Which is the best supermoto helmet for you?

Without a Supermoto helmet, more than a quarter of all motorcycle accidents result in severe brain injuries. Supermoto helmets, according to studies, reduce the risk of traumatic brain injury by up to 70% and the risk of mortality in an accident by 40%.

The Supermoto helmet has significantly reduced the severity of many smaller, less serious collisions. Nobody should need to be told that, in most situations, a five-meter slide with a helmet and protective clothes results in no injuries in today’s society.

Investing heavily in the best supermoto helmet is a must. It is a fun game. Choose carefully because your helmet will provide you with safety and protection while riding these challenging trails. According to a scientific study, wearing a well-fitting helmet is recommended for comfort, protection, and security even when simply cruising down the street.

Choosing the proper helmet could take months because there are so many on the market, both online and in stores. These are the top 10 supermoto helmets. To help you choose the best supermoto helmet, we will provide in-depth reviews.

What types of best supermoto helmet are there?

Supermoto helmet with visor

The visor provides superior defense against the wind, small stones and grit, and insects thanks to its ease of folding and tight closure. Driving in the rain is more comfortable because visibility is not as compromised.

The sun visor that is frequently included in the best supermoto helmet is useful because it typically eliminates the need for additional sunglasses. Which best supermoto helmet you prefer ultimately comes down to personal preference.

O’Neal Sierra Comb Adventure- Helmet for a small price

With a price tag of about 140 euros, the O’Neal brand’s Supermoto helmet Sierra Comb Adventure “View at Amazon now”  impresses with a favorable price-performance ratio.

It is extremely durable and has very strong impact absorption properties because of its ABS plastic casing.

Sadly, the low cost has a detrimental impact on the weight. It is among the heaviest in its class at 1.6 kg. Models made of polycarbonate weigh 200–300 grams less.

Due to its side ventilation slots, which help prevent sweating in the ears, the ventilation is quite good.

In this variant, the interior cushioning is also detachable and washable.

The integrated sun visor on the helmet, which has received mixed reviews on Amazon, is challenging to open with gloves on when it is fully closed.

O'Neal Sierra Comb Adventure- best supermoto helmet
O’Neal Sierra Comb Adventure Supermoto Helmet

Key Features:

  • Designed for riding on the street, in the mud, on the trails, and on the off-road
  • Chin strap with double-D safety lock that is padded
  • Built-in face shield
  • Removable/washable comfort lining that channels air and wicks away moisture
  • Safety requirements DOT and ECE 22.05 are met.
  • Helmet shield with height adjustment
  • Vents for the best ventilation
  • ABS is used to make the shell.

Brocken Head VX2- The Ferrari of Supermoto helmets

The Supermoto helmet VX2 from Broken Head impresses with its striking appearance; the two skulls on a matte black background guarantee a lot of admiration on the street.

The inside sun visor is simple to operate, even with gloves on, and provides excellent visibility while shielding you from the sun.

The substantial interior cushioning composed of polyester, according to the manufacturer, ensures a very good fit on a wide range of skull shapes.

The reviews on Amazon “View now at Amazon” appreciate the helmet’s superior padding as well as the fact that it does not press against the ears.

Because the visor is removable and easily transforms into a full-face helmet, the Vx2 is the perfect choice for the best supermoto helmet. Additionally, the helmet has Pinlock, allowing you to retrofit a Pinlock disc if required.

The inside liner of most helmets is detachable and washable. The forehead and chin of the helmet each have enough ventilation openings to provide excellent ventilation.

The helmet, of course, complies with the current ECE 2205 standard and may thus be used when driving.

Brocken Head VX2 Supermoto Helmet
Brocken Head VX2 Supermoto Helmet

Features of technique and comfort:

  • The clear visor that won’t scratch with the E-mark.
  • A cool head is ensured with chin and forehead vents that are adjustable.
  • Quick and simple visor replacement.
  • Constant ventilation and locking using the Sure-Lock Schiled System (SLS) (on the race track)
  • UV-protective matte varnish of the highest caliber
  • An outer shell made of polycarbonate
  • For comfortable wearing, the interior is soft and breathable.
  • Breathing deflectors to reduce the likelihood of visor fogging up quickly.
  • Ratchet with quick release for simple, quick opening and closing.
  • Rear 4-way ventilation captures used air to prevent foot suffocation.
  • The inner lining is removable and washable to maintain the freshness of your helmet.
  • Chin strap padding enables comfortable wearing.

Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet-$279.95

Scorpion has created a new market by fusing the best off-road and touring helmets. The Swiss Army Knife of helmets is the Scorpion EXO-AT950 ” View on Revzilla”. The wide eye port and off-road peak allow you to wear goggles while tearing up the ground while deflecting roosts and shielding you from the sun.

Your eyes stay clear and prepared for whatever comes next thanks to the Speedview drop-down internal sun visor and Everclear anti-fog face shield. For a more aerodynamic profile on the highway, the peak visor may simply be removed. The cheek pads and KwikWick II lining are pleasant and suitable with eyeglasses.

Scorpion EXO-AT950 Supernoto Helmet-best supermoto helmet
Scorpion EXO-AT950 Supermoto Helmet


    • With dual-density E
    • he top vents while warm air is expelled through the exhaust vents.
    • LG Polycarbonate shell that is strong but lightweight and optimized for impact displacement


      • Metal visor clip that folds
      • Phone pockets with speakers
      • Most glasses are simple to put on and take off thanks to Kwikfit cheek pads.
      • Block-off plates that can be removed for use without a visor
      • Either hand can be used to raise or lower the flip-up chin bar.


      • The helmet makes a lot of noise.
      • A pin lock mechanism might work best.

LS2 Blaze Supermoto Helmet

With the LS2 Blaze” Buy on Amazon“, you may forge your own path. This dual-sport helmet combines features of an ADV or UTV helmet with the capabilities of a modern MX helmet. The Blaze shell is available in three sizes and is built of LS2’s Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA), a strong, lightweight composite material. The helmet also includes an integrated sun visor and a Class A face shield with flawless optics.

  • PS, more energy may be displaced.
  • A two-way vent Defrosting is the first setting. Defrosting and ventilation come in second.
  • Face shield with no fog, EverClear optical clarity, a hardened anti-scratch coating, and complete UV-A and UV-B protection
  • The Ellip-Tec Ratchet System uses an elliptical motion to produce 7.6mm of movement that presses the shield firmly against the eye-port in order to create a tight seal.
  • Cool air is drawn into t
LS2 Blaze Supermoto Helmet-best supermoto helmet
LS2 Blaze Supermoto Helmet


  • This best supermoto helmet has an energy-absorbing multi-density EPS lining. Additionally, it offers protection from collisions, safety, and help. The padding is quite plush.
  • The shell of the helmet is built of the kinetic polymer alloy from LS2. The helmet is made of very cutting-edge material.
  • Fabric that is hypoallergenic: The cushioning is covered in a soft, technological fabric that is hypoallergenic and offers cleanliness, comfort, and support.


  • Ratchet strap closure with DOT approval
  • Integrated sunshade with a lowering mechanism
  • Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) shells in three sizes
  • ventilation that flows through multiple ports
  • A multi-density EPS liner


  • At high speeds, the helmet could become noisy.

Supermoto helmet without visor

Compared to helmets with visors, these are a little lighter and less expensive. The majority of cross riders use them. The improved side vision, which allows one to experience the ride “purely,” is what stands out. A drawback is a requirement for glasses.

1. O’Neal series8 Supermoto helmet-$180.23

Due to its lightweight fiberglass shell, the Supermoto helmet series 8 from the O’Neal brand “View on Amazon” is designed for lengthy excursions.

Reviews on Amazon frequently highlight how well-ventilated the back of the head is. Through the top, air that enters at the chin can exit again. The helmet also provides a lot of room in front of the chin, which facilitates breathing.

One distinctive selling point of the O’Neal helmet is that it is the only one to include a mount for GoPros.

The visor cut out of the 8 series has also been increased so those thick spectacles can be used.

The previous model’s glasses should no longer slide off due to an elevation on the back of the helmet.

