Top 10 Quietest Motorcycle Helmets & Some Buying Advices

For motorcyclists, one of the most exhilarating feelings is to drive on wide roads in open spaces with the wonderful feeling of the breeze passing through the body. But that feeling may not last long if you wear a helmet that is not smooth and comfortable enough.

Helmets are quite an important safety device when riding because they can protect you from serious head and brain injuries in the event of an accident, but if the helmet doesn’t fit properly or allows air to move through helmet will create a high level of noise inside the helmet, which can not only be uncomfortable but also distracting and dangerous while driving. In today’s article, we will introduce the 10 types of quietest motorcycle helmets for those who are passionate about speed.

10 types of quietest motorcycle helmets

Schuberth C4 Pro


A heated mold was used to compress fiberglass and transparent acrylic at high pressure to create the flip-up helmet known as the C4 Pro. This guarantees a low strength-to-weight ratio while maintaining good impact performance. Its inclusion of built-in speakers, a microphone, and an antenna is seen as a major bonus for the hat. The interior of the C4 Pro sports a Coolmax liner with a silky smooth texture that is detachable and feels really comfortable. Because the visor is worn open, the opening at the bottom of the helmet may be considerably smaller. A broader, thicker, and tighter neck roll composed of soundproof material keeps things even quieter. The sunshade’s slider has soundproof insulation and is sealed.


  • Connection systems are available and installed
  • Low wind noise
  • The broad field of vision


  • Several riders claim that the top vent is “whistling” while open

Schuberth C4 Pro

HJC-RPHA 11 Pro- $439.99


This is considered the most popular and quietest motorcycle helmets on the market today. This helmet provides good noise cancellation at medium to low speeds. However, when the windscreen is used at greater speeds, the helmet has a tendency to catch the wind that has been deflected and transfer it via the ventilation port, which raises the rider’s perceived noise level. Additionally, it boasts a large eye port for improved vision that may fit a variety of eyeglasses. A sealed leak-proof barrier is also included around the eye-port, assuring that there will be no interference or excessive noise at any speed.

Given that it is a racing helmet, this one is also quite light and comfortable. The RPHA 11 Pro includes ear holes intended to fit your speakers, albeit the ear perforations are a little smaller than anticipated. Most “racing” helmets don’t come with ear bags. Reflective patches on the back and an emergency cheek pad release mechanism that enables rapid and secure removal of the helmet in the case of an emergency are additional safety features. The vents are located where you need airflow the most because this helmet is designed for both the street and the trail.


  • Very comfortable & light
  • High quality
  • Various color options
  • Moisture-proof lining


  • Some noise at high speed
  • Small pockets for speakers


Arai Signet-X- $849.95


Also ranked in the list of the quietest motorcycle helmets, the Arai Signet-X has a pretty high price tag. It is available in a variety of case sizes but is best suited to those with narrower oval heads. The Arai Signet-X helmet is designed for a quiet and pleasant riding experience. It has a multi-layered shell with a thick, soft inside for a better, more secure, and pleasant fit. Furthermore, the liner has 5mm thick cheek and temple pads for a more tailored fit, and cheek pads that support the contour of the face reduce wind noise.

The helmet has a ventilation port that runs over the top of the helmet, which will generate some noise if left open, but other noise reduction design features of this helmet, like the chin curtain, are quite successful at blocking out noise, making it one of the quietest helmets available. Vents on the visor keep the face ventilated and wind noise out of the ears. The aerodynamic shell is an important part of noise canceling. The perforations around the ear bags are deep enough to accommodate the speakers while leaving no big gaps. Signet-X is fully certified for both DOT and Snell helmet safety.


  • Face shield that prevents fogging
  • Ventilation
  • Chin cover that repels water


  • Expensive
  • The shell appears to fit those with narrow/long oval heads well.

