6 Best Helmets For Surfing You Should Know

Wearing a surf helmet appears silly to the vast majority of surfers throughout the world. What most surfers don’t realize is that with the proper surf helmets, many catastrophic or even fatal surfing incidents can be averted. Surf helmets have been around for quite some time. Professional surfers have utilized it in competitions, particularly under harsh conditions. So today’s article will introduce the 6 best helmets for surfing and some notes to know when buying a helmet.

Why do you need Helmets for surfing?

If you’re a surfer, think about getting hit in the head by a surfboard or accidentally hitting your head on a shallow reef. These are quite dangerous situations but also very easy to happen when surfing, causing participants to be seriously injured or even drown. Head trauma is the worst type of injury and this is especially true at sea, where unconsciousness can easily lead to drowning even without the added obstacle of big waves. What’s more, a surfer’s head is a high-exposure area: The latest research carried out in southwestern France found that around 51% of surfing injuries affect the head – including fractures. nose bones, facial lacerations, etc.

A serious head injury can leave you with irreversible damage, and may never return to participate in the sport again. Some typical examples of accidents that have happened are: Owen Wright, former world No. 3, suffered a brain bleed after hitting his head on a coral reef in Pipeline in December 2015. After the incident, he had trouble learning how to surf again from scratch. In addition, ten years ago at the same location, Malik Joyeux, a great Tahitian surfer, was knocked over (probably by his surfboard) and drowned.

Currently, the number of surfers wearing helmets is very small and there doesn’t seem to be a specific rule that helmets are part of standard surfing attire. But perhaps in the near future, wearing a helmet while surfing will be mandatory for those who want to participate. Some surfers (mostly professionals) choose to wear specially designed surf helmets when surfing off reefs or outcrops.

6 Best Helmets For Surfing

Vihir helmet- $35.99

The Vihir Adult Water Sports Helmet is the ideal helmet to keep you comfortable and safe while surfing. What sets this helmet apart from the rest is its thick Neoprene headband that adapts to the shape of your head for comfort and protects you from getting water in your eyes. This helmet has quite a few colors for you to choose from including black, blue, white, gray, and red. Hats are also available in various sizes. The hat’s exterior shell is composed of hardened ABS, and its stainless steel studs have been tested to show that they won’t corrode or come off when in contact with water.

On the inside of the hat is a snug-fit one-piece waterproof EVA liner that comes with 11 giant ventilation holes so fresh air is drawn in at the front, while sweat is vented out the back. The helmet also comes with ear protectors that can be easily removed if you don’t want to wear them. Additionally, the Neoprene straps and foam lining make for a very soft and comfortable helmet that keeps you steady during play without obstructing your peripheral vision. The helmet also has a quick-release buckle so you can take off your helmet quickly when you go ashore.


  • Practical and ergonomic design
  • Unique style with a variety of color options
  • Extremely durable
  • Good price


  • Difficult to choose the correct size

Vihir Adult Water Sports Helmet

Tontron helmet- $39

This is another great surfing helmet that has the most stylish look with a variety of prints and eye-catching colors and it is also a best seller with top online retailers in the hat category. Waterproof insurance. It has a highly impact-resistant ABS outer shell to prevent any damage from hitting the water even at high speeds, meeting CE EN 1385 water sports safety standards. Like the Vihir helmet which we just featured above, the Tontron water sports helmets also feature stainless steel studs that have been tested to prove they won’t start to rust or fall off when exposed to water.

The hat also has a soft EVA lining that is well absorbent, which not only helps prevent water intrusion but also dries quickly, providing a comfortable experience when surfing. There is also a knob on the back of the helmet that you can adjust for a snug fit. There are ear pads to protect your ears from being scratched, you can choose to use them or not because it is removable. Hats are available in 16 different color and style options as well as sizes for you to choose from.


  • Protect your ears with removable earpads
  • Affordable price
  • EVA waterproof lining is quite soft
  • There are 11 ventilation holes
  • Sturdy material


  • The hard plastic strap can be uncomfortable

Tontron helmet

Pro-tec Ace helmet- $59.99

This next helmet is one of the best on the market for anyone looking for a simple yet sturdy surfing helmet. This helmet will truly fit all of your requirements; it is not only lightweight and durable, but it is also quite stylish and will complement the style of most surfboards – yes, we are talking about the Helmet Pro-Tec Ace waterproof case.

It has a highly impact-resistant ABS outer shell for protection against hard or sudden falls, and it fulfills and exceeds independent safety criteria for wet helmets. The inside is lined with a waterproof dual-density EVA. There’s also a full ambient interior fit system for extra support at the back of your head for maximum comfort and safety.

The capacity to breathe, however, is what sets this helmet apart. There are up to 16 open-air vents for great ventilation and drainage, which is much more than the majority of the company’s other waterproof helmets. The helmet also has a high-density injection molded shell, an internal fitting mechanism that can accommodate varied head sizes and shapes, and a variety of color options.


