Review Top 5 Most Iconic Caberg Helmet

Caberg was the first Italian company to introduce a flip-flop helmet (systemic helmet) on the market and the second worldwide. Founded in Bergamo, Northern Italy in the 70s, they have become synonymous with relatively cheap but good-quality helmets. Over the years, Caberg’s strong point has been its focus on smart helmets by combining appearance with function. Caberg helmet is proud to announce that six of its top models have been awarded excellent scores by the UK’s SHARP safety test. In this article, let’s evaluate some typical Caberg helmet lines.

General information about the Caberg helmet

Caberg prides itself on producing smart helmets that combine appearance with function, and its wide range of helmets truly has something for everyone. Caberg caters to every style of rider, from racing enthusiasts to scooter riders. Caberg is best known for its affordable modular helmet line- being the second helmet manufacturer worldwide to offer a front flip helmet in the first place. Caberg’s growth and extensive knowledge have resulted in a wide range of quality services and many satisfied customers. In addition, the Caberg product line is comprehensive, boasting a wide range of full face, open face, front flip, and children’s helmets. Take a look at the 5 most iconic Caberg helmet right below.

Review 5 Most famous Caberg helmet

Caberg Drift helmet- $336.60-$387.89

This is a high-tech travel hat that comes with advanced features at a very reasonable price for solid colors. The hat is made of hard, light, and high-quality Carbon material. Drift has all the stuff you’ll appreciate on a long ride. Pinlock-ready, scratch-resistant visor keeps your view clear, with a drop-in sun visor for good measure. Plus, the hood has good ventilation, the interior features Removable for easy cleaning, and a fairly light weight of only 1250g, all combined to make a great travel helmet. Caberg Drift also has some eye-catching graphics. Brand new for the 2018 Caberg collection is the Drift Evo graphic.

Caberg Drift helmet

Caberg Freeride helmet- $216.70

Next is a helmet for lovers of open-faced helmets combined with a classic, the Caberg Freeride. This is a beautiful helmet with a matte black finish and some other distinctive graphics. It can be worn with or without the provided clear visor or in combination with goggles. Freeride also features a sanitized ‘Coolmax’ lining to keep your cheeks looking fresh. Classic styling combined with modern functionality equates to a great open-face helmet. The Freeride has everything you need on the open road and is a great value cap. This is definitely the Caberg helmet that you should not miss.

Caberg Freeride helmet

Caberg X-Trade helmet- $211

The Caberg helmet also updated a contemporary classic, the Caberg X-Trace, with new graphics. The Caberg X-Trace line provides a reasonably priced ADV alternative with a removable top, drop-down sunshade, and transparent visor that is Pinlock-ready. Again, the ventilation is excellent for keeping your head cool, and the lining is detachable and washable for many seasons of dirt. Black matte Spark graphics are cheerful and entertaining. Both are currently available for purchase, so if ADV is your thing, order quickly to prevent disappointment.

Caberg X-Trade helmet

Caberg Horus helmet- $212

Next is a thermoplastic modular helmet. It includes a large visor for good visibility on all roads. Combine that with the Pinlock Max Vision anti-fog and the visor system on the Horus ticks all the necessary boxes. It uses a micrometric lanyard that is nice and secure if used correctly and is extremely simple to use. In the Horus, there is a vent in the chin bar and a large upward slider that takes air into the helmet and out from a pair of rear vents. With helmets with built-in drop-down visors, the top vent must be positioned further to the back of the helmet so that the visor does not restrict airflow as it lifts.

Besides, the chin bar on the Horus is operated by a single central button, press it to open the chin bar latch and raise it. Inside the Horus, there is a removable and washable liner with glass grooves to accommodate the glass bodies and prevent them from hitting your head while riding. It’s also designed with space for speakers and microphones – specifically to integrate with the Caberg Just Speak Evo Bluetooth headset, but that means it will also fit most 3rd party kits. The Horus helmet is available in several colors such as matte black, matte blue, and glossy white.

Caberg Horus helmet

Caberg Ghost helmet- $272

The last Caberg helmet we would like to recommend on this list is the Caberg Ghost. Overall, this helmet is really cool. The first thing to say is that Ghost has been tested by ECE for use/sale in Europe. That means it should provide a good level of protection. Ghost is quite unusual as an open-face helmet with a visor. But it’s not the only one. It’s very rare that it comes Pinlock-ready and comes with Pinlock in the box, meaning your visor won’t fog up. This is quite a rare feature for a helmet with an open face.

The Caberg Ghost features a removable and washable lining that is both breathable and anti-bacterial. It is manufactured in two helmet shell sizes, which will result in a helmet that is not too thick or too padded at the extreme ends of the size range. Smaller cases are used for sizes XS-L and larger for XL and XXL. Overall, this is a pretty comfortable helmet. The lining is of good quality that comes in a fairly lightweight. The pity is that there is no ventilation in the helmet shell so you can see the head get a little hot while the face stays cool.

caberg helmet


We have rated 5 of the most iconic Caberg helmets for you to choose from. With so many choices in styles, colors, and prices, Caberg Helmets truly has a helmet for riders from all walks of life. Guarantee that you will not be disappointed when you decide to buy them. Was the helmet most helpful to you today? If so, please leave a comment below to let us know. We’ll be back for more helmet reviews.

Video: Source from Caberg Helmets (Youtube)

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