Arai Signet-X

Arai Tour X4- $609.95~$649.95


The Arai Tour X4 is the next helmet introduced in today’s quietest motorcycle helmets collection. The hat’s exterior shell is comprised of a combination of fiber and plastic, resulting in an extraordinarily tough outer shell. Inside, the top and front have a soft one-piece, multi-density expanded polystyrene liner, which also combines into a more robust construction on the sides and back. The Tour-X 4, like all Arai, is handcrafted and tested five times before leaving the manufacturer in Japan. While the Tour-X 4 is clearly an adventure-style helmet, it retains Arai’s distinctive smooth shell shape, with air vents and top engineered to separate on impact to decrease the impact. The impact has a torsional effect on the brain.

The hat’s interior may be dismantled for easy cleaning. The cheek pads, chin strap, and skullcap are all removable and washable, so it’s a shame the neckline is bonded in place – it’s a no-brainer if you’re off-road riding in dusty circumstances. This section will require very little washing. The X4 does not include speakers or a special incision in the cushion for them. The low bottom edge and flat neck roll are the first things that catch your eye. Both are intended to push air out of the bottom aperture while decreasing wind noise. Pinlock 120 is included, which provides superior anti-fog protection. This is a quiet full-face helmet that keeps quiet even with the vents open.


  • Premium high-quality construction
  • Wide vision


  • Limited speaker mounting space
  • Not very quiet

Arai Tour X4

Shoei-Neotec II- $799.99


Neotec 2 fits comfortably and securely in all riding positions, causing little or no irritation while moving the head in different directions. The inside lining clings snugly to your face, creating a secure fit on the inside. The Neotec 2 helmet is comprised of fiberglass, organic fiber, and “additional high-performance 3D layers.” Thermal polyester resin is used to laminate these layers. This material is resistant to UV radiation, water ingress, and general environmental degradation – anybody who has owned a shoe knows how durable they are and how long it lasts.

In addition, the Neotec 2 offers a removable and washable chinstrap liner and cover, a Pinlock anti-fog system, and a drop-in sun visor. This helmet does not include built-in speakers or microphones, but you can add them if necessary. Specially constructed cheek pads are intended to decrease road and wind noise. These plug a space that would normally be a recess in other helmets.

The ventilation openings may be seen if you look outside the helmet. Two vents, one at the front of the helmet and one in the chin, manage ventilation. The chin bar vent may be opened or closed, and the top vent can be opened, half open, or closed to suit your needs. When it’s hot, two vents on the back open to let the air out, thus ventilation is the Shoei Neotec 2’s strong suit and it will keep you cool. As I’ve mentioned several times, Neotec II is heavily focused on noise reduction. They accomplished this by putting additional material around the neck, which minimizes the amount of wind that may penetrate the garment.


  • Integrated Bluetooth connection
  • Technology for noise cancellation
  • High-quality construction


  • The chin strap is a little uncomfortable
  • Not integrated with a speaker, micro, or antenna

Shoei-Neotec II



The RF-1200 is considered the world’s quietest motorcycle helmets, created by Shoei’s world-class team of designers and engineers using the company’s 55 years of knowledge and experience. Shoei spent a significant amount of time and effort developing the quietest helmet imaginable. As a result, this wind tunnel-tested helmet weighs only 3.46 pounds and performs admirably.

This helmet’s most essential feature is that it lowers wind noise while still allowing you to hear road noise. This helmet, in addition to the Multiply Matrix AIM shell, has the CWR-1 Shield System with upper and lower longitudinal ribs for enhanced stiffness and adequate padding to help keep wind noise out. Thick cushioning increases fit, resulting in greater comfort and reduced noise. Wind noise is also reduced by helmets with chin curtains.

It also comes with detachable ear bags for Bluetooth settings. At the same time, noise-canceling foam is tightly packed into the pockets surrounding the integrated Bluetooth headset. The vents have been greatly improved, making them more efficient and user-friendly. What distinguishes Shoei helmets is the attention to detail ingrained in their construction, allowing us as drivers to effortlessly modify the air intakes on the fly. With aerodynamic testing, the form of the Shoei RF-1200, together with the snug fit lining, attached neck, and chin tunnel, allow the helmet to be one of the best. It is an excellent choice for any rider looking for one of the quietest motorcycle helmets because it works very well when traveling vertically.


