Top 10 Most Popular Open Face Motorcycle Helmet For You

Helmets are essential items for anyone who wants to ride a motorcycle on the road. Helmets come in many varieties, from half face, 3/4, or full face. Each type has its own features and uses for the purpose of the user. Today we will introduce open face motorcycle helmet for you to refer to and choose for yourself an appropriate helmet.

AGV K5 Jet Helmet- $369

The first open face motorcycle helmet was the AGV K5 Jet. By packing most of the top-of-the-line details of the popular K5 in an open-top version, AGV has created a versatile, high-performance helmet that’s no less than at home when commuting in the city or out on the road. The carbon-fiberglass shell features an integrated spoiler for maximum stability and air efficiency, while the Pinlock-ready, scratch-resistant shield extends below the chin and employs a new mechanism. effectively known as the Visor Magnetic System (VMS).

Besides, there is also a built-in scratch-resistant sunshade that can be removed without tools. The helmet comes with 2 shell sizes and 3 density EPS developed in 4 sizes. In addition, the hat also has 3 front vents that can be adjusted depending on the needs of the user. All parts are available for easy cleaning.

AGV K5 Jet Helmet

Shoei J-Cruise II- $579.99

The next open face motorcycle helmet is Shoei J-Cruise II. This hat deserves to be at the top of the list of open face 3/4 helmets. The new case is sleek, modern, and somewhat aggressive. Designed to integrate with the J-Cruise II specific SRL Bluetooth headset, everything about this new version is very premium. Excellent airflow is provided by the new shell and every detail is aimed at top-notch comfort.

Shoei J-Cruise II

Nexx XG10 Carbon SV- $399.95

This is a pretty sturdy helmet made from premium carbon fiber material that provides durability and high quality. The helmet is DOT approved for its safety and is very light in weight, only 1.2 Ibs. The inside of the hat uses a luxurious lining which is a soft fabric that prevents sweat and is anti-allergic. The hat is also equipped with 2 high-class sunshades to ensure that the bright sunlight will not be able to disturb you when walking on the road. The XG10 Carbon SV is a helmet worth buying.

Nexx XG10 Carbon SV

Bell Mag 9 Sena- $189.95~$199.95

Also on the list of open face motorcycle helmet, Bell Mag 9 Sena is a small but very classy helmet. The hat has an intermediate oval shape with a weight of about 3.88Ibs. While the Mag-9 isn’t the most refined or feature-rich contender on this list, for the 99% of riders who want a powerful mix of ventilation, safety, and features, it’s here. usually the best option. Its only major drawback is that the top vent can circulate more air, but most riders overlook this – you know, it’s an open-face helmet.

Bell Mag 9 Sena

M2R 225 Vice Helmet- $99.95

This is a helmet created with the right size for the conditions and riders in Australia. Features a classic jet design complete with a high-strength shell, a lightweight injection-molded ABS shell that is tested and fully double-impact certified. The interior lining in the hat is quite comfortable and luxurious. In addition, the hat also has a racing-style D-ring retention system.

M2R 225 Vice Helmet

Scorpion EXO-CT220- $149.95-$164.

Referring to the open face motorcycle helmet, it is impossible to ignore the Scorpion EXO-CT220. The Scorpion has a reputation as the king of device value, and the CT220 is no exception. For just $150, you’ll get a helmet that offers better jaw and cheek protection than 99% of the open-face helmets out there, and comes with two different visor styles. The hat also has a drop-down sun visor that allows you to drive with your eyes protected from the sun and wind hitting your face. There are rubber snaps on the jaw and cheek protectors so it won’t slide out if you go down. Additionally, it features emergency-release cheek guards and is backed by a 5-year warranty.

Scorpion EXO-CT220

Schuberth M1 Pro- $499

The SCHUBERTH M1 Pro is one of the few open-mouth helmets tested in the wind tunnel. The hat weighs in at 3.35 Ibs and is quite sturdy. Our review of the M1 noted outstanding build quality, excellent visibility, and comfort. The hat comes with a Pinlock-ready face shield with a removable and washable lining. Built-in speaker/microphone for SENA SRC intercom inside the helmet.

Schuberth M1 Pro

Arai Ram-X- $679.95

Another open face motorcycle helmet is the Arai Ram-X. The helmet is quite pricey so it’s for those willing to spend a fortune on the “best open-faced helmet on the market”. Hats are handmade and highly regarded by SNELL and DOT for quality and safety. Arai Ram-X is also equipped with a top visor and sunshade combination.

Arai Ram-X

Shark S-Drak Carbon- $369.99

Representing an evolution of the infamous Drak helmet, the S-Drak swaps out an inner, flip-up visor for its predecessor’s accompanying goggles. The S-Drak Carbon is one of the lightest feature-packed open-face helmets you can get. Weighing in at just 2.89 lbs, the helmet has a thin shell but is super light thanks to its 100% carbon fiber construction. There is also a built-in removable sun visor and mask, providing flexibility and convenience for a 3/4 helmet. The clean and classy look of the S-Drak Carbon Helmet is both eye-catching and comfortable. Fully removable and washable interior made of 3D micro-air mesh material.

Shark S-Drak Carbon

LS2 Spitfire- $109.95~$125.98

The last open face motorcycle helmet is called the LS2 Spitfire. You want a lightweight full-face helmet with a classic look, but don’t want to sacrifice protection or features to get there. Then the LS2 Spitfire does it. This is a great helmet equipped with a built-in visor, a classic aesthetic, and excellent quality control. The soft inner padding is made of breathable and hypoallergenic materials, and the built-in ventilation system allows fresh air to pass through the hat, keeping your head cool and dry. The 3D laser-cut interior provides a perfect fit, with no hot spots, for all-day comfort. You’ll have a comfortable, modern helmet with the retro style you love.

LS2 Spitfire

As a result, we have introduced the Top 10 open face motorcycle helmet for your reference. Like all helmets, open face helmets come with a list of items that require special attention. You need to pay attention to the certifications achieved by the hat, the shell material, the lining, the shape of the head, and especially the comfort it gives you. Knowing what to look for makes for a great driving experience. I hope I was able to give you some relevant information.

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