Top 6 Best Selling Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets 2022

Helmets are not only an inseparable item of anyone when going out on the street, but also help the wearer express their own personality. Today we are going to present some of the best-themed helmets for speed enthusiasts. You know, themed helmets have been around for a long time, from simple designs around popular movies to helmets that take on the shape and personality of different characters. Now you can satisfy your passion by wearing stylish Star Wars motorcycle helmets. From emulating main characters like Darth Vader or Boba Fett to equally beloved supporting characters, you can completely express your favorite character by wearing the aforementioned helmets. Let’s read this article with us!

What is Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets?

When it comes to helmets, people usually think of two main things: safety and comfort. Many people even think about the wearability of hats. Have you ever seen the famous movie Star Wars? If the answer is yes, then you are probably familiar with this type of hat. The Star Wars motorcycle helmet is an artful replica of the most popular helmets made after the release of the Star Wars movie.

Thanks to the strong appeal of the film as well as the impressive characters in the film, the demand for helmets bearing the image of the movie’s characters is increasing. The majority of these hats are for aesthetic purposes only, while others are used for safety purposes during any trip. These fully functional replicas have been carefully assembled with modern helmets on the market.

The benefits of Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets

What exactly are the benefits of star wars helmets for users? We will point out some of the most obvious advantages they bring to you.


When holding a star wars helmet, many people will surely say: you are not only getting a regular helmet but a unique fashion accessory. The Star Wars helmet accurately depicts the characters from the series and their personalities. They are specifically designed to convey the same feel and style as the original characters they are based on. That’s not only reflected in the colors and shields, but some also have shapes that simulate the characters.


Imagine going out in a Star Wars helmet. People will be amazed, surprised, and even delighted with how they look and you will become the talk of everyone. What’s more, you will become a very special character with your unique hat.

Show personality

As previously said, helmets serve as a technique for portraying the characteristics of the people in the story. You can tell whether a character is good or bad just by looking at their Star Wars helmet. This also applies to you. You can communicate with the characters in the same way that you would with your own. If you go out wearing Darth Vader’s intimidating helmet, the easiest quality to attract notice is that you share some of the character’s characteristics. People will think you’re the best at your profession if you go on a road trip or don a Boba Fett character helmet. In other words, if you share any characteristics with the characters you wear on your helmet, you can tell people who you are.

High quality 

When it comes to the quality of Star Wars helmets, there is no question. A huge corporation like Disney wouldn’t put its money on the line by allowing anyone to have their name on a product that required any labor. Consequently, Star Wars merchandise is of a high caliber. You have evidence that any of the products you own are similar to that, yes? In light of this, the Star Wars seal on the helmet we’re showing you today is also a high-quality seal.

Best Selling Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets

BoBa Fett RPHA Pro


This helmet’s outer shell is comprised of strong premium materials that use carbon fiber, fiberglass, Aramid, and organic fabrics to produce a helmet that is both strong and light. As a result, the driver is safeguarded from harm during collisions. This is the most airtight and secure helmet made by HJC. The sun visor has a scratch-resistant face shield and an advanced anti-bacterial fabric that is fully detachable and machine washable inside.

The helmet’s numerous precisely crafted vents provide the best possible ventilation. Additionally, the helmet has an anti-fog insert and a dark smoke shield. The ECE and DOT-certified BoBa Fett RPHA-11 Pro helmet offer all the benefits of a conventional helmet while providing comfort, flexibility, and ease of use. This is definitely a good candidate and can be easily used every day.


  • Great design
  • Very comfortable & safe
  • Resistant materials
  • Get DOT and ECE certificates


  • It may be easy to scratch

BoBa Fett RPHA Pro

RHPA 90 Star Wars Darth Vader


You will know the true power of the Dark Side when wearing this helmet. This is definitely the most suitable helmet for those who want to look cool in front of everyone. It not only presents itself as the best antagonist in Star Wars, but its fashionable appearance will draw attention from all corners of the galaxy. This helmet provides the comfort and adaptability of a typical helmet in addition to its enigmatic black appearance. It has a 3D interior that maximizes heat and moisture retention and is made to be as soundproof as possible. The guardrail/one-touch shield’s locking system precisely syncs with the locks, and changing the guard only takes a few minutes.

RHPA 90 Star Wars Darth Vader

The hat is incredibly light and sturdy thanks to its design and usage of high-end materials including aramid, carbon fiber, and fiberglass. For a modular helmet, the total unit weighs 3.31 lbs and is relatively small. Modular helmets have the advantage of frequently being quieter than full-face helmets due to their smaller opening. Three very large ventilation ports on the HJC RPHA 90 helmet may each be opened and closed independently.

The Multicool 3D liner, which is detachable, washable, anti-bacterial, breathable, and designed to be worn with glasses, is the interior lining of this helmet. The HJC RPHA 90 visor is anti-fog and provides a larger field of vision. The visor is also optically accurate and features a drop-down visor on the inside that is controlled by a slider.


