5 Best Hot Weather Motorcycle Helmet

The helmet is an indispensable item when participating in traffic on the road by motorbike. However, in the hot summer weather, how to use helmets appropriately is also a problem for motorcyclists.
The best helmets for hot weather will help you sweat better and create a cool feeling in traffic.

Those are helmets with outstanding and unique design, with a structure that gives the user the most convenient and comfortable feeling when used in the sun and hot climate of summer. For those who are afraid to wear helmets on hot summer days with the sun, sweat escaping making your scalp uncomfortable and itchy, these are the perfect hats for you.

Not only that, these are all attractive helmet models that are loved by both men and women. So lets Helmetme introduce you to the article below for more: Best hot weather motorcycle helmets.

The main features of the helmet for riding in the summer

No matter who you are and what your driving style is, according to experts who have surveyed and evaluated, we can give the reasons why summer helmets are being used widely. variable:

– Most summer helmets are designed quite simply and beautifully. Because the main feature is to make the driver feel most comfortable and comfortable, the interior is also easy to remove for cleaning or washing.
– To help the driver feel comfortable and comfortable when traveling under the hot summer sun. The helmets are designed with an efficient exhaust system with air intake and exhaust holes. So you won’t have to worry about sweating or an itchy scalp.

– Ability to protect from the sun. Some types of helmets have a front roof design like a cap, so it will block the sun for you.
– Most summer helmets will be manufactured from lightweight materials so as not to overheat the scalp, making the weight of the helmet also lighter. However, this will also reduce safety when participating in traffic because it may not guarantee your safety.

The design of ventilation and vents means that when used in autumn or winter, users will feel a little cold. Meanwhile, most full-face helmets can work in all kinds of weather and seasons.
Another important factor is the fit of the hat, it needs to fit snugly but not too tight to both ensure sweat release and remain comfortable to use.

 Half hat with glasses

Half Helmet With Glasses
Half Helmet With Glasses

At the top of the list of the best helmets for this summer can not fail to mention the half helmets with glasses. That’s typical for everyday outings or commuting. This 50% helmet is continuously the top choice product with the advantages of being cool, stylish, and convenient to use.

The first advantage when it comes to half helmets with glasses is that they have lightweight. Compact size, easy to store, and also easy to clean for daily use. In addition, the design is increased by a layer of front wind resistance. A windshield is made from many different materials, colors, and styles.

This not only helps us to be equipped with an extra layer of windbreak and dustproof when traveling. It also helps us get an extra layer of sun protection and extremely effective anti-glare on the hot days of summer.

Currently, on the market, there are many brands of half-face helmets with different glasses, and of course, depending on the manufacturer’s brand, the finishing quality of the visor on these helmets is also somewhat different.

It can be said that the ability to block the wind will be a great advantage when we use these half-face helmets with glasses. One of the factors that hinder your driving process is that the wind force is too strong, causing eyestrain, making the driver’s vision limited, and causing traffic insecurity.

One of the basic characteristics of a half helmet is that it is lightweight. This also has its dual merits. With a standard visor half helmet. Users when wearing a hat also always feel the fixation. It feels like the helmet rests on the head and wraps around every position protecting the user in the head area.

And of course, this hat will also protect ½ of the user’s head when it fully embraces the fontanelle, back of the head, and just reaches the back of the neck and has no ear and temple protection. This will give a slightly loose feel.

Most half-face helmets with glasses today will be made from ABS plastic to make the helmet shell. Some will be made from Carbon fiber. But we have not recorded a genuine product with approved safety certificates.
So when we choose to buy genuine half-face helmets today, choose 1/2 helmets made from ABS plastic.

With helmet products manufactured from ABS plastic, it will give us a feeling that the helmet is a bit heavy. Usually 500-700 grams depending on the type. Meanwhile, caps made from carbon fiber will be lighter in weight. When we feel the helmet has a certain weight and firmness, we will also distinguish what is a quality helmet.

Evaluation of the outer paint layer

All current helmets are made from ABS plastic. They are available in both matte and glossy finishes. No matter how good the technology is, paint dust is still unavoidable when choosing to buy a helmet.
However, with a half helmet with genuine glasses. When touching the paint on the hat shell, we can feel a certain smoothness.

The paint color on the hat shell is evenly and uniformly colored. Although this seems to be a rather selective step. But the paint quality is good, it also helps to increase the durability and resistance of the helmet better.