O'Neal series8 Supermoto helmet
O’Neal series8 Supermoto helmet


  • This helmet includes additional plush, pillow-like padding inside that is soft and comfortable. On the supermoto trails, it gives you assistance and comfort. The thick padding keeps the neck from being tired or stressed during long rides.
  • Visor with height adjustment: It has a visor with height adjustment. You can easily adjust the visor to fit your eyesight. You can change it to suit your preferences if you want a better viewpoint.
  • ABS-based construction results in a strong, lightweight, and durable helmet. Lightening your load keeps you comfortable on difficult and dangerous terrain. You won’t experience fatigue while riding your bike.


  • The Oneal 8 Series Helmet is 1050g (less than 50g) in weight.
  • Multiple air intakes enable cooling and ventilation.
  • The visor on the 8 Series is height-adjustable.
  • Long-lasting, multicolored graphics with a transparent coating
  • On-chin double-D release strap
  • DOT and ECE 22 safety requirements are met.
  • Rubber nose shield
  • Padded Coolmax® lining that is removable and washable
  • Fiberglass framework that is lightweight


  • You must adhere to the exact size because the helmets’ sizes may be smaller than mentioned.

2. Arai VX Pro 4 Supermoto Helmet-$639-45

The storied Arai VX Pro-3 helmet has been replaced with the Arai VX Pro 4″ On Amazon”. For the hardcore off-road enthusiast who requires the highest level of comfort and protection, there is the Arai VX Pro4 dirt helmet. The round shell form based on Arai’s R75 Shape Concept has less surface mass to grasp or bind.

Arai’s signature triple-density foam structure is used in the new internal Dry-Cool liner and cheek pads for comfort and ease of use. Because the eyeport is so wide, even the largest goggles may provide a panoramic view. All of the VX Pro vents have been altered, including the chin vent, which has been moved to the outside of the helmet to increase room under the chin. To enhance airflow, the other vents have also been altered.

Arai VX Pro 4 Supermoto Helmet
Arai VX Pro 4 Supermoto Helmet


  • Rear venturi vacuum produced by simple-to-clean diffusers. airflow from the upper vent was more vigorous. From behind the peak, cooling air is sucked into the helmet. The inner chin vent shutter, along with the side vents, keeps dust out when riding in dusty conditions.
  • The shell of the helmet: In CLC, a specially created composite fiber is sandwiched between two layers of Super Fiber Laminate. We employed composite fiber to stiffen the helmet without significantly increasing weight.


  • The composite fiber significantly adds to the weight of the helmet while acting as a layer of reinforcement.
  • The Department of Transportation and Snell 2020 has approved the Arai VX Pro 4 helmet.
  • Diffusers that are straightforward to clean
  • The machine is washable and is an entirely detachable Dry-Cool inner liner.


  • No disadvantages have yet been identified.

3. HJC CS-MX 2 Illusion Supermoto Helmet-$99.99-$102.99

The HJC CS-MX 2 Helmet offers a very broad field of view in addition to ventilation channels that are strategically placed to push cool air in and hot air out. Buy on Revzilla

HJC CS-MX 2 Illusion Supermoto Helmet-best supermoto helmet
HJC CS-MX 2 Illusion Supermoto Helmet


  • A ground-breaking style with a unique visor
  • Heat and humidity are efficiently drained up and out because the ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System offers complete front-to-back circulation.
  • Large eye port for maximum visibility and superior fit over competing goggles.
  • Advanced polycarbonate composite material is used to make the shell.
  • Modern computer-aided design (CAD) technology offers lightweight, better fit, and more comfortable products.
  • The interior of the bag contains a soft, washable Nylex lining that can be removed.


  • The helmet weighs little.
  • It’s a comfortable helmet.
  • DOT has authorized it.
  • The helmet’s interior is simple to clean.


  • The headgear makes noise.

4. Shoei VFX-EVO Supermoto Helmet-$569.99

The MEDS (Motion Energy Distribution System), an EPS module intended to soften sharp impacts by reducing rotational acceleration to the head, is a feature of the VFX-liner EVO” Buy on Amazon now”. According to Shoei’s own research, the rotational energy was reduced by 15% when compared to the VFX-W off-road helmet. AIM+, a high-performance composite of fiberglass and organic fibers, is used to create the shell. The result is a rigid yet adaptable framework.