  • Modern design allows for excellent performance at high speed.
  • Extremely comfortable to help prevent odors and heat while riding.
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy-to-use lock that can be opened and closed with a single touch, with both hands or gloves.
  • Up to 95% UV protection.
  • Have a lightweight


  • Quite quiet and doesn’t make much noise

CS R3 Stormtrooper-$94.99


This is an innovative product of the HJC house and is also a limited edition for motorcycle beginners. In terms of design, the helmet has an oval shape with the same color as the stormtrooper’s helmet that comes with air filters on the sides in blue. In terms of materials, the helmet has an outer layer made of polycarbonate, with sweat-wicking inner pads that can be removed and washed separately. The ventilation system is an Advanced Threaded Ventilation System. Cheek pads are designed with different thicknesses, suitable for all head and face sizes.

The visor provides up to 95% UV protection including anti-scratch and anti-fog functions. This visor can also be locked in place to reduce wind noise while driving and is easy to remove and replace without additional tools. Adjustable strap designed for convenient glove use. In addition, the chin and forehead vents, as well as the two mesh air vents at the rear, can be opened and closed independently. This helmet is not only beautifully designed and comfortable but packed full of features at a relatively low price point. Worthy of being on the list of the best Star Wars motorcycle helmets.


  • Sporty and stylish design
  • Breathable and comfortable allowing enough air to go around the helmet
  • High resistance thanks to polycarbonate composite material
  • Easy to replace without additional tools.


  • Mainly small and medium size
  • Quite heavy at 4.65 pounds

CS R3 Storm Trooper

Kylo Ren RPHA-11 Pro


Wearing this helmet you will feel like the leader of the First Order himself. Made with an advanced fiberglass shell that blends carbon fiber and aramid blades for both strength and lightness. The shell itself is also designed with aerodynamics in mind, so it works perfectly at high speeds. The fabric inside the hat is made of antibacterial material to ensure dryness and coolness, providing maximum comfort for the user. The cheek pads come in different sizes to suit each person and can be easily removed for cleaning.

The face shield provides up to 95% UV protection. The replacement of the shield is quite quick and does not take much effort. A wide eye port allows for better vision. The design also allows air to flow freely through the ventilation system, which can also be adjusted using the rotary knobs located on each vent. Gloves can be easily used to control the vents. HJC RPHA 11 Pro weighs only 7.25 Ibs. The advanced forward ventilation system allows for maximum ventilation and airflow from front to back of the helmet. This allows heat and moisture to be pulled outside so that the interior environment is cool. Overall, this is a pretty good helmet with the US DOT certification.


  • Great design with mysterious black paint and perfect aerodynamics for high speed.
  • Unobstructed distance vision thanks to the wide eye port.
  • Easy-to-replace shields
  • Cool and comfortable


  • Not many features in the design

Kylo Ren RPHA-11 Pro

X Wing Rebel Fighter-$99.99


If you’ve always aspired to be a part of the golden squadron then this X-wing rebel fighter pilot helmet is for you. Is a helmet with a 3/4 design that is 100% faithful to the original helmet. is the best alternative to full-face helmets or half helmets. According to users, this hat has a luxurious interior with a cotton pad located on the top. In terms of design, the hat is made of simple and user-friendly material. High-quality plastic so it will not be affected by direct sunlight.

The helmet is quite comfortable thanks to its full coverage of the ears to help reduce road noise. The hat is quite light, only 2.9 Ibs, so wearing the hat all day does not bring many difficulties to the user. now all HJC helmets have the US DOT certification so you can be assured of their safety. Inside the forehead region of the HJC IS-5 is a drop-down visor with a smoke overlay. When finished, simply draw it down and push it up with the hose on the left side.


  • The unique design with an open face looks like a classic helmet while still meeting today’s standards.
  • Faithful to the original version from imprint to color and features.
  • High collectible value


  • Only open-face version, no modular or full-face version.

X Wing Rebel Fighter

HJC IS-5 Poe Dameron-$104.99-$264.99


Poe Dameron is the most charming and confident pilot of the Resistance in the Star Wars film. The attention to detail in the Resistance’s star bird emblem and the realistic-looking fighting suit is astonishing – and the deeper you look, the more detail you’ll see. This “exact” duplicate would be the highlight of any Star Wars collection. The HJC IS-5 helmet stands out as the greatest racing helmet and is incredibly reasonably priced. It absorbs impact with an exterior shell constructed of high-quality polycarbonate composite material, decreasing the impact force on the head in the event of a collision.

The inner lining is made of exquisite silver woven threads and innovative SuperCool technology. It also has anti-bacterial characteristics that help prevent sweat odor and make driving more comfortable in hot summer circumstances. Furthermore, this fabric layer is simply removable for washing or replacement. The nylon strap is fastened to keep it from shifting when moving. The HJC IS-5 Poe Dameron helmet has a high aesthetic, which is essential in this environment.