Inner lining

Regarding the structural design of the inner lining, it is not too picky and complicated like 3/4 or Fullface helmets. Because the first half helmet line is inherently a cool hat line for hot weather. The inner hat lining is designed with EPS foam. Is one of the details that are considered reinforcement and helps to increase the strength of the ABS shell on the outside.

Then there are the linings and small air holes on the hat. When using them, it will help us to sweat on the fontanelle area on hot days.

Safety strap and buckle

The strap and buckle detail on the visor half helmet is very important. The ability to fix the helmet in the first half helmet will be much worse than that of large helmets. Therefore, when evaluating helmet straps and buckles, it should be kept in mind.

Hat rope must be firmly connected, tug and pull strongly without any sign of looseness. They also need to be attached to the helmet shell via sturdy metal studs. Hat buckles will usually be made from metal or hard plastic. But no matter what material they are made of, they need to feel solid and have a gentle and flexible opening and closing mechanism when used.

Are half helmets with glasses expensive?

Smallest, lightest, and also cheapest. These are brief comments on this type of visor half helmet. Current half-face helmets with glasses will cost between $27-50.
With this price, the line of half-face helmets with glasses is always popular and used by young people. This is also the basic selling price, suitable for all daily use needs.

Helmet 3/4

Helmet 3/4

Next on the list of the best helmets for hot weather, are the ¾ helmets. With a more compact and minimalist design than full-face helmets, it helps protect the driver’s safety while providing a cool and comfortable feeling when moving in the hot weather of summer.

A standard 3/4 helmet needs to have all the parts: helmet shell, shock-absorbing foam, lining, helmet strap, and safety buckle. If any part of the helmet is missing, it will not be able to protect your safety when participating in traffic.

– The helmet shell is the first part to receive the force of the hat, so the outer shell must be thick and hard. Specially designed to resist impact, disperse impact force
– Impact-reducing foam. The place to receive impulses escapes from the helmet shell, and at the same time reduces shock to the brain.
– Soft and comfortable fabric lining. Especially thicker than normal half helmets to ensure the most ventilation, comfort, and comfort during use.
– Besides the main parts, hat straps, safety buckles, windshields (yes or no), and neck pads… are also indispensable parts to help fix the hat with the wearer’s head, ensuring safety. The helmet does not fall off in the event of an accidental collision.

Compared to the first half helmet, which has been around for a long time, the 3/4 helmet line has only been available in many countries in the last few years. But with stylish and extremely personal designs, good quality helmet products are often loved by young people and sell well in many parts of the world.

When participating in traffic, to ensure the life and health of yourself as well as those around you, wearing a helmet is very necessary. A good 3/4 helmet not only helps to ensure your safety, and shields you from rain, sun, dust, and bad impacts from the environment, but it also helps to express your style and personality. the individuality of each person.

A helmet that both ensure the safety of the driver and creates a sense of comfort and convenience for the user, there is no reason why you should not choose a 3/4 head helmet, right?

What material is best to make a 3/4 helmet?

Most of the current helmet shells on the market use ABS plastic, which is also a specialized plastic used to make helmets, this material is extremely durable, sturdy, and able to withstand impacts. extremely good. As introduced in the half helmet with glasses above, if any helmet weighs less than 500 grams, it is a poor quality helmet.

Next is the injury-reducing foam, its main material is made of high-density compressed foam to form a thick and solid block. This layer of foam helps to ensure maximum safety for the wearer’s head when there is a strong impact.

To distinguish whether the foam hat is made from EPS or not, you can press your finger lightly on the surface of the foam, if the foam layer does not deform, it is EPS foam, and the deformed foam is not. Poor quality foam. It is best not to buy these products.

Regarding the lining, this is not safe protection for the user, so there is no specific standard for its material. However, the lining is closely related to user comfort, determining whether you want to wear that helmet for a long time or not. And also an important factor in wicking away sweat on hot days.

Therefore, the experience when choosing a helmet is that you should try it on first to check if the inner lining is smooth, airy, and comfortable before you decide to buy it.

The last is the hat wire, which is also the connection between the hat and the head. Similar to the helmet introduced earlier, the helmet rope must be made of nylon thread woven into many strong layers, which will not break when subjected to a strong pulling force.

