The Most Detailed Shoei RF 1200 Review

Helmets are indispensable items when we participate in traffic. In addition to having the function of protecting people’s safety, choosing the right helmet for each person also reflects their personality. With this in mind, today there are many helmet models and brands. As a helmet enthusiast, it is impossible to ignore the Shoei RF 1200 hat. In this article “The Most Detailed Shoei RF 1200 Review”  we will evaluate it in detail.

 Shoei Brand

Brand Shoei

We all know Japan is the land of high-quality technology products, giving users an experience of absolute peace of mind in their products. Therefore, one of them, the helmet brand SHOEI from Japan has been trusted by many people and is becoming more and more popular in many countries around the world. Was born in 1959 in Tokyo Japan.

Satisfying the 3 factors of beauty – quality – cheap price, Shoei is currently quite popular among bikers in the world. The highlight of these hats from the Shoei brand is their excellent quality. Provide absolute protection for users when participating in traffic. This is also the most important factor that most users set when choosing a helmet.

Not only that, with its impressive design and eye-catching colors, it is easy to attract everyone’s attention. And one of the hottest products of the Shoei brand today, it is impossible not to mention the Shoei RF 1200 Helmet. To better understand, follow our post “The Most Detailed Shoei RF 1200 Review” to learn more about this product in the next section.

Detailed Shoei RF 1200 Review


The SHOEI helmet brand is famous for the colorful design of its helmets. Similar to its products, Shoei RF 1200 also has many colors suitable for all ages and genders of users. Help users have more options for themselves when buying helmets.

If you are a lover of simplicity and courtesy, you can choose subtle colors such as black, red, white, etc. If you are a lover of youth and dynamism, don’t ignore the hats with a Unique combination of colors together to create a distinct accent.

Shoei RF-1200


Produced by hand by an extremely rigorous and complex process. Thanks to that, the Shoei RF 1200 helmet always reaches the peak of perfect beauty. The main material used to manufacture these hats is hard carbon fiber, which helps to create rigidity for the outside of the hat and ensures safety for users.

The earpads are designed with 3D padding combined with the ability to absorb sweat, helping to hug the user’s head and create the most comfortable feeling when used for a long time without causing a feeling of constriction or difficulty. bear.
Another great advantage of the Shoei RF 1200 helmet is that users can disassemble each part easily, can customize the helmet size to best fit. Very convenient and flexible for users.

The next advantage of this helmet is that the weight of the helmet is very light, although the shell is made of a very hard and durable material. This helps users to be comfortable when traveling long distances or using for a long time without feeling heavy, back fatigue.
The RF-1200 has one chin vent and three forehead vents along with a rear vent cleverly hidden beneath the rear spoiler. All vents can be opened/closed and don’t have to be massively manipulated with gloved hands – except for the rear exhaust, though you probably won’t want to do that when you’re on the go.

The vent in front of the chin is the easiest place to open because the entire lid just needs to be moved downwards to open, which is quite convenient for opening and closing.
It is very efficient and unique in directing the air above the visor.
The forehead vents also work very well although the small lever on the center vent can be a bit more difficult to use.
These forehead vents direct air through the polystyrene lining. some ducts draw air from your head and then pull the air out of the vents. This helps it do a good job of keeping people cool in hot climates – though not as well as the Shoei GT Airtheo.

Of course, in colder climates you can close the vents if not using them, but it will also draw in enough air to effectively de-fog on the visor. So it’s all pretty good.

The RF 1200’s ventilation system is a design innovation, but it has received mixed reviews. The forehead vents seem to be prone to turbulence.
The visor is designed with upper and lower support ribs, which increase the rigidity of the plastic when raising or lowering the visor.

However, hard gaps in the opening sometimes cause the visor to bend and make it difficult to rotate. The eye port is covered by a wide sunshade but still does not obstruct the driver’s vision. The screws on the cover are adjustable for easy adjustment of the visor. This is also a breakthrough in the design of the Shoei RF 1200 which is well appreciated by many people.


Shoei RF-1200 function

As analyzed in the design part, because it is manufactured from hard materials to create durability and certainty for the hat shell, users are completely assured when using. The Shoei RF 1200 helmet can withstand a large impact without any damage. The breakthrough point in this Shoei RF 1200 helmet is its ability to reduce wind noise when traveling at high speed on the road. It’s great to use them on cold days. Helmet details such as the liner are removable and washable, ensuring that the owner will always be kept clean when using his helmet. The included Pinlock anti-fog visor will be appreciated by those driving in wet or cold environments.

The housing of the RF-1200 is a combination of various glass fibers coated on top of a thermoplastic to create a beautiful smooth finish. Shoei calls this the Advanced Integration Matrix, and that’s how they design most of their fiberglass helmets these days.

There’s a particularly interesting safety feature in the interior called the Shoei Emergency Quick Release System.
If you happen to be in an accident, improperly removing your helmet can make your injury worse.

Fortunately, Shoei is equipped with a Quick Release System that helps remove the helmet by pulling a few tabs under the helmet to remove the cheek pads before removing the helmet easily and quickly.
That will allow the helmet to slide off much more easily and avoid aggravating any injuries.
Although not really excellent, it is also a pretty good innovation that I appreciate in this product.


With the great advantages and undisputed quality of the Shoei RF 1200 owned, its current price ranges from $485.99 to $589.99 depending on the size ranging from XS-XXL.
When you purchase the Shoei RF 1200, you will receive a cloth carrying case, Pinlock visor, breath guard, chin veil, and silicone sealant lubricant.


With all the advantages listed, the Shoei RF 1200 helmet is rated as an industry leader in comfort, performance and protection for the user. The cutout creates a distinct accent to extend the bottom of the helmet, making it easier to put on or take off the RF 1200 helmet. The impact-absorbing dual liner consists of two layers combining different densities, which will effectively balance potential physical impacts during use.
I believe the advantages of the Shoei RF 1200 will help you drive confidently, help you focus on the road and most importantly ensure your own safety when participating in traffic on the road.

This is a detailed review of the Shoei RF 1200 helmet, in our opinion it is a very useful and reasonable product for its price.

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