since it combines protection and beauty. The designs on the helmet are quite stunning thanks to the black tone. The images displayed are more fashionable than any headgear.

The double visors are built-in and also retract into the sun shield. They are double visors. The transparent bill of the Yema YM-925 helmet provides protection from the sun’s damaging rays. Due to the humid environment, the Visor does occasionally have a propensity to fog up, however, this is a problem that only affects the helmet’s Visor. However, the Visor is good from a general standpoint, and it makes the helmet worthwhile for purchase.

The Yema helmet’s lock system is reliable and easy to operate. You can easily switch the lock on and off because of the way the lock mechanism is designed. It implies that you can take the helmet off when you want to and put it on when you want to by removing the lock. In many situations, we have to put on and take off the helmet while using it on a daily basis so that it is practical for the users. Along with durability and design, the lock mechanism on this helmet makes it more practical for everyday usage.

The helmet satisfies all padding requirements in addition to style, safety, durability, and lock mechanism. The padding within the helmet is pleasant and easy to clean, keeping the interior of the helmet spick and span. The pads within the helmet offer comfort, and they are simple to clean by taking them out. Consequently, it results in the helmet being cleaned properly.

Helmets must be safe since we use them while riding motorcycles to protect ourselves. The material used to make the helmets determines how secure they are, and the Yema YM-925 helmets meet all safety requirements. The body’s construction material is exceptional and robust. The material has a multi-density EPS inside and an ABS outer shell. The reinforced chin strap is the chin strap that is utilized to construct the body of the helmet.

Another important factor that has to be considered while buying helmets is ventilation. We may feel sophisticated if a helmet’s ventilation is inadequate. Yema helmets feature sufficient ventilation, which results in cool air flowing throughout the helmet, and we may feel the cold air’s comfort when wearing the helmet. The official Yema Helmets Website has additional details about this model.


  • The anti-scratch facility
  • Excellent sturdiness
  • The right ventilation is offered.
  • Features a modular flip-flop.


  • For the sake of the helmet’s security, the lock is not included with it.
  • Weighing a lot

6.  Full-Face Helmet- Shoei Neotec 2-$799.99

Shoei’s Neotec 2 modular touring helmet finds ways to enhance an already outstanding design. For better airflow, exhaust outlets are added to the higher air intake vents. The aerodynamics of the Neotec 2 were improved through wind tunnel testing to function in a range of riding situations. While the Aero Deflector along the chin bar increases stability, the integrated shell spoiler has been adjusted to help minimize lift and drag at high speeds. Micro ratchet chin straps make it simple and quick to fasten and take off the helmet.

The seal at the helmet’s neck hole is improved with Noise Isolator cheek pads, keeping turbulent air out. The chin bar is secured down by the 360 Pivot Locking System, and the impact energy is absorbed by a multi-piece EPS liner constructed of foam with different densities. For a tidy and low-profile installation, the Shoei Neotec 2 is made to interface with the Sena SRL Communication System. One of the best long-distance touring helmets is made possible by the combination of all these qualities.

Shoei Neotec II Helmet
Shoei Neotec II Helmet

Sun Shield Technology:

  • The external shell’s forehead region is slightly elevated to provide room for interior sun protection. This permits the inside EPS liner of the helmet to maintain its structural integrity.
  • Meets the requirements of ANSI Z80.3-2010 for non-prescription eyewear.
  • The protective barrier protects 99 percent of UV radiation without distortion.
  • Riders receive immediate sun glare protection from the built-in QSV-1 inner sunscreen in a single swift movement.
  • The 3D injection-molded interior sun shield is activated via a large, straightforward sliding switch.

Face Shield and Flip-Up Face Cover:

  • Easy usage with riding gloves is made possible by the enlarged single-button release for the chin bar and shield.
  • The face shield will automatically close when the face cover is raised.
  • A secure closing is guaranteed by the 360o Pivot Locking System, which is constructed of high-quality stainless steel components.
  • By changing the contour, more room was created inside the chin bar, resulting in a clever and lightweight design.