  • Attractive designs
  • There are 16 vents for ventilation and drainage
  • Very durable
  • Built-in amazing shock absorption technology


  • Does not come with ear protectors

Pro-tec Ace helmet

Simba Sentinel helmet- $199

Despite the fact that it will not be available until the end of 2021, the Helmet for surfing Simba Sentinel is currently a best seller with leading online merchants in the waterproof helmet category and is expressly developed for use by surfers. The Sentinel provides the most comprehensive head protection of any helmet in this price range, including coverage for the lower forehead, jawline, and temples. Simba calls their Sentinel technology “Aquadynamic,” which means it’s designed to reduce drag while diving as well as the impact on your head if you fall into the water. The hat weighs only 430g and contains air holes for breathing and drainage. There are also a variety of color and size possibilities.


  • Excellent anti-collision
  • Covers both forehead and ears
  • Ventilation holes for breathing and drainage


  • There are not many customer reviews on Amazon’s e-commerce site yet.

Simba Sentinel helmet-

Gath Gedi helmet- $189

This is a low-profile, high-performance water sports helmet designed for medium to high-impact activities. It is intended for users both on and off the water, and it has a low-profile spherical shape to reduce drag when impacting water at high speeds. Furthermore, the Gath Gedi has a thicker cushioning layer to absorb heavier blows.

This is a water sports helmet as opposed to a waterproof helmet like the Pro surf helmet. The Gath Gedi Helmet, on the other hand, has full head coverage, different visors, retractable ear protection, and impact-resistant lining. These qualities help to distinguish this hat from others in its class. This helmet is lightweight and very easy to carry, and the tough outer shell will be able to withstand even the strongest impacts.


  • Long vision no blind spots
  • Detachable ear protectors


  • Visors are not intended for high speeds.

Gath Gedi helmet

Gath Neo helmet- $169

These are the last helmets for surfing on the list we want to recommend in this article. Gath Neo holds a commanding position in the surf helmet market. It was one of the first and continues to lead the category for good reason: Gath has refined its designs over time. Gath’s original windsurfing helmet, which debuted in 1989, is the Gath Neo. It has been utilized by today’s professional surfers at various times around the world over time. The sleek design is built for surfing, so it can cover the water and allow you to maneuver through the water like a sea ninja while still wearing it on your head.

The lining of this surf helmet is stable, non-absorbent, high impact, and UV resistant. It also has a thick Neoprene headband that conforms to the head and prevents water from streaming into the eyes while surfing. Moreover, you can also remove the ear protectors easily, which is really useful in summer. Therefore, Gath Neo deserves to be one of the best helmets for surfing that provide protection and comfort to the wearer.


  • Beautiful design
  • Waterproof and UV resistant lining
  • Removable ear protector


  • Quite expensive price

helmets for surfing

Best Helmets for surfing buying guide 

When you want to buy helmets for surfing, there are some important features that you cannot ignore. It is important that your surf helmet is comfortable to wear as well as durable enough to withstand the various bumps and falls you may encounter while on the water. Here are some of our suggestions:


Your helmet is best made from hard plastic. This means it will be flexible enough to absorb any shock you take, but it will also not be damaged or eroded by prolonged exposure to water. Should you bump your head against a rock or coral reef, the hat can save you.


If you’ve read this far, you’re probably thinking that the color of the surf helmet doesn’t matter, it’s just everyone’s preference. But on the contrary, color can be very important, especially in an emergency situation. Specific colors may stand out more than others. On the ocean, brightly colored helmets such as orange, pink, neon green, yellow, or red are more visible than dark ones. Consider where you will be surfing before selecting the appropriate color for your hat. Blue surf helmets stand out much more in settings such as neon green if you’re at sea with blue paint. A brightly colored surf helmet can aid rescuers in locating you in the event of an accident.


If you’re going to get a helmet, be sure it’s specifically designed for surfing. There are a variety of helmets made for specific sports, such as cycling or another sport. Waterproof helmets often include a water-resistant construction that, like stainless steel studs, will not rust after submerging in water.


You should get a surf helmet that fits you perfectly. It is obviously impossible to surf in the sea while wearing a thick helmet. This can result in an imbalance in your body posture and, worse, a crash off the surfboard. As a result, you should select a lightweight surf helmet.

In conclusion, if you really enjoy surfing, your safety in the water should be a priority. In light of this, wearing a surf helmet is mandatory. We’ve put together the 6 best helmets for surfing you can consider, along with a guide to what to consider when buying. A good helmet is one that offers safe comfort and high-quality performance. Do not forget to read carefully the features as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each type to choose the right hat. Share your surfing memories with surf helmets by writing a comment below.

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