Best motorcycle helmet for round head

Over the last few years, I’ve owned quite a few helmets in an effort to locate one that matches my head shape. I’ve tried a ton of different brands, models, and models for years, but I still haven’t found one that fits me properly. I think that not finding the right helmet for you is very inconvenient and frustrating when throwing money away. I went to stores and spent many hours googling online trying to research the shells that might be right for me( referring to user comments, the median RevZilla shape rating, and the Webbikeworld). Here, I will show you the best motorcycle helmet for round head that I researched and used for a short time below.

Best motorcycle helmet for round head

Which helmets fit round heads the best?

The finest motorcycle helmets for round heads are ones that fit properly and offer the degree of protection you require, much like regular motorcycle helmets. It’s crucial to choose a motorcycle helmet designed exclusively for round heads while purchasing one for yourself. By doing this, you can be confident that the helmet fits comfortably and offers the necessary amount of protection.

Here is the best motorcycle helmet for round head we recommend:

1. Round Head’s GMAX GM38 Full Face Helmet

Those with round heads might consider the GMax GM38 full-face motorcycle helmet. The lightweight polycarbonate shell design, quick-change face shield, and reduced noise design make it simple to use, while the premium ventilation system keeps you comfortable while riding. Greater visibility is made possible by the big eye-port hole, and your skin is kept dry by the mesh lining and mesh trim. The premium ear pockets offer a better fit for speakers, while the cushioned chin strap and inside chin bar makes it simple to mount a microphone.

A D.E.V.S Dual Exhaust Venting System is also included with this helmet to lessen fogging. The GMax GM38 is a terrific choice if you’re searching for a comfortable, simple-to-use motorcycle helmet or one that will keep you dry and cool while you’re riding.

GMAX GM38 Full Face Helmet-best motorcycle helmet for round head
GMAX GM38 Full Face Helmet

Key Features:

  • Polycarbonate shell that is lightweight
  • Fast-changing face shield
  • Designed cheek pads specifically
  • Noise-reducing design
  • Dual exhaust venting system, or D.E.V.S.
  • Chin vents that are movable
  • Sealing the shield to cut down on noise
  • Broad viewport
  • Mesh trim and mesh lining
  • Deluxe venting with a padded chin strap
  • Pocket speakers

For many people, the GMax GM38 motorcycle helmet is the best motorcycle helmet for round head. To keep you cool and dry while riding, it is lightweight, has a quick-change face shield, and includes a sophisticated ventilation system. It also includes a big eye-port hole for better sight, and installing a microphone is made simple by the cushioned chin strap and inside chin bar. The poor airflow and potential for visor fogging in cooler weather are the primary drawbacks.

2.  Round Head’s Arai XD4 Helmet- $609.95~$649.95

Arai has a lengthy history in the motorcycle helmet industry and is an expert in their field. Their most recent and best motorcycle helmet for round head are from the XD series, which is all about Arai’s dedication to safety. The XD-series helmets are among the safest motorcycle helmets available thanks to a variety of features.

In comparison to earlier Arai models, the XD-series helmets include a wider eye-port, improving the rider’s visibility. The helmet is also more stable at high speeds because of its reduced center of gravity. Emergency cheek pads that may be detached from the helmet in the event of an accident are also included.

The Arai XD series is the ideal option if you’re seeking a motorbike helmet that is both safe and fashionable. The XD series is the newest and best motorcycle helmet produced by Arai, which has a long history of producing high-quality helmets. The Arai XD series is the ideal option if you’re seeking a motorbike helmet that will keep you safe on the road.

Arai XD4 Helmet
Arai XD4 Helmet

Key Features:

  • Comfortable top line
  • Removable/replaceable/washable With inside Dry-Cool technology, you stay cool and dry.
  • Design of FCS cheek pads
  • Form of an aerodynamic shell
  • Exhaust ports and chin vents
  • Sculpted side vents that are larger
  • Snell M2020 is accepted.

3.  Round Head’s Arai Quantum-X Helmet- $699.95

For roundhead motorcyclists, the Arai Quantum-X motorcycle helmet is ideal. The PB-SCLC shell, VAS shield system, VAS V MV shield, and other characteristics are included in this helmet. The Arai Quantum-X motorcycle helmet is ideal for riders who seek the finest protection possible while on the road because of its top-notch design and safety features. This helmet will offer a personalized fit for all riders because of its cozy and customizable internal lining. Additionally, the Arai Quantum-X motorcycle helmet is ideal for all seasons thanks to its free transparent Pinlock insert.

