Best Oakley Sunglasses for Motorcycle Riding

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If you are a motorcyclist, you know how important it is to protect your body, head, and eyes while riding. And that starts with the best Oakley sunglasses for motorcycle riding. We’re looking at exactly what to look for when buying motorcycle glasses.

Essential features of the best Oakley sunglasses for motorcycle riding

From frames to lenses, every aspect has to be perfected. And here’s what you should look for in a pair of the best Oakley Sunglasses for motorcycle riding:

The material frame

Your sunglasses’ frame material matters more than you would realize. On lengthy rides, comfort is important, but you also want to be sure that your eyewear is durable. The following three materials are often used to create Oakley motorcycle sunglasses:

  • O Matter: this is a thin, flexible, strong nylon material that is frequently used in sports frames.
  • Alloy C-5: primarily seen in wire-frame Oakley sunglasses, is a five-metal alloy.
  • Titanium is a titanium metal alloy commonly found in metal frames that are slightly thicker than your typical wireframes.

All three frame materials are excellent options for motorcycles. So, ultimately, it will come down to personal choice. Wireframes might have a more traditional appearance, but O-Matter frames are often thicker plastic frames. The Oakley O Matter frame, which can withstand dirt and road debris, is our suggestion if you’re seeking the most resilient alternative.

Helmet compatibility

You should make sure your helmet fits tightly when purchasing Oakley motorcycle glasses. Thinner bars are used in frames like the Oakley Shocktube to make it easier to fit the helmet. However, alternative wire eyewear and sunglasses with narrow ear cups also function. In either case, you should always try on eyewear while wearing a helmet before purchasing.

Unobtainium Earplugs

You should make sure your sunglasses stay on your face in addition to having sturdy frames. To hold your sunglasses in place, Oakley uses a rubber grip technology called Unobtainium. It was originally on bicycles, but now it’s on the handlebars of motorbikes! However, they are currently included on most Oakley eyewear’s ear and nose cushions. Additionally, if you’re concerned about ride hiccups, we suggest a frame with an Unobtainium grip and a three-point fit.

Prizm lens

A Prizm lens is your finest option when riding a motorcycle! The most recent innovation, Prizm technology, is designed to improve color and contrast. This implies that you can see every divider, rock, stick, and bump on the road! Additionally, Oakley’s Plutonite lens material is used to make all Prizm lenses. Plutonite lenses feature exceptional impact resistance, which offers fantastic eye protection.

Some of the best Prizm lenses:

  • Prizm Trail: Originally made for hiking and biking, this lens is excellent at highlighting the tiniest bumps and cracks on the road. This makes it a great choice for any motorcyclist.
  • Prizm Road: An increase, in contrast, will make it easier for drivers to spot obstacles and texture changes on the road. This lens works well in both bright and dark environments
  • Prizm Ruby: With a light transmittance of only 17%, it is excellent for bright daily circumstances. High contrast and vibrant colors are produced by this lens.

Best Oakley sunglasses for motorcycle riding

Oakley Racing Jacket- $24.89

That is why a frame with the name Racing Jacket is on our list. Both bikers and riders may wear the Oakley Racing Jacket! You can quickly switch lenses in any circumstance thanks to its full-frame design. includes options for airflow-ventilated lenses. Additionally, these sunglasses have an optional strap for a snug fit while you’re riding. It’s easy to see why this is one of the best Oakley sunglasses for motorcycle riding!

  • Full-rimmed frame with airflow and anti-fog vented lens choices
  • Sunglasses may be secured to your face with an optional strap.
  • Prizm lenses include Switchlock technology for quick and simple lens switching.

best oakley sunglasses for motorcycle riding

Oakley Clifden

The Oakley Clifden is distinctive because it has side blinders and a lanyard that gives the appearance of motorcycle glasses! These sunglasses, which were first made for mountaineers, are excellent for riders as well. Lanyards and side blind both works to keep the frame away from your face during turbulent journeys.

  • Full-frame sunglasses with an optional lanyard that stay on your face
  • Prizm lens for improved color and contrast
  • Comfortable, strong, and lightweight Frame for O-Matter

EV Zero Blades- $58

The EV Zero Blades are a terrific option if you’re seeking a more contemporary style. These have a futuristic but vintage appearance and were inspired by vintage Razorblades. Additionally, these sunglasses offer exceptional peripheral vision when riding due to their big protecting lenses. This is one of the best Oakley sunglasses for motorcycle riding, along with the Prizm Road and Trail models.

  • Large visor and borderless O Matter frame Prizm lens for incredible all-around visibility
  • Unobtainium earpads and nose pads provide additional grip on this thin frame.
  • with the choice of Prizm Trail or Road Lens

Oakley Shocktube

A fantastic O-Matter frame with a Plazma-like appearance is the Oakley Shocktube. However, Oakley’s Standard Release program really includes the framework. Here is the Oakley discount for members of the armed forces, emergency personnel, and more. Shocktube is great for bikers and has some really intriguing military characteristics. Included in this are headphones that are compatible with motorcycle helmets.

best oakley sunglasses for motorcycle riding

  • Racer-friendly military-built frame with helmet compatibility
  • Durable O-Matter frame validated by the SI. program
  • with the choice of Prizm or Toa lenses

Wire Tap 2.0- $184

If you want a more streamlined design, Wire Tap 2.0 is a fantastic wireframe option. These sunglasses readily fit inside motorcycle helmets because of their compact headset. This is a fantastic pair for your on-the-go and motorbike journeys thanks to superb Prizm lens selections and an Unobtainium headset body!

  • Modern C-5 metal half-frame with silicone nose cushions.
  • Most helmets are compatible with slim earcups with Unobtainium grips.
  • Available Prizm lens choices in any color

Oakley Plazma- $184

One of Oakley’s newest sunglasses is called Plazma. This is a fantastic set of motocross sunglasses that feel like goggles thanks to the O Matter frame and big wrap! As an alternative, Plazma lenses with Prizm trails and Prizm trails are available and are excellent for driving.
Our favorite motorcycle sunglasses are the Oakley Plazma because of their comfort and adaptability. You may ride your bike to your favorite bar while wearing this pair with ease. Additionally, they are trouble-free for lengthy journeys!

  • O-Matter frames with entire frames that are strong and light
  • When biking, thin earpads suit the helmet.
  • with Prizm road and Prizm trail lenses available

Oakley Plazma

In conclusion, if you are shopping for one of our best Oakley sunglasses for motorcycle riding, your first stop should be the Oakley website or a local store. This article has provided 6 types of glasses. Oakley sunglasses with clear features and advantages make it easy to choose the right glasses for you. Was this article helpful to you?

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