In addition, the length of the rope also needs to be flexible, combined with a sturdy safety lock, and especially the material that does not irritate the skin will help you feel comfortable and secure when wearing it.

The standard size of the helmet

Just like clothing, helmets also come in sizes and dimensions to meet the needs of the buyer. Therefore, when choosing to buy a 3/4 helmet, you need to pay attention to the size and size to choose the best helmet that suits you. Avoid being too tight or too wide for your head to cause discomfort and affect when participating in traffic.

To be able to know the size and size of your head most accurately, you should use a tailor’s measuring tape, wrap it around your head 2cm from the eyebrow, then we have the size and now you have You can easily choose the helmet size.

Currently, ¾ helmets have many designs and come from many different brands, so the prices of the products also vary. The price of this helmet usually ranges from $ 40-200.

Therefore, to choose a good helmet that meets the needs of design, style, quality as well as finance, you need to have a thorough understanding of helmet products to have the best choice. Here are a few helmets ¾ that you can refer to.


This is a 3/4 helmet designed to look super stylish with a sturdy shell to keep the size of the helmet to a minimum, but also to keep the wearer from feeling cramped. uncomfortable in the hot summer.
I guess those are the two reasons the Custom 500 has always been a hot seller for Bell.

First, it has a moderate texture, is not too big and bulky, special construction to help breathe and create a comfortable feeling for the driver in hot weather. And secondly, whether the materials are made from carbon fiber or glass fiber and also ABS plastic, their price is not too high. So it will fit most people’s budgets.

Good breathability, simple design, classic appearance, and cheap price. That’s what you can find in the 3/4 Bell Custom 500 helmet.

Talking about some of the features of the Custom 500, it has a dual loop fastener, which will help keep your hat firmly in place when wearing it. Mostly at Bell, who designed the Custom 500 to be as low-profile as possible because that’s what the market wants. However, there will be some opinions that such compact helmets will not have high safety. This is also not accurate.

A big plus that Bell Custom 500 helmets bring is that many different sizes are depending on the body of each user. The smallest size starts at XS, then S, followed by M, and gradually increases to XL and the largest will be XXL.

Depending on the size of each hat, the Custom 500 will have a different inner lining but still ensure the safety of the user. So you can rest assured about the Custom 500. Or if you want maximum protection try looking for full-face helmets.

The Bell Custom 500 designed the hat to fit the average oval head, so that means it should generally fit most of us. The comfort of use that the Custom 500 helmet offers is considered quite good – as long as you buy the correct size you have measured before.

The lining is a factor that gets a lot of attention when people are looking for a suitable helmet product for the hot summer. The inner lining is nicely designed for a classic look but the quality is still pretty good. The thin material looks almost like leather, but it’s not. However, this lining can deodorize and evaporate very well.

So you won’t have to worry about wearing a hat on the road for a long time and in hot weather. In addition, it is also easy to clean stains very quickly. The only downside is that the lining isn’t removable, so if you want to wash it, you’ll have to wash the whole hat and let it dry for a day or two.

Appearance & Graphics

For those of you who didn’t know, in the US, Bell has its facility to repair its helmets, where you can customize your helmet with a range of graphics or custom sizes. fit your needs. However, the cost is usually not cheap, usually, you will have to pay an extra $250-$350 for a basic helmet.

Of course, if you’re happy with its wide range of colors and standard designs, you can buy it directly at Bell stores.


The next ¾ helmet suitable for hot weather that we introduce to you is the Yema YM-67. This is a brand that has been in the market for almost a decade and has become a trusted supplier. What made the YM-67 so popular?

The YM-67 helmet has two visors. The inside of the helmet is removable, and the padding is comfortable, providing maximum comfort when wearing a parachute in hot weather. Solid construction and design give this helmet good durability. Especially the cost is quite reasonable, only from $ 70, this is a great option to buy.

The exterior paint is glossy and professional. The helmet weight is quite light (compared to full-face) and very comfortable. The ventilation system features adjustable intake and exhaust holes to create a constant flow of air to keep the rider cool and comfortable.

It makes perfect sense to use this helmet in hot weather as it has been equipped with three air, intake, and exhaust ports. That is, the air is allowed to enter and exit the product without any hassle. In addition, it is also equipped with a sun visor that can protect your eyes from the sun’s rays, you will no longer have to worry about moving in hot weather.

