Top 10 Best Skydiving Helmets For You

Skydiving is a risky activity so it requires the equipment of protective equipment such as helmets. However, choosing the right skydiving helmet is very important. Do not ignore the article Top 10 Best Skydiving Helmets For You because it contains the information you need.

1. Cookie G35

Cookie G35


– Modular full-face helmet.

– The top and side panels have different colors.

– Built-in, convenient top camera mount available

– Single sound pockets on each side

– Clear, Tinted, Blue Mirror, and Orange Mirror sunshade options.

– Replaceable lining.

The G35 is the first Skydiving helmet in the Top 10 Best Skydiving Helmets For You. It took the G3 helmet to the next level by combining features from the G3, G4, and Fuel Cookie helmet series. Cookie has retained the sleek look of the G3 while adding G4 visor options and then the modular aspect of the Fuel camera helmet.

Combine the colors of the helmet, visor, and top and side panels for a unique helmet. Adding a utility top plate allows you to integrate the GoPro roller mount with the cutaway system. You can also order custom side panels with text or logo engraving.


2. Cookie G4

Cookie G4


– Anti-collision helmet

– Anti-collision visor

– Single sound pockets on each side

– Camera mount and FlySight available, but if installed will affect impact rating

– Transparent, colored, orange and blue mirror visor available

– Pads can be removed, washed and swapped to create different sizes in case sizes (XS-Small, Medium-Large and XL-2XL)

Cookie Helmets completely designed the G4 as its own exclusive helmet, while also learning from previous Gas, G2 and G3 designs. Key features of the G4 include a flip-up visor mechanism designed to extend the life of the helmet, more complete head coverage in tandem with XP S 72-600 impact certification, and improved Ventilation system throughout the helmet.

The G4 visor recesses into the helmet when closed to reduce internal wind noise, and the new shell size accommodates more head sizes. The visor has an impact rating according to the Skydiving Helmet Monitor ECP-001 06/2019 at 90m/s and has also passed the tests for fog, brightness, optical quality and rays ultraviolet.


3. Tonfly TFX

Tonfly TFX


– Weight 2.25 pounds

– Helmet 8.75″ wide x 8″ high

– 11″ wide x 4.75″ high field of view

Tonfly’s TFX is the newest full face Skydiving helmet available. It has an impact assessment for helmets and visors. Although it’s the most expensive, it’s also arguably the best protection for your head. Certifications for TFX include: Impact rating according to European Standard EN966:2012 + A1:2012, HPG category for air sports.

Rated for personal eye protection according to European Standard EN166. Complies with the newly developed Skydiving Helmet Standard XP S 72-600. The manufacturer initially required an in-person fitter at any skydiving store with their TFX kit, such as ChutingStar, but has since provided detailed sizing instructions that allow you to measure at home. This is also the next Skydiving helmet in the Top 10 Best Skydiving Helmets For You.


4. Parasport ZX

Parasport ZX


– Anti-collision helmet

– Anti-collision visor

– Single sound pockets on each side

– One cover with interchangeable lining sizes

This is the latest crash-proof certified helmet available in the Top 10 Best Skydiving Helmets For You. Parasport launched the ZX full-face helmet in April 2021. The helmet is built on the previous Italian company’s Z-1 full-face helmet, but with additional impact certification, larger visor aperture and easier-to-use aperture mechanism.

According to the manufacturer, the ZX is built around a shock-absorbing layer of EPS, allowing the ZX to pass tests for both the XP S72-600, specifically for skydiving and indoor flying, and the EN966 Cat. HPG will be dedicated to paragliding.

The outer shell is made of impact resistant ABS certified for motorcycle helmets, which also plays an important role in impact control during skydiving. For added protection, ZX lenses are certified to EN166 specifications. Available in sizes Small to XL and available in 7 colors.


5. Square1 KISS

Square1 KISS


– Weight 2.09 pounds

– Helmet measures 8.5″ x 7″ high

– 12.5″ wide x 5.5″ high field of view

Square1 is a brand that started producing full-face helmets in the past few years and quickly gained customer interest thanks to its easy-to-use, durable, and easy-to-change flip-up visor. Square1 KISS is the most advanced helmet in Square1’s full-face helmet line. The Square1 KISS is the only full-face helmet currently with external access to the acoustic altimeter via the included adapter rings for the pockets and audio ports.

