The Best Choice For Hockey Helmets

Hockey helmets are an important piece of protective equipment that any hockey player will need to wear.
Players of ice hockey or any similar type of hockey will be required to wear a hockey helmet to help protect their heads from potential injury when impacted by a ball, bat, skate, board, other players, or ice. Helmet’s article will introduce you to the best choice for hockey helmets.

The Best Choice Hockey Helmet
The Best Choice Hockey Helmet

What is a good hockey helmet?

The outer shell of a hockey helmet is usually made of a material called vinyl nitrile that helps to disperse the force from the point of contact, while the lining is made of vinyl nitrile foam, expanded polypropylene foam, or other material to absorb energy. volume, to reduce the impact of impact. Hockey helmets secure the head from the inside by cupping the back of the head or protruding.
Helmet manufacturers will have a chart that relates their helmet size to head circumference measurements. For earlier products, helmet sizes were adjusted by loosening side screws to slide the front part forward or backward.

The face shield in ice hockey is a device that is attached to the front of the helmet to reduce the possibility of injury to the face. The visor will help cover the upper half of the face, in addition to the full face visor.
As of 2017, 94% of hockey players wear visors. Some other tournaments around the world require athletes to wear face coverings.
Visors and shields, manufactured with high-impact plastic, provide better overall visibility than available wire cages, but may also obscure visibility in certain areas.
The visor offers pretty great forward and periphery visibility, but doesn’t provide as good airflow as the cage.
In this article, let’s find out the details below: The best choice for hockey helmets. Choosing the best hockey helmet will depend on the type of hockey you’re playing, be it ice hockey, on the field, or skates.

After determining the genre as well as the hockey you play, next, you should focus on the material of their manufacture. Always give preference to hats with an inner lining design to be able to withstand strong impacts. In addition to the design and material factors, the next factor you need to pay attention to is their price, not all products that are too expensive are also good, but you should choose the hats. suitable for you to feel safe as well as comfortable to use.
Here we will introduce you to some of the hockey helmets that I think are the best for you.

 True Dynamic 9 Pro

True Dynamic 9 Pro Hockey Helmet

The first product in our list of the best hockey helmets that we recommend to you is the True Dynamic 9 Pro.
Specifications and features:
– MIPS: is True’s patented Brain Protection System that reduces the impact of bumps on the head. Increase the effectiveness of protecting your brain.
– One Piece Construction: The use of a True monolithic EPP shell reduces the weight of the helmet, making it the lightest hockey helmet on the market.
– Flexible Interchangeable Fitpads: In addition to being flexibly adjustable, True also has designed pads on both sides and back to be able to adjust the size for a snug fit helmet and hug your head. Increase user safety.


The True Dynamic 9 Pro hockey helmet uses the MIPS Brain Protection System to reduce the effects of impacts with a unique lining. The low-friction inner lining allows for 10-15mm sliding movement in all directions. This reduces rotation and puts less stress on the brain.
In addition, the unique design that protects people from linear impacts is the innovation of the True Hockey team. Helmets have long been constructed by gluing pieces of foam between the inside and outside of the helmet. This method created a gap between the head and the helmet, reducing the overall level of protection the helmet provides to the wearer.

Instead of following the traditional design, True Hockey has designed it in such a way that it creates a sealed protective layer with no gap around the head or creating gap between the two layers. The combination of feather-light EPP foam and a single shell not only improves 360-degree protection but also reduces the weight of the hat significantly.
The True Dynamic 9 Pro Helmet is the lightest helmet on the hockey market today.

The only downside to this helmet is the lack of flexible adjustment. While the True Dynamic 9 Pro Helmet is still available in three different sizes, each size comes with three sets of internal pads allowing for 5% larger or smaller adjustments.
Every athlete will have a different head size and shape, which is why the iPad system has such a powerful impact. Players can flexibly adjust the helmet size to fit from front to back or side to side.
These pads are designed to fasten to the liner via velcro, which means they are easy to replace and install, you can completely wash them to clean the helmet.


The only disadvantage that we can see in this helmet is that it does not fit the cage and visor of Bauer and CCM.
If you buy and use a brand new set this shouldn’t be a problem, but if you want to reuse your old visor or cage, you’ll have to purchase additional accessories made by True.
However, the majority of the reviews we received from users of this hockey helmet were positive in all respects.

General assessment:

Overall, we feel this is a hockey helmet product worth buying. From being creative in design to helping bring a great user experience and ensure absolute safety. At a cost of about 199 $ is not too expensive. This has helped the sports market in general and hockey, in particular, have a commendable step forward.