CNS-3 Base Plate and Shield System:

  • 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays are blocked.
  • Shield adjustments are quick and simple using the CNS-3 base plate system, and a wind and watertight seal is created.
  • Includes a fog-inserting Pinlock EVO lens.
  • A breathalyzer is present
  • The new design offers acceptable noise reduction and air/water sealing
  • The full field of vision is distortion-free thanks to 3D injection molding.
  • New window beading that drains airtightly keeps water out of the helmet.
  • New shell design enhances aerodynamics and noise reduction

Noise cancellation:

  • Noise is reduced and the helmet’s airflow is controlled by a new airtight window bead and the Vortex Generator lip on the chin bar.
  • Chin curtain integrated
  • Fresh Noise Isolator cheek pads block wind and quiet the environment.
  • An enhanced shell form enhances aerodynamics and noise reduction.

System of ventilation:

  • For better hot-air expulsion, brand-new exhaust ports flank an adjustable higher air intake.
  • Shoei’s wind tunnels assisted in identifying the ideal compromise between airflow and quiet.
  • Airflow is optimized when in the riding posture thanks to a large lower vent shutter that is simple to operate with riding gloves.

Interior 3D Lining System:

  • The inner liner’s components are all ergonomically intended to provide the best possible fit, safety, and comfort.
  • While still avoiding gaps that might lead to excessive internal noise, the eyeglass-compatible interior is tailored for many various sizes of eyeglasses.
  • The whole inside liner, including the chin strap covers, top liner, and cheek pads, is simply removable for cleaning.
  • The 3D helmet lining material is cozy and swiftly wicks away sweat.

Design of Aerodynamic Shells:

  • Enhancing impact absorption and ventilation using a dual-layer EPS lining
  • The aerodynamic benefits of a spoiler are integrated directly into the shell of the Neotec 2 thanks to Shoei’s innovative, cutting-edge shell shaping technology.
  • The face cover and visor’s vortex generator reduce noise and control airflow around the helmet.
  • Thorough wind tunnel testing maximizes aerodynamic qualities.
  • Increased fit choices in the form of four shell sizes and five liners make it possible to comfortably suit the majority of head sizes, ranging from XS to XXL.

Ratchet Micro Chin Strap:

  • Swift and easy release and closure
  • Readily adjustable and comfortable
  • The interlocking mechanism made entirely of stainless steel

7.  MX-9 Adventure motorcycle crash helmets-$144.68-$289.95

The MX-9 is a polycarbonate crash helmet with plenty of ventilation, a double-D ring clasp, and a detachable sun peak. This review will go over all the features of the MX-9 as well as what actual users have to say about their helmets, faults and all.


Due to the Bell MX-9’s ECE and DOT certifications, it should provide a respectable degree of protection. We can’t really determine how safe it is because it hasn’t yet undergone SHARP or Snell testing.

However, if we take a look at how Bell helmets have traditionally performed in SHARP tests, they have consistently had excellent results and are joint #1 in our list of the safest crash helmet manufacturers.

Despite being a less expensive helmet, the Bell MX-9 comes in three shell sizes, which is excellent since it should increase fits and safety while also making the helmet appear nicer when worn. Bell deserves praise for offering more shell sizes than many helmets with lower price tags.

An old-fashioned Double-D ring fastening holds the strap in place, and they’re about as secure as they come. If you’re the careful kind, they’re especially useful because they force you to adjust the tension every time you put the helmet on.


A transparent, detachable visor with complete functionality is included with the MX-9 Adventure. It includes a ridge at the bottom to facilitate opening and aid in creating a tight seal against the visor gasket. It operates on a four-position ratchet.

Owners of MX-9s say there is only one minor complaint about the visor.

First the positive. Several assessments indicate that the visor’s quality is good and that there is little distortion. The ratchet functions effectively as well, with the first “cracked” position being great for allowing in a little bit more ventilation and being strong enough to stay open in that position up to 70 mph.

It is not a quick-removal visor in the conventional sense, but it is not difficult to take off; all you need to do is unscrew two thumb screws, one on each side. The problem is that the bottom of the visor’s built-in ridge is fairly wide and can slightly obstruct vision when the visor is open beyond its cracked-open position. A few owners grumbled a little about that.

On the other hand, one owner claimed that he like how the sun peak shields the visor when it is fully opened. The peak will keep the visor from developing gravel rash if you drop the helmet.

The Bell MX-9 Adventure
The Bell MX-9 Adventure


Even at its best, helmet noise is difficult to evaluate since it varies so much from person to person (what is quiet for one is noisy for another). And as is customary, owners’ opinions on how loud or silent the MX-9 is varied widely. It does appear to be about average for your usual motocross or adventure bike helmet, with some people claiming it’s rather noisy and others saying it’s fairly quiet, but it is generally noisier than a road helmet.