The form of the dirt barrier is designed to avoid obstructing eyewear. When riding off-road, specialized plastic tabs hold the mudguard in place. The bracing nose cover has aluminum mesh to keep roosts out of the mouth and mesh to filter dirt and dust. It is also simple to clean and maintain.

Shoei VFX-EVO Supermoto Helmet
Shoei VFX-EVO Supermoto Helmet


  • The entire length of the goggle port is a brow vent. A few crown vents directly above it draw air from the peak and direct it into the helmet.
  • Just two things to say about the goggles. The large eyeport up front is for large goggles, first. Second, the goggles groove on the helmet prevents the strap from slipping.
  • The Shoei X-Fourteen, their top-tier track helmet, and the RF-1200, their great sport bike helmet, are both made of the same multi-layered composite material.


  • In-depth wind tunnel testing and rider testing are utilized to improve aerodynamic properties.
  • Mudguard with a form that is ergonomic
  • Four shell sizes offer greater fit options, making it possible to comfortably fit the majority of head sizes.
  • More air intake thanks to a bigger mouthpiece


  • There are currently no known downsides.

5. Alpinestars Supertech M10 Carbon Helmet-$619.95

The Alpinestars Supertech S-M10 Carbon helmet is made of a lightweight carbon fiber shell that is available in 4 sizes. When impacted, its visor release mechanism releases the visor/peak after securing it. The biker can choose between two peaks at Alpinestars, each with a different viewpoint. With several entry and exit points connected by airways that wind all around, the ventilation is superb. The textiles used for the inner lining combine comfort and protection.

MIPS-E2 liners protect against rotational energy in addition to absorbing impact energy. The A-Head system from Alpinestars has an adjustable head frame that lets you change the fit. EPP foam is used as padding on the helmet’s bottom lip to protect the collarbone. Featuring an abundance of safety features, the Alpinestars Supertech S-M10 Carbon Helmet “Buy on Amazon” is a protective motocross helmet.

Alpinestars Supertech M10 Carbon Helmet
Alpinestars Supertech M10 Carbon Helmet


  • Comfort: Alpinestars has developed four different shell sizes to accommodate the S-M10.
  • Carbon fiber is used in the Supertech M10’s shell construction. The helmet’s unidirectional carbon composite and molding technique, according to Alpinestars, decrease compression while permitting significant deflection.


  • Emergency release cheek cushions are made of detachable 3D-molded foam.
  • There are four distinct sizes of shells.
  • The external shell, which is light, is made of carbon fiber.
  • It’s easy to unleash a peak.
  • E-2 MIPS inner liners in a range of densities have been placed.


  • The helmet seems to want to lean forward while you’re riding.
  • There may have been improved airflow, according to several users.

6. Bell MX-9 MIPS Supermoto Helmet-$144.68-$323.93

Bell’s Velocity-Flow ventilation system forces a ton of warm air out and a ton of cold air in when the going gets difficult to keep you feeling cool and comfortable. A moisture-wicking liner of the Bell MX 9 helmet ” View now at Amazon” is designed to direct airflow where it is most needed. The liner is fully removable and washable in a machine.

Bell MX-9 MIPS Supermoto Helmet-best supermoto helmet
Bell MX-9 MIPS Supermoto Helmet


  • Regarding ventilation, the Bell MX-9 seems to have a strong point. It has a ton of vents, from four exhaust vents to three chin vents (only the center one is closeable) and two forehead vents (all of which are always open).
  • Visor: The MX-9 Adventure has a removable, transparent visor that is fully functional. It has a ridge at the bottom that makes opening it simple and aids in forming a tight seal with the visor gasket. It has a ridge at the bottom that makes it easier to open and aids in creating a tight seal against the visor gasket. It is operated by a four-position ratchet.
  • Safety: The Bell MX-9 should offer an acceptable level of protection because it is DOT and ECE approved.


  • The five-year warranty is still in effect.
  • roost guard integrated with ventilation
  • Moisture-wicking, air-channeled, and removable/washable comfort liner.
  • There are DOT and ECE certificates accessible.
  • D-ring-closure ankle braces with strap keepers. chin strap with padding.
  • The helmet has an EPS-padded chin bar.
  • A ventilation system that utilizes velocity-flow offers both cooling and comfort.