CCM FITLITE 3DS Hockey Helmet

Next on this list is the CCM Fitlite 3DS hockey helmet
Specifications and features:
Microbial III System: This makes adjustments to a perfect fit extremely easy thanks to CCM’s new Microbial III. The quick turns design helps the helmet to tighten to eliminate any gaps with the occipital locking system that keeps the helmet locked in place in the event of a collision.
– D30 Smart Foam: As it was previously used in CCM Super Tacks, D30 foam does a special job of absorbing bumps and protecting your head. D30 foam will feel comfortable during sports and provide ultra-professional-grade protection.
– High-density PE shell: The shell of the helmet is manufactured from CCM Fitlite, using high-density PE material to achieve high strength but the helmet weight is still quite light. The CCM Fitlite 3DS helmet also includes low-density EPP memory foam to help mold the helmet and customize the shape and size for each player.


– Top-notch protection: CCM has combined D30 foam with EPP memory foam to provide the best protection for this helmet. Every detail of this helmet is tailor-made for protection, including the Microbial III system for the best possible fit.
– Appropriate appearance: With a bit of a classic style, CCM has improved the sharp, streamlined design to protect the players but still ensure the aesthetic factor.
– Featherlite Fit: When you put this helmet on and adjust the Microbial III system, you can manually adjust its size to fit your head. The ultra-lightweight high-density PE shell and lining system provide an incredibly comfortable fit. This helmet is so light that you’ll forget you’re wearing a helmet! It’s so wonderful.


This is CCM’s flagship helmet, so the cost you need to pay for this high-tech product will be quite expensive, about $ 150. However, the CCM uses the latest in impact-resistant technology to maximize protection, so it’s worth the money.

General assessment:

In terms of price, this helmet is more expensive than some other hockey helmets. However, it offers top performance and protection. Everything about this helmet from weight, fit, and protection gives you great value for money.
This is an extremely great option for players of all levels and also offers the best durability and protection for any player. You won’t regret buying the CCM Fitlite 3DS once you discover the performance it delivers in games and gameplay.

Warrior Alpha One

Warrior Alpha One Hockey Helmet

The next hockey helmet that we talk about is the Warrior Alpha One
Specifications and features:
– True One Shell: With a one-piece construction, this helmet offers enhanced protection while remaining very light.
– OmniShock + w/ Viconic Inserts: By integrating the case and lining, certain impact zones such as frontal and occipital lobe protection are further enhanced with lightweight Viconic inserts.
– ADAPTFIT 360 By BOA: Forget about adjusting the four different latches for the perfect fit, now you just need to make micro-adjusts with the BOA system so your arms can be resized to fit. with user needs.


– This is one of the first hockey helmets that we’ve seen focus on certain areas of the head with added protection. All the front parts of the skull are the first to hit a board or ice when falling, Alpha One has done a great job of protecting your head in these unfortunate situations.
– BOA Fit: If you previously only saw it on snowshoes or snowboards, now you can also see it on Hockey helmets. They used small adjustments to help get the right fit with this innovative new design.
– Flow Comfort Polygiene Liner: The liners in this hockey helmet are treated with Polygiene. They can absorb sweat and dry quickly to keep your head dry and smelling good. By optimizing the airflow through the helmet, you can also feel the breeze when you are being burned by the defender next to you.


Technically, it is difficult for us to find a single drawback in this helmet. The only thing that can be said is a change in its design, which has been changed quite a lot to have a huge set of new safety and comfort features.

General assessment:

The new Warriors’ top-of-the-line hockey helmet arrives on the market with numerous innovations that provide superior comfort and safety to the wearer.
From enhanced skull protection to a new fit system, we appreciate what Warrior is doing to protect every player’s greatest asset. This helmet gives the owner comfort and a sense of security with its great features and is currently priced at around $130.



When it comes to hockey helmets, you will have to mention KAV SPORTS
Specifications and features:
– 3D printing technology: create flexible customization to increase protection as well as create a comfortable and comfortable fit for the user.
– 3D-Flect energy management system: helps to adjust each part of the helmet for expected crash situations.
– Design of special vents: help to create maximum airflow and chin strap for convenience during use.
– Copolymer man-made lining: maximizes protection effectiveness.


KAV asserts that the best helmet is the one that suits you best and is extremely cheap, only about $40.
Using your head size as the standard, the KAV 3D print depicts a helmet around your head. You can then customize many of the features according to your personal preferences.
KAV features an integrated quilted pad that conforms to your head for better sweat absorption.
An adjustable hexagon buckle hugs the nape of your neck and provides the best fit for you. The KAV’s chin is also adjustable both vertically and in-depth. This allows for precise placement of the chin cup without affecting vision from tilting the cage up or down on the J-Clips.
For helmet comfort in all respects, KAV strategically placed the vents for maximum airflow and added a magnetic chin strap and quick clip (replacing the cage straps) for convenience for players.
3D printing helps create a custom fit as well as increase protection. By using a monolithic construction, gaps in the impact protection coming from the two-piece shell are eliminated.
KAV’s 3D-Flect power management system combines proprietary design and fabrication software, precision additive manufacturing techniques, and energy-absorbing heat generation to reduce linear and angular acceleration.
Furthermore, the 3D-Flect power management system adapts each part of the helmet for expected impact situations. No detail is too small, as KAV has removed the pins and latches on the helmet. This not only increases durability by eliminating rusty bolts or damaged pins and clamps but also eliminates direct impacts to the tip.
KAV polled their Instagram followers on the cage design they liked and then used their answers to create the perfect cage for every player.
From the placement of the vents to the simple yet refined design of the quick clamps, it’s clear that KAV has refined every detail to create a stunning product. The result: a slim and sleek helmet with subtle angles that accentuate the helmet and enhance safety.