You can choose to close the ports for a traditional pocket audio setup, or open the ports using an adapter to accommodate your audio for external access. The price of Square1 KISS varies greatly from the manufacturer’s side. It can be as low as $199 and as high as $428. KISS buyers do nothing but swoon over features and vast visions.


6. Bonehead Dynamic

Bonehead Dynamic


– Single sound pockets on each side

– Cutaway system included

– Clear smoke cover.

– The cushion size can be adjusted by adding or subtracting layers of padding inside.

– Most sizes available from 18″ to 24.5″.

Bonehead is famous for its original designs and Dynamic certainly does not fail to distribute in the full face helmet market. Bonehead designed this helmet to provide the flyer with unrestricted head movement and the widest field of vision in all directions. The helmet works well for people who wear glasses and has an extra spring lock to make it easier to open the visor.

The Dynamic’s rear shape allows an athlete with long hair to easily tuck excess hair into the back of the helmet without feeling complicated. The Dynamic’s case is made of Carbon fiber for added durability and is supported by fiberglass for best shock absorption.

Like all Bonehead helmets, the Dynamic cushioning system allows you to customize the fit as all pads in the helmet can be opened on the back to add or remove layers for a custom fit. Adjust to your head shape or desired fit.


7. Bonehead Aero

Bonehead Aero


– Weight 1.63 pounds

– Helmet 8.5″ wide x 7″ high

– 11″ wide x 6.5″ high field of view

Bonehead has long been in the helmet industry and has also produced full-face helmets. But the launch of the Bonehead Aero modernized their full-face hat line. Bonehead continues to manufacture their helmets in carbon fiber and is the only fully “Made In The USA” helmet manufacturer.

Bonehead was the first to incorporate a clip-on strap into a full-face helmet and is included on all the latest Aero helmets. The Bonehead Aero’s padding system allows you to customize the fit as all of the pads in the helmet can be opened on the back to add or subtract layers for a custom fit to your head shape.

Available in a variety of colors as well as matte or glossy carbon fiber finishes. The visor opening system is similar to the Cookie G3, but without the side panels that are characteristic of this helmet.


8. Cookie G3

Cookie G3


– Weight 1.81 pounds

– Helmet measures 8.5″ x 7″ high

– 12″ wide x 5″ high field of view

Manufactured using High Impact ABS housing, the G3 is available in 14 colors, all with a matte finish. The visor mechanism consists of a side plate on each side with an aluminum hub available in a variety of colors and logo designs, which can also be customized with your name, design or logo.

The helmet comes with two mouthguards allowing you to choose the one that best fits your mouth area. Mouth pads provide the option to have your mouth visible to other skydivers when it is placed on the padding, or if you prefer to hide your mouth and breathe in and out from the helmet vents ( to reduce fog). Cookie Helmets is based in Australia, but the majority of its production and production is in the US.


9. Rawa RW3

Rawa RW3


– An inner sound pocket on each side.

– Adjustable chin buckle and internal shock absorber in the lining.

– One-button spring sun visor opening mechanism

– Custom helmet and visor colors available.

– Fiberglass shell material.

Rawa is known for its comfortable, lightweight and flexible camera helmets. Based in Brazil, Rawa started producing full-face helmets a few years ago. RW3 is the latest version released in 2019. This RW3 is the lightest full-face helmet and features a unique visor opening mechanism.

The visor is spring-loaded on the sides so that when you press the button at the bottom center of the visor, the lens spring opens fully immediately. To close, you push the visor down to lock on the button.


10. Square1 Phantom XV

Square1 Phantom XV


– Weight 1.74 pounds

– Helmet 8.5″ wide x 7″ high

– 12″ wide x 4″ high field of vision

Upgrading from model X to XV is the ventilation system. The XV has an additional vent feature that diverts some of the air entering the vent mouth into the inside of the visor to reduce fogging. Aside from that extra feature, the X and XV helmets work the same.

Both Phantom X and Phantom XV share the same visor mechanism with the same benefit as KISS in that no tools are required to change or remove the visor for cleaning. The tightening system for the Phantom X and XV is similar to the defunct Factory Diver and Oxygn helmets with side straps.

But Square1 has changed the old Velcro technology into a more reliable snap, while also making adjustments easy via an adjustment clamp on the outside. This is also the final helmet in the Top 10 Best Skydiving Helmets For You.


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