8 Types Of German WW2 Style Motorcycle Helmet

German motorcycle helmets are one of the most popular German-made products in the world today. The demand for German motorcycle helmets is huge as they have a unique design reminiscent of the iconic image of World War II motorcyclists. German helmets are different from other helmets and not everyone likes these helmets. They don’t top our list for all-around protection, but given their popularity, we‘ve decided to rate the WW2 Style Motorcycle Helmet to help you make a smart buying decision. Read this article right now!

Things about German WW2 Style Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycles are a common hobby for most males. The first motorcycles appeared because soldiers required a quick and lightweight way to move from one location to another during World War II. The fact that troops always wear helmets and other protective gear when riding motorcycles is significant to note since it shows that they understand the value of their lives.

German motorcycle helmets are made to imitate helmets from previous wars. Over the years, a variety of possibilities for this arrangement have become a reality, all designed to provide the same appearance and feel as the German helmet, but no two designs are exactly the same conventional style. Like most helmets, German motorcycle helmets are often constructed of a polycarbonate material that is extremely robust and long-lasting. They can also be fashioned of carbon fiber, which is far more sturdy and has a completely different appearance from traditional materials.

Buying guide for German WW2 Style Motorcycle Helmet

The key thing when buying a WW2 German style motorcycle helmet is size. To get accurate measurements, you need to use a ruler. You need to measure around your head by placing the ruler just an inch away from your eyebrows. Once you’ve taken your head measurement, check the measurement chart to determine the size that fits you best.

Next, consider buying some motorcycle sunglasses to protect your eyes from physical agents. There are many mainstream glasses that come with different color options. The design by which German motorcycle helmets are made is one of the oldest as well as the most recognized today. Regardless of which one you choose, take the opportunity to explore it thoroughly to find out which one best suits your needs.

8 Best German WW2 Style Motorcycle Helmet

Highway 21 9mm German Beanie- $69.95


  • Strong ABS case
  • DOT-approved luxury design
  • Features an EPS liner that minimizes impact as well as resists moisture, and is removable for washing.
  • Adjustable chin strap.

This is the first WW2 Style Motorcycle Helmet on the list. With the German Beanie 9mm motorcycle helmet, ride in elegance. Despite being lightweight and fashionable, this helmet is incredibly strong. In comparison to a full-face helmet, it offers superior air circulation, keeping your head cool and fresh while yet offering the necessary protection. This fashionable helmet has a rounded skull and a flared brim. It is made of a durable ABS shell with an EPS inner to absorb impact in the event of an accident.

The interior of the Highway 21 9mm helmet is cozy and offers adequate head padding and protection from knocks and bumps. A soft, lightweight, washable material that wicks away moisture makes up the interior cushioning to help riders stay dry, especially on lengthy rides. This half helmet is made with a padded double D-shaped chin strap that is adjustable, making it simple to clasp and take off while still being stable enough to stay on your head.

Highway 21 9mm German Beanie
Highway 21 9mm German Beanie

Daytona German style Half Helmet- $80.96~$89.95


  • The shell is durable and quite light
  • Has a quick-release lock
  • There are two color options
  • The padded inner lining made of cotton has good moisture absorption capacity.
  • Nylon Y-strap

The German-style half helmet is a strong example of a helmet that offers protection without sacrificing comfort. This is a DOT-approved helmet line and comes in 5 different size options for all users. The Second World War-era helmets served as an inspiration for the traditional Daytona helmet. To keep your head cool and dry while providing the best comfort and protection, it has a hard outer shell that is durable and an inside shell that is padded and moisture-wicking. You can change the fit of half-helmet with the premium Y-nylon strap that it comes with. Additionally, it incorporates a rapid-release buckle that enables one-finger tightening and removal of the strap. It has 2 color options: matte black, and matte black.

Daytona German style Half Helmet
Daytona German style Half Helmet

Twister 360 Beanie- $149.99


  • The fiberglass shell is quite durable
  • Has a thick EPS foam backing
  • High-quality strap
  • There is a matte black color

A unique WW2 style motorcycle helmet that you probably never thought of. It is unique in that it is reversible to the team. You still don’t understand why? That is, you can either front to back or back to front without violating traffic laws. It’s actually made to be worn backward, like a baseball cap, but can be easily swiveled around with a visor in the front to shield your eyes from the sun.

