Top 6 Most Suitable Women’s Ski Helmet in 2022

Are you a winter skiing enthusiast? This subject does not discriminate against gender and can be played by anyone, especially women participating in the game more and more. Regardless of your abilities, choosing a ski helmet is unquestionably essential. Below we will provide 6 types of women’s ski helmet suitable for you.

The popular women’s ski helmet nowadays

POC Obex MIPS- $199.95~$299.93

The first women’s ski helmet is POC Obex MIPS. POC is a Swedish-based helmet company that has built a strong reputation for durable and safe helmets, and the Obex is their most comprehensive helmet to date. Using a strong ABS shell, the helmet is light in weight but still highly impact resistant thanks to the hard plastic outer layer. The design is quite luxurious along with many color options to help it stand out in the market. In addition, Obex has adjustable air vents and new MIPS lining. The small downside to this hat is that it looks bulky, so it feels a bit heavier than its 1-pound weight. Moreover, the interior padding is not as luxurious as Smith’s designs.


Smith Holt Helmet- $48~$99

The next women’s ski helmet is Smith Holt Helmet. At around $80, this is a reasonably priced ski helmet that is very popular. Holt was smart to avoid the bulky look of most cheap helmets. The highlight is its adjustment system. You don’t get a knob to adjust the fit, but an elastic band on the back of the helmet stretches to hug your head surprisingly well. Warmth and comfort are also competitive, although the foam is thick and warm, it feels cheaper and the mufflers sound more than we like.

Smith Holt Helmet

Smith Quantum MIPS Helmet- $180~$300

Another women’s ski helmet is Smith Quantum MIPS Helmet. Smith makes helmets for every style of skier, and their Quantum helmets are specifically designed for those ambitious racetracks. This helmet is packed with safety features including The energy-absorbing Aerocore construction used in the Vantage and Upper sections extending to the entire shell, giving you extra protection along the way of the head with an ABS plastic strip and a MIPS liner included in all versions.

Not only that, Quantum is extremely comfortable with just the right amount of padding and an adjustable fit system along with ventilation to keep you comfortable in all weather and temperature conditions. Quantum has a pretty hefty price tag at $300 but it is totally worth its improvements.

Smith Quantum MIPS Helmet

Bern Watts 2.0 MIPS- $144.99

The Bern Watts 2.0 MIPS is also on our list of women’s ski helmet because it’s flat and comfortable. The helmet offers 2-in-1 compatibility: The helmet is certified for use on bicycles, skates and snows, so you can play a variety of sports with it all winter. We often see this helmet all over Seattle, no doubt due to its dual-use aspect.

The helmet’s ABS construction also offers as many air vents as most of the other options on this list, but these airside vents are non-adjustable. It’s a bit difficult to find a pair of goggles that can be pressed under the angled visor of this helmet. Fit glasses like the Smith I/O Mag can work, but if you wear glasses that are too small or too large, it can lead to discomfort. However, if you can find a suitable pair then Bern Watts is a nice and complete choice.

Bern Watts 2.0 MIPS

Pret Cynic X Helmet- $149.99

If your need is for a comfortable lining, an adjustable fit, and protruding from a sea of ​​Smith, Oakley, and Giro lids, the Pret Cynic X is a good choice. Inside is a wool blend lining for extra comfort under $200 and an easy-to-use fit system. The helmet has a fixed system with 12 vents and some vertical opening/closing wings inside that do a pretty good job of regulating the temperature. Cynic’s in-mold construction keeps weight under 1 pound for the medium size. Thanks to strategically placed polycarbonate panels that thicken sections of the shell make the hat even more durable.

Pret Cynic X Helmet

Scott Symbol 2 Plus D Helmet- $173.18

The last women’s ski helmet is Scott Symbol 2 Plus D helmet. The Scott Symbol 2 Plus D is our favorite helmet with impressive safety technology and generous ventilation. Launched a few years ago, this second-generation helmet has all the safety features Scott currently offers. The “D” in the name represents the impact-absorbing foam placed on the front and back of the lid for direct impact protection (known as D30 Technology) and a familiar MIPS liner that protects against direct impact angular effects.

The earpads are uniquely designed to maximize sound transmission, and the dual-tuner venting system is among the most fully featured on the market. In addition, the Scott Symbol 2 Plus D uses safety technology with impact-absorbing materials and a sliding plane lining.

womens ski helmet

Buying guides for Women’s ski helmet


For skiers or snowboarders looking for a first helmet, trying to save some money, or wanting the toughest option for taking on hard bumps, a helmet ABS-style insurance will be appropriate. The Smith Holt, for example, is traditionally made with a hard plastic shell and foam lining glued to the inside.


Ventilation should be a high priority when choosing a ski helmet. Keeping you comfortable and having a well-ventilated head when skiing is important. It’s also not like stuffing your helmet into your helmet because cold air will get in and you’ll be affected. So look at the number of helmet vents. Usually, there is a correlation between the number of vents and the cost of the helmet. Then consider the possibility of adjusting the vent. Many high- and mid-range helmets have adjustable vents that can be opened or closed depending on how much air you want to pass through.


The comfort of the lining is also a factor you should pay attention to. Expensive helmets will have vertical padding inside that balances softness. Cheaper options often have foam that peels off over time, which can be uncomfortable if you wear it all day. In addition to comfort, the lining of a helmet can be an excellent source of insulation.


To keep you safe from the strong impacts of the hills while skiing, all ski helmets must have a snow sports safety certification. Namely, they all have to follow a basic design with a hard shell exterior and a foam interior to absorb some of the impacts. In addition, additional technologies are also being introduced into the market, but none have been as universally adopted as the MIPS liner. MIPS technology is a safety measure to better protect your head.

Other Features

  • Goggle Retainer Clips: Goggle retainer clips are a straightforward yet useful feature. The built-in clip holds the goggles strap in place and helps reduce the risk of losing your ski goggles in unexpected incidents.
  • Audio compatibility: Most helmets are compatible with some type of audio system. That is to say, the helmet will have a built-in speaker to attach to your phone. However, while skiing, you should lower the volume for safety.
  • Action Camera Mounts: Some skiers love a helmet with a built-in camera to capture their fun moments and then share them with friends and family.


To sum up, while some ski helmets are unisex and perfectly suitable for either men or women, there is a wide selection of women’s ski helmet. These models are quite similar to the men’s version, but with different colors for the case and lining, as well as having a better fit. There will often be a change of name, but all technologies are the same as the prices. We’ve introduced 6 women’s ski helmets and a buying guide for you. Hope you quickly find the right hat for you.

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