  • The plastic knobs that hold the visor in place frequently come loose when it is in place.
  • The helmet makes too much noise.

7. Fox Racing V2 Matte Supermoto Helmet-$214.84

The Fox Racing V2 Helmet offers exceptional protection, performance, and style without the astronomical price tag associated with competing helmets. For a perfect fit, this model has a fiberglass shell structure, three shell sizes, and four EPS sizes.

Fox Racing V2 Matte Supermoto Helmet
Fox Racing V2 Matte Supermoto Helmet


  • Lightweight mold technology is used to create the helmet’s shell. It offers a thin helmet that safeguards and keeps the rider secure. Direct injection of EPS into the helmet shell is accomplished using in-mold injection technology.
  • The helmet’s EPS liner distributes impact forces evenly throughout the helmet and resists both low- and high-impact forces, resulting in greater protection. Their riders benefit from greater protection as a result.
  • It is designed to absorb rotational and linear energy that is transmitted to the rider’s brain in cases like collisions and mishaps.


  • The Department of Transportation has approved it.
  • The visor release mechanism on the helmet is magnetic.
  • The injection molding is included with the helmet.


  • It is a bit heavy, according to certain clients.

8. Bell Moto-3 Supermoto Helmet-$239-95

With a contemporary fiberglass composite frame that maximizes safety without sacrificing the vintage aesthetic, Bell has revived the Moto-3 design. Riders of all stripes have used the original Bell Moto Stars and later Moto series helmets to give almost any two-wheeled motorcycle a rugged moto appearance. An exact replica of the original with a few great safety enhancements to meet DOT specifications. Buy it now

Bell Moto-3 Supermoto Helmet
Bell Moto-3 Supermoto Helmet


  • Five-snap visor with removable, machine-washable anti-microbial terry fabric interior (visor included in the box)
  • Certification from the European Commission and the Department of Transportation.
  • EPS-lined chin bar in a fiberglass composite shell.


  • Fiberglass composite material, which is lightweight, is used to create the shell.
  • Padded chin bar with EPS
  • There are DOT and ECE certificates accessible.
  • Bell Moto-3 from the beginning of the design
  • To offer a bespoke fit, three shell sizes and four EPS sizes are available.
  • includes a visor with a snug fit and five snaps.


  • The helmet is really noisy.

Considerations Before Purchasing The Best Supermoto Helmets

It can be challenging to select the best supermoto helmet because there are so many options on the market. When buying a helmet, look for the issues that need to be resolved.


Most people opt for lightweight helmets. The helmet is between 1400g and 1800g in weight.

Because the weight of a properly fitted helmet is evenly distributed across the head and shoulders, it is also regarded as lightweight. Your neck and/or head won’t be stressed or under pressure. Since they contain a mechanism to raise the visor, modular or dual helmets are heavier.

Extra Safety Measures

Helmets are getting better because of modern advances and technology. Emergency cheek pad releases during crashes are a feature of some helmets. This will make it possible to safely remove the injured rider’s head.


Find the safety standard for a helmet first. Three distinct safety requirements must be fulfilled by a motorcycle helmet. Make sure the helmet meets the requirements before purchasing it. The most trusted and secure brand is Snell.

A helmet must adhere to extremely severe safety standards set forth by DOT and ECE.


The helmet’s outer shell is made of a variety of materials. The weight, comfort, protection, and safety rating of the helmet can all be influenced by the material chosen to make it.

The helmet is comprised of expanded polystyrene foam, carbon fiber, fiberglass composite, and polycarbonate. Carbon fiber is the lightest and most expensive, and fiberglass is next.

How do I find my correct helmet size?

A Supermoto helmet must fit properly, however you can quickly establish the head size with a measuring tape:

Holding the area with your thumb and fingers, just pull the measuring tape horizontally along the head above the ears and bring it together approximately a thumb’s breadth above the bridge of the nose.

Now it’s simple to read the head size.

In conclusion, a dangerous sport is a supermoto. Ensure your safety before participation. You must obtain the ideal helmet for this that offers the highest level of comfort and safety.

The best supermoto helmet has been reviewed and ranked by our team. Any of those that meet your needs may be chosen. You will feel comfortable and safe wearing these helmets.

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