  • Good design
  • Good quality
  • Large value
  • The wind noise is low
  • Lightweight


  • Quite a small size
  • Light fog when moving


Shark Evo One 2- $469.99~$499.99


If you enjoy the modular flap design, this is another excellent helmet alternative. This premium modular helmet combines full-face helmet comfort and safety with full-face helmet mobility. This SHARK helmet has a unique chin-lock mechanism, a revolutionary auto-up and down visor, and an aerodynamic shell design that lowers wind noise. The strength and functionality of the chin bar that rotates all the way from front to back distinguish the Shark Evo One 2. A very ingenious innovation that keeps the helmet’s center of gravity low while keeping the chin bar out of the wind.

The soft, removable, and washable CoolMax lining forms a cushion around the neck and face, reducing wind noise and improving rider comfort for a more comfortable ride. The Shark Evo One 2 can be worn as a closed or open helmet by just flipping the front chin bar. Furthermore, the face shield incorporates an auto-closing system to reduce wind noise. Besides, two adjustable vents on the top of the helmet allow cold air to enter, which subsequently exits through the air vents behind the spoiler, preventing wind noise from entering the ears. While not the quietest motorcycle helmets on the market, the Evo-One 2 does include some extras such as a scratch-resistant sun visor and a pin lock-ready visor.


  • High quality of the outer shell
  • Flexible chin bar
  • Very light
  • Removable liner
  • 2-in-1 module helmet


  • Average noise cancellation
  • Front-to-back airflow is blocked

Shark Evo One 2

Bluetooth Sena Outrush- $170.20~$365


Sena is well-known for producing high-tech helmets that not only look amazing but also offer enough protection and exceptional comfort. The Outrush Modular helmet, for example, includes Bluetooth 3.0 stereo headphones that are designed to improve and transmit crystal-clear music. This stylish modular helmet combines form and function, with a multi-density EPS liner, lightweight DOT-rated shell, and 3-way ventilation. A quick-release ratchet strap comfortably secures the helmet, and the integrated drop-down visor, coupled with the visor, shields your eyes from debris and the harsh impacts of sunlight. The jog wheel’s flexibility and glove-friendliness offer an intuitive user interface that is significantly easier to manage while driving, resulting in safer operation.

The Outrush Modular Helmet is designed to look as well as sound excellent. The helmet has Bluetooth 3.0 stereo headphones that are meant to improve and deliver crystal clear sound. Advanced Noise ControlTM technology is included in the system, which lowers background noise in the ride from the intercom, allowing for smoother talks. You may also use Bluetooth to link your smartphone to the helmet to play music, make calls, GPS navigation, FM radio, and HD intercom. On a single charge, this sleek and attractive helmet provides up to 15 hours of talk time.


  • Integrated Bluetooth 3.0
  • Three-way ventilation
  • Sun visor that folds down


  • Quite narrow as well as fit

Bluetooth Sena Outrush

Sena-Momentum Evo


Sena-Momentum Evo is one of the quietest motorcycle helmets on the market with a very lightweight. It has a low profile and simple air vents that enable optimum airflow from the front right side of the helmet to the back air vent. The neck and chin bars are well-designed for noise reduction in a range of driving and front positions.

In comparison to its competitors, the wind deflection from the visor towards the top air intake is fairly minor. This is due in great part to the Sena Momentum Evo’s tighter aerodynamics, which allows the wind to be directed up and around the helmet rather than directly at it. This helmet performs admirably in a variety of conditions, both with and without ear protection.


  • Lightweight
  • Because of its narrow shape, the helmet is quieter than some other versions
  • Good noise cancellation
  • Integrated Sena headphones
  • Flexible design


  • Lack of sun visor
  • Not provide a lot of color options
  • The interior lining is not as comfy as that seen in other versions

Sena-Momentum Evo

Bell Race Star Flex DLX- $869.95


When compared to earlier generations, the Bell Race Star Flex DLX helmet provides a more comfortable riding experience and is less weight. The helmet has been carefully tested in high wind tunnel settings and is incredibly aerodynamic, which contributes to its noise-canceling properties.