All helmets in the Twister product line come in 7 sizes from 2X-Small to 2X-Large. The Twister 360’s fiberglass shell is covered with high-impact plastic for maximum protection for your head. To achieve the perfect fit, it is recommended that you measure your head circumference before ordering. The seller will reconfirm your head size and shape to make the necessary customizations to fit your head shape.

Twister 360 Beanie
Twister 360 Beanie

Micro Mayhem German Style- $109.99


  • Durable ABS shell
  • Smooth high quality strap
  • Matte or glossy black

The Micro Mayhem German Style is a traditional motorcycle helmet in the German style that we would like to suggest here. Small to 2X-Large are the sizes available for Mayhem helmets. You won’t even realize you’re wearing a helmet because it fits tightly and is as light as a feather. It is made of a sturdy ABS shell with an EPS foam lining and a comfortable chin strap. Because the Micro DOT sizing method is not uniform, make sure to measure your head size before placing an order. After receiving your order, the salesperson will get in touch with you to confirm your head size and form so they can make sure to fit the helmet to your head shape.

Micro Mayhem German Style
Micro Mayhem German Style

Biker Chrome Chopper helmet-$104


  • Best quality materials
  • The inner lining is quite comfortable
  • Comes with a fastened chin strap.

This is a premium motorcycle helmet that is made up of a lightweight fiberglass shell that is good enough to protect the rider’s head when they ride a motorcycle on busy roads. This helmet is not DOT certified, but it has all the features a certified helmet has. Riders will have no problem wearing this helmet as its size fits most head types. The inside of the hat also has a layer of padding and the hat is very light in weight, and very suitable for long distances.

Biker Chrome Chopper
Biker Chrome Chopper

Matt Black By X4 helmet- $44.92


  • Very light and comfortable
  • Affordable price
  • Can move head and neck freely
  • Good visibility

It only weighs 28 ounces, making it a relatively lightweight motorcycle helmet. Customers can purchase sizes ranging from extra-small to double-large, but the helmet’s maximum weight is only 28 ounces. The helmet is quite comfy because of how light it is. The name “Low Profile” refers to how low this helmet rests on the head. This helmet is a favorite among bikers since it doesn’t feel bulky on the head. The material used in the helmet is fairly durable and completely protects the head in the event of an accident, so there is no compromise on the quality portion.

Matt Black By X4
Matt Black By X4

HTTMT German Black Leather- $41.49


  • Lightweight with effective UV protection
  • Made of sturdy composite housing
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Protective scriptures for adults
  • The interior is comfortable and soft
  • Adjustable chin strap

The next WW2 style motorcycle helmet is HTTMT German Black Leather. This black leather-covered helmet features a half-shell design and comes with a sleek pair of glasses to shield your eyes from damaging physical agents. Wherever you go, the German style motorcycle helmet will keep your head optimally protected and comfortable. This HTTMT DOT half helmet has an incredibly robust composite shell. The interior is soft and padded, while the leather outside is UV-protected. You can adjust and secure the fit of the helmet around your head using the double D-rings made of stainless steel and the adjustable chin strap. Additionally, split-design goggles with scratch-resistant lenses are included with this leather helmet in the German style.

ww2 style motorcycle helmet
ww2 style motorcycle helmet

DOT 115 By HCI- $37.50


  • Open-face helmet with great visibility
  • Very lightweight

The last WW2 style motorcycle helmet is DOT 115 By HCI. Since World War II, German DOT motorcycle helmets have been in use. German soldiers wore them back then as they fought the Allies, but nowadays, people from all around the world wear them. Wearing these helmets still serves the same objective of protecting the head in the event of an accident. These are open-face helmets, which are frequently worn by soldiers. The Novelty German Motorcycle Helmet and the DOT versions of this helmet are both readily accessible on the market. German DOT helmets are approved and produced in accordance with national safety regulations. New helmets might not adhere to all safety regulations.

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To sum up, German helmets during World War 2 were called Stahlhelm, which simply means ‘steel helmet’ in German. One of the most popular helmet designs worldwide is this one. We completely understand why given its low weight, excellent visibility, and fashionable appearance. Particularly when compared to other open-face helmets, they have improved significantly in recent years and can now compete with other helmets in terms of safety. We have introduced 8 types of German WW2 style motorcycle helmet in this article. Hope they are informative and help you to make a better choice in purchasing a German-style helmet.

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