Therefore, the Arai Quantum-X motorcycle helmet is the only option if you’re seeking a helmet that can offer the highest safety and comfort. Get yours now to travel safely on your next trip! Motorcycle riders have relied on Arai helmets for years because of their exceptional design and safety features, and they do not disappoint.

Arai Quantum-X Helmet
Arai Quantum-X Helmet

Key Features:

  • PB-SCLC oval or round shell
  • Complete interior liner removal
  • Adjustable temple cushioning, an emergency release cheek pad, and a VAS MAX vision shield
  • Ventilation with QVF and QVR
  • Snell 2020 and DOT approved; clear Pinlock insert included

4.  Round Head’s AGV Full Face K-3 SV Helmet- $311.78

AGV Full Face K-3 SV Helmet 
AGV Full Face K-3 SV Helmet

The DOT-approved AGV Full Face K-53 SV motorcycle helmet has an HIR-TH shell structure. These helmets include a scratch-resistant, anti-fog polycarbonate outer shell that offers 100% UV protection. Additionally, scratch-resistant is the integrated drop-down sun visor (ISV). Without any specialized tools, replacing the ISV is simple. The ventilation system for the AGV Full Face motorbike helmet was likewise designed and perfected in a wind tunnel. There are two rear extractor vents, three forehead vents, and one chin guard vent in the front.

This motorcycle helmet comes with the XQRS visor system, which enables tool-free face shield removal and replacement in a matter of seconds. The PVS (Perimetrical Visor Seal) is a component of the face shield system that aids in sealing and shielding from drafts and wind noise. The form of this motorbike helmet is curled at the base. This will lessen the possibility of a collarbone injury. There are two shell sizes and four EPS sizes available for the AGV Full Face K-53 SV motorcycle helmet. If you’re searching for a motorcycle helmet that has received DOT approval, the AGV Full Face K-53 SV is a fantastic option.

Key Features:

  • HIR-TH shell building
  • 2 sizes of shell
  • The FEM system was used to optimize four EPS sizes.
  • 2 rear extractor vents and 4 front vents
  • Tool-free XQRS visor removal face shield GT2 face shield that resists scratches
  • A retractable sun visor
  • Breath deflector that is removable
  • Removable chin strap that is windproof
  • Fully detachable and washable 3D lining
  • DOT-approved double-D ring chin strap

5.  Round Head’s Biltwell Bonanza Open Face Helmet- $149.09

For those seeking a cheap, fashionable, and secure helmet, the Biltwell Bonanza motorcycle helmet is the best motorcycle helmet for round head. The DOT (Department of Transportation) has certified this helmet, making it acceptable for use in the US. The Bonanza also features a superb build quality, with lovely paint and a cozy interior.

But bear in mind that because it is not ECE (European Economic Community) approved, this helmet is not permitted to be used in the UK or in Europe. Despite this, motorcyclists searching for a secure and fashionable helmet may choose the Biltwell Bonanza. The Biltwell Bonanza is a fantastic choice if you want a motorbike helmet that will draw attention.

Biltwell Bonanza Open Face Helmet
Biltwell Bonanza Open Face Helmet

Key Features:

  • The inner shell is made of expanded polystyrene
  • D-ring neck strap with an outer shell of injection-molded ABS.
  • Washable and removable lining
  • DOT Accepted

6.  Round Head’s Biltwell Lane Splitter Full Face Helmet

Motorcycle riders with round heads should use the Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet. The helmet has a distinctive design that enhances circulation and ventilation while yet giving riders the protection they need. A wicking lycra lining and a detachable chin curtain are also included in the helmet to keep wearers cool and comfortable. The helmet is offered in a variety of colors and matte and gloss finishes. The helmet costs start at about $250.

The Biltwell Lane Splitter Full Face Helmet was designed like a motorcycle helmet with the goal of better-fitting people with round heads. The helmet features a special design that allows for better ventilation and airflow in order to do this. In order to keep riders cool, the motorbike helmet also has features like a wicking lycra liner and a detachable chin curtain. All of this goes beyond the motorcycle helmet’s already amazing capacity to shield its wearers from danger.

Biltwell Lane Splitter Full Face Helmet
Biltwell Lane Splitter Full Face Helmet

Key Features:

  • ABS shell that was injected.
  • The inner shell is made of expanded polystyrene
  • Brushed Lycra lining that is removable
  • Pocket speakers
  • ECE and DOT approved chin curtain with CNC laser cut polycarbonate shield

So there are many solutions available and motorcycle best motorcycle helmet for round head is undoubtedly a reality. There is undoubtedly a helmet out there for you, regardless of whether you want one that is DOT certified or just looks good. Make sure it fits well and do your homework before purchasing.

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