In hockey, you must have the best equipment to protect you. This helmet offers Y-Protection protection, reinforced with Copolymer man-made linings for maximum safety protection.
The measurements of the Hockey Helmet are quite diverse. They have no standard sizes but exist in different sizes to fit all head types.
To get the most suitable helmet size, you should determine your head with a ruler and take the size of the area in cm, for this you can start by determining from about 2 cm above the eyebrows and also around the head, this will allow for precise measurements.

General assessment:

In all aspects, from the design to the extra features and protection that the KAV Sport helmet offers, I find it quite suitable for those who are looking for a hockey helmet with a large number. the large quantity because it is very diverse in size and the protective effect is also very good.

Bauer RE-AKT 200

Bauer RE-AKT 200 Hockey Helmet

Last on this list, will be the Bauer RE-AKT 200. hockey helmet
Specifications and features:
– Advanced Impact Protection – The new Bauer Re-Akt uses PORON performance cushioning and XRD enhanced impact protection foam to help dissipate impacts to the head.
– VTX liner – Bauer has also changed to a VTX liner that optimizes the impact management of high and low energy exposure. It also results in a significant weight reduction compared to standard EPP foam.
– Optimized Shell Design – The Bauer Re-Akt Hockey Helmet now features a two-piece shell design with fewer tooling adjustments. This helmet features a 3.0 Occipital Buckle that stabilizes the back of the helmet and locks the head into a perfect fit every time you put it on.


-Outstanding Protection: Bauer’s Re-Akt helmet is possibly one of the best helmets on the market for protecting the wearer. The research and development of advanced foam and liner technology dissipate energy from head impacts.
-Light and fit: The change to the VTX lining system makes the hat so light that you will feel it as soon as you try it on. The helmet fits snugly and hugs your head, making it feel like a baseball cap.
Traditional Sleek: Bauer hasn’t changed much about the classic look of their helmets, but they’ve always made them more affordable over time. The Re-Akt is one of the most used helmets in hockey with about 20% of players using this model!


This is arguably the top helmet on the market and Bauer has put a lot of time into ensuring optimal protection, which comes with a price tag of over $200. This is one of the more expensive helmets you can buy but for this price, you get protection, fit, and beauty second to none.

General assessment:

With the Bauer Re-Akt 200, it is the leading helmet in terms of protection and popularity. It is also why it is one of the most widely used helmets in hockey and on skating rinks worldwide. This Bauer series offers some of the latest in impact protection with redesigned lining materials to create a product that is lightweight yet provides excellent protection. I like the classic helmet look and hope Bauer will always promote this.

Ideal safety helmet

The fit of a helmet is a really important factor to consider first when buying. A helmet needs to fit comfortably on the head, neither too tight nor too loose, so along with knowing the specific size of your head, you can also try fallback methods to see if it works. is it suitable?
Helmets that are too loose can be detrimental to play as they can slip and visibility is not clear, causing unsafety. Next is the inner design of the hat, it should be noted, that because a hockey helmet in addition to the certainty on the outside, the inner padding will ensure your comfort during the process. usage and also reduces the impact of trauma on your head. That lining should be made of soft, resilient, and lightweight materials. A helmet that is too heavy will cause imbalance and difficulty during movement.
There are many factors in making the best hockey helmets and what sets them apart is the design layout, color, and size and form of the mesh. The most important thing is the protection factor, the hockey helmet must be able to provide absolute protection for you from injuries or collisions during the competition.
Besides, the cost factor also determines a lot about the quality of the product, an extremely good quality product will always have a high price and you always need to keep this in mind when choosing a helmet. hockey yourself.

How to take care of your helmet

One of the tips to keep your hockey helmets in top condition is that you should dry them and clean them before storing them so that they don’t create odors from sweat, you should also do the following: now periodically check that their screws are in good working order.
Do not buy used hockey helmets. Each hockey helmet will have a certain level of protection when used. In case that hat has been used many times and suffered a lot of impacts from strong impacts, it will also reduce its protection ability, making you unsafe. Hockey is a rather risky sport, requiring players to be carefully equipped with protective equipment. Protective equipment such as hockey helmets needs to be of the best quality to ensure the safety of players.

So please consider carefully buying used hockey helmets, instead boldly learn and buy reputable and quality hockey helmets to get the best results. best experience.
Through this article, we hope you will gain more knowledge about hockey helmet products and thereby give you a way to choose the most suitable hockey helmet for you. for me.

Thanks for reading!


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