The helmet also has a drop-down visor that can be adjusted to three different settings. This enables you to drive using only your eyes, half your face, or your entire face, depending on your preferences. This custom-made visor also shields the rider from UV rays and pollution. The helmet even has a button that allows you to remove it with a single press. Because of the sun protection, the HJC IS-5 helmet is incredibly adaptable and suited for everyone. At 2.6 Ibs, this is one of the lightest Star Wars motorcycle helmets on the list. With its striking aesthetic, the HJC IS-5 Poe Dameron is desired by many Star Wars fans.


  • Get DOT Certificates with 3 years warranty
  • Integrated sun visor
  • The superCool inner fabric helps fight bacteria and wicks moisture
  • Includes 3 sun visors


  • Some people with a rather large head size may feel uncomfortable wearing it.

star wars motorcycle helmets

How much does Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets cost?

As with everything in life, everything has a price, and the value of any item is determined by exclusivity and quality. While some people may just want to complete a costume of their favorite Star Wars movie character, others may desire a decoration for their room. When dressing up as your favorite Star Wars character, one thing is for sure. No matter what your outfit is, without the right helmet, it won’t be perfect. Mass-produced helmets can cost as low as $40, going up to over $200 depending on your choice. Of course, customized, more realistic helmets will cost around $400 and can even exceed $1,000. It all depends on your preferences and ability to pay.

A fully enclosed and vacuum-sealed Imperial TIE Fighter Helmet, for example, costs around $450. These “caps” (as they were known in the Royal Stargazer Corps) were made entirely of black. Material quality and attention to detail are also important, though these features have significantly increased the price. If you want a replica of Poe Dameron’s helmet from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, you can have one for $665 right now. This hat is available in a variety of colors and includes resistance badges. All of these products can be found at Disneyland.

Guide for buying the best Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets

As a responsible and safe driver, you probably don’t want to buy a helmet that has an eye-catching look that must include safety and quality elements. There are many things that you need to consider before making a decision because the price of these hats is not cheap either. Finding the correct product will take time, and you should put in adequate time and effort to find the right product.

In addition to the time input, these helmets will necessitate the requisite money investment. Star Wars is a well-known brand that is well-known practically everywhere in the world. Branded products, of course, have the disadvantage of being rather pricey. After all, they aren’t just for making you look nice on the road; they’re also worn for your safety and protection. Let’s analyze the following essential factors before buying a helmet:

Reasonable size

It is important to remember that helmets are never created equal. So while they may be about the same size, the difference is often in the fit. Not everything is the same. A pretty useful tip to remember when choosing a helmet is to try it on for at least 30 minutes if possible. While wearing it, consider how it feels, and if all is well and comfortable, you will most likely buy it. If the hat makes you feel too tight or too wide, it is not comfortable. So the fit factor is very important.


When it comes to owning a Star Wars helmet, the appearance of the item isn’t the only factor to consider. While Star Wars helmets are created to meet fan preferences, what matters most is that your helmet provides exceptional performance, comfort, and fit. This is the point at which producers must make in order to capture the attention of customers. Darth Vader helmets, for example, are rather large. As a result, it is critical that they be built of a lightweight material that does not compromise their overall protection. Otherwise, the wearer’s neck and back will be strained. Similarly, Storm Trooper helmets are often circular in shape. Most people’s heads should fit this.

However, if you prefer round patterns, you might want to check into alternative options. The best option is to purchase a Star Wars helmet with a polycarbonate shell. It is extremely sturdy and designed to handle bumps and shocks, but most importantly, it is extremely light. What’s more essential is that it’s relaxing. These are key considerations to bear in mind when wearing a motorbike helmet.

Special features

If you like the type of villains in movies, then of course the helmets that represent these characters will be a perfect choice. Even if there are additional features that make the hat stand out, that’s even better. For example, Darth Vader’s helmet was modified to upgrade to a voice changer version with just a button to reproduce the character’s own sound in the movie.

Many of the motorcycle helmets depicting Star Wars characters are already stylish. Expect a simple white pattern if you want the Strom Trooper aesthetic. You can see how, in the Star Wars universe, portraying characters from the evil side could be more appealing. Another important feature to consider is the ability to play a heavy breathing sound when wearing a helmet. If you enjoy attending conventions with other movie fans, this would be an excellent headdress to use in character cosplay.

To sum up, after reading this article, perhaps you also understand what is a Star Wars Helmet. The benefits of wearing this helmet, factors to consider before buying as well as the top 6 best-selling Star Wars motorcycle helmets in 2022. The article also provides a full range of key features, Advantages, and disadvantages of each type of hat. Hopefully, after researching carefully, you will own a hat that suits your interests, hobbies, and budget. Did you write this helpful for you? Leave us a comment if you have any questions! We will be back in articles with many other interesting topics.

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