The hat’s appearance is particularly striking, with its appearance made of carbon fiber shell. The short neck roll and tight-fitting inner cheek pads, which are highly good at minimizing noise at high speeds, also contribute to the helmet’s noise cancellation. Helmets also improve visibility, which improves the entire ride quality and increases safety. This helmet has an automated transition sunshade that controls the amount of light that shines through the viewing port for the driver. It’s an extremely cool feature that automatically adjusts the amount of light that hits the viewport. This is the last quietest motorcycle helmets on our list today.


  • Very comfortable
  • Visor with automatic transition
  • Wonderful field of view


  • The inside cushioning takes some time to break in

quietest motorcycle helmets

Quietest Motorcycle helmets buying guide

There are a few qualities to look for in a noise-canceling helmet. Remember that the majority of these elements are required in a helmet if you wish to limit noise as much as possible.


When looking for the quietest motorcycle helmets, the most important factor is aerodynamics. Aerodynamics is an essential component in making a helmet quiet. Turbulence, which can be generated by anything that obstructs the airflow, is the principal source of noise inside a helmet. The aerodynamic form of the helmet allows the wind to travel over its surface swiftly and without turbulence, resulting in a significant reduction in wind noise.


The most critical step in making motorcycle helmets quieter is to invest in a well-fitting helmet. The majority of the noise you hear while riding a motorcycle is created by the wind blowing in the opposite direction. If the helmet does not fit properly, it creates wind noise in the neck area. From style to style, each helmet is extremely personal. A tight helmet might ruin your ride even more than a noisy helmet.
When shopping for a helmet, take your time to ensure a proper fit. The ideal helmet will include a neck shield that will protect your head and neck from noise while also supporting your neck and spine. This is especially critical when traveling at high speeds.

Face Shield

Full-face windshields of high quality can also provide significant noise control and reduction. When closed, the visor must be completely covered and composed of thick, sturdy material. Riding with your visor closed reduces wind noise. This is due to the visor’s capacity to seal the aperture on your helmet, preventing noise from entering. Remember that if any of the helmet’s openings or components do not close properly, it can cause additional noise within the helmet.

Padding is also an important consideration when purchasing a helmet. The helmet includes extra padding around the neck area to reduce noise. Furthermore, the cushioning functions as a windscreen, reducing turbulence and providing neck support to protect your head.

Wind Collars

The wind collar effectively reduces noise and allows you to drive in silence even at high speeds. The wind collar is a padded collar that fits over the neck and around the shell. A thick, snug neck roll reduces noise by blocking airflow inside the lid. It is quite effective at absorbing engine and road noise from below. It can also act as a barrier between your neck and flying debris or tiny animals.


The primary function of a helmet is to protect your head in the event of an accident. A quality helmet that comes with it will provide you with the necessary protection.
Specifically, your helmet must comply with local regulations. It’s DOT – Department of Transportation – in North America. The European Economic Commission is known as ECE in the EU. The DOT/ECE has certified the helmet as safe and legal for use on the road. However, if you want to ensure that your helmet provides optimal protection, ask for SNELL or SHARP certification. Note DOT or ECE helmets are not actually tested prior to certification. Helmets are manufactured in accordance with DOT or ECE standards, however, testing is not necessary.


Several motorcycle helmet brands have garnered deservedly positive reputations. Brands such as HJC, Shoei, and Arai are among them. Despite their high prices, their helmets are often regarded as among the best on the market. Their products are also among the quietest, and various examples may be found on the list above.

To include, as you can see with just a few of the helmets listed above, there are many models on the market with a wide variety of features. If you are focused on finding the quietest motorcycle helmets, a very important factor is that the helmet fits you well. Even the greatest helmets on the market today have little influence on wind noise at high speeds, but wind noise is about ten times louder when without wearing a helmet. This is why the quietest motorcycle helmets are the best choice for all riders, especially daily commuters who ride on the road infrequently.

All the aforementioned helmets are the best in terms of price and quality. Hopefully, with our suggestions above, you will find a helmet that suits your financial ability and needs to help you have a great experience on the roads. Follow our website to know more about the best helmets available on the market.

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