What’s special about this YM-67 helmet is that the visor can be easily removed when you’re not using it anymore and switched to its regular inner visor with ease. The next advantage is that the inner visor is also anti-fog. Thus, moving in the cold winter will not be an obstacle for you.

In terms of safety, the outer shell of the product is resistant to impact impacts. Likewise, the density of internal padding also ensures that your head will be well cushioned in the event of an accident.


The Shoei J-Cruise 2 is an expanded version of the J-Cruise helmet. J-Cruise II is not only a helmet to help ensure safety for people when participating in normal traffic, but also has the advantages of compactness, lightness, aerodynamics, and is equipped with advanced technology.

The inner visor has been extended by 5mm for optimal protection from the sun. The visor lock “in first place” mode improves ventilation and protects from the fog. This gives you complete peace of mind to use even in hot weather or cold foggy winters.

The aerodynamics, noise reduction, and ventilation system have been significantly improved, unlike the previous helmet version. The helmet has three air intake holes and three air outlet holes. This has the effect of venting air and sweat, giving the user a comfortable, cool feeling when sweating unpleasantly.

Equipped with a micro ratchet-style chin strap that can be adjusted by the driver even when wearing thick gloves. Safety is still the most important element of any motorcycle helmet. That’s why the J-Cruise II helmet features SHOEI’s proprietary AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) shell and an inner layer of Multi-Ply EPS.

The shell of this hat is made from a patented 5-layer matrix, consisting of layers of hand-woven fiberglass combined with organic fibers and resins. This provides excellent rigidity and elasticity even though the weight of the hat is not too heavy. This helmet comes in 6 sizes from XS to XXL similar to some other helmets.

If you are looking for a helmet ¾ to use in hot summer weather but still look classy with great ventilation and built-in sunglasses, then the Shoei J-Cruise II will be the way to go. Choose the right one for you.


This is the next hot weather ¾ helmet that I recommend to you. If you are looking for a cool helmet with lots of options, the Scorpion EXO Covert is the too good 3/4 helmet you can find. This design offers a sturdy, comfortable fit, great build, and the ability to easily turn it into a half helmet just by removing the built-in visor, which you rarely get. Compatible with most other 3/4 helmets.

Many people don’t like the Scorpion EXO Covert design. You will probably get quite a bit of attention wearing this hat.

What also sets this helmet apart is its versatility. With a slot for the visor, you can easily convert it from a ¾ helmet to a half-face helmet with one quick action. While these additions may not be as helpful in impact protection, they can keep out dust or insects as you ride.

In addition to possessing great design, Scorpion EXO Covert also has outstanding durability. Designed with a proprietary formula, a very durable polycarbonate shell, and dual-density EPS, allowing it to reduce impact and help better disperse energy from shock. So you have complete peace of mind in the event of a collision with a strong impact force.

In particular, the Scorpion EXO Covert is designed with a soft lining and an air-adjusted ventilation system to ensure excellent breathability and keep you cool on hot days. Besides, with a weight of only 3.97 pounds (1.8 kg), it is quite light so you can wear it for many hours continuously without experiencing any discomfort.

The current price of this product is about $ 230, not too expensive, so it will also be a reasonable choice for many people.

How to choose a helmet for hot summer days

When having to go out by motorbike under high temperature as well as hot sun, summer dirt is always a difficult problem for many people. Therefore, choosing to buy yourself a suitable helmet in this weather condition will give the driver a comfortable and pleasant feeling when moving.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll ignore the essentials of a helmet. We will show you the experience of choosing the ideal helmet, which is both simple and stylish, and extremely cost-effective.

+ Safety is still the top criterion: So whether it is a half hat or a 3/4 hat, it also requires the best defense, ensuring the safety of the wearer in the event of an accident.
+ Cool and not stuffy: Due to moving in the hot sun, using a full-face helmet is uncomfortable for many people. Therefore, when choosing helmets for hot weather, it is necessary to choose hats with a breathable design and good sweat absorption so as not to cause itching and discomfort when used.
+ Effective anti-glare properties: In addition to the ability to absorb sweat and release air, the ability to prevent glare and prevent sunlight is also quite an important factor when choosing a helmet for the summer. This helps protect your eyes and ensures that you don’t have to squint in the hot sun.

Through this article, we hope you will gain more knowledge about helmet products for hot weather. Have fun and exciting trips with the right helmets.

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