The bottom line, in my opinion, is that it depends on how you ride; nevertheless, don’t anticipate something that is whisper quiet since you will be greatly let down. Wear earplugs if you bike a lot of road miles.

Sizing and Comfort:

The internals of the MX-9 is identical in both models. That comfort lining is completely washable, wicks away sweat, and is anti-microbial. Many owners have remarked that the helmet is overall quite comfortable, and others have expressed astonishment at the lining’s quality. There is no need to get a lesser or larger size because the sizing seems to be spot on. You should be able to order the correct size if you just follow our helmet fitting guide.

Additionally, if your new helmet needs a little tweaking, you may get cheek pads in various sizes to further customize the fit. Speaking about cheek pads, you can typically discover a glasses groove at the point where they join the rest of the lining to prevent your glasses’ stems from rubbing against the side of your head. Sadly, the MX-9s don’t operate that way. While one man said that wearing sunglasses in the MX9 was no problem, many owners claim that wearing glasses is uncomfortable since the lining tends to press the lenses against your skull.


The Bell MX-9 is a stylish helmet with a large selection of unique designs to match.

Pictures of the Pinned, Airtrix, Blockade, Barracade, Scrub, Camo, Raid, and Adventure designs may be found on this page. But we advise you to go through to our suggested merchants using the links below to see the most recent designs and the most recent prices.

Peak and Goggles:

This sun peak cannot be adjusted in the sense of sliding forward or back; it is fastened to the helmet. Although it has two locations, changing it requires removing a screw, removing a bung, moving the peak, replacing a screw, and replacing a bung. Of fact, it’s not difficult to accomplish, and Bell undoubtedly took a few liberties to release the MX-9 at such a low cost.

If you want to make the helmet a little bit more aerodynamic and plan to do a lot of street riding in it, you may of course completely remove the peak rather than alter it.

With the peak installed, it’s not too awful on the road. Owners believe that up to 70 MPH, you’ll be aware of it, but it won’t be too severe. However, above that, it begins to buffet somewhat, and during head checks, you can feel it pulling.

How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Helmets For Big Heads

The following characteristics are crucial in assisting you in selecting the best motorcycle helmets for big heads and degrees of comfort.


The composition of the shell is even more crucial than the cushioning. It is essential to wear a helmet with a sturdy shell. Carbon fiber gives the best protection and durability if you’re going to be traveling at high speeds. For low-speed hits, polycarbonate and fiberglass perform better.

While carbon fiber helmets are more expensive, they are made of robust and flexible materials like polycarbonate and fiberglass. These materials are frequently used in low- to mid-priced helmets.


In the case of an accident, your helmet should be able to keep you safe, but it also has to be pleasant to wear. The comfiest and most protective helmet is one with lots of cushioning.

If you want to ride in warm weather, we strongly advise opting for a material that is moisture-wicking and machine washable.


You should make sure your helmet has adequate ventilation because helmets can get hot. Vents will promote airflow, therefore we advise at least three.


You should first take a measurement of your head. Measure yourself, then check your results against the chart for the helmet you’re thinking about.

Sizing options include XS through XXXXL. You should also consider your head’s shape. You may accomplish this on your own or with a companion by staring at the top of a mirror.

How can I tell what shape my head is for a motorcycle helmet?

By looking down at your head from the top in a mirror, you may determine the form of your head. Everybody has a somewhat different head shape, which is why there are several distinct types of helmets, including the round oval, intermediate oval (which is the most popular), and long oval. Even if everyone’s head shape ranges from round to oval, it’s still crucial to know what it is.

Another way to gauge the size of your head is to place a flexible tape measure just above your brows and wrap it around the thickest part of your back. The size and shape of your head may then be determined by comparing this measurement to the helmet sizing chart of your choosing.

Take note of any pressure areas you may feel on your forehead when putting on helmets. If you experience any, your helmet is too round and has to be adjusted. Your helmet may be too oval for the shape of your head based on pressure areas on the sides of your skull. Try wearing the helmet you just bought for 30 to 45 minutes to check for pressure spots.

In conclusion, don’t allow your uncomfortable motorcycle helmets for big heads to prevent you from ever riding again. Make sure your big head is suitably sized for the helmet you choose by taking accurate measurements of your head.

We’ve emphasized several times how easy and quick it is to measure your head on your own or with a friend’s assistance. We really hope that our post was helpful and assisted you in locating the top motorbike helmet for a big head.

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