How to Clean Football Helmet- Some Useful Tips for you

If this is also your dilemma, then this article is for you. Today, let’s discuss how to clean football helmet.

Do you often wear a helmet but don’t know how to clean a football helmet? After hours of intensive training and games, your football helmet is going to be covered in perspiration and filth. Although you can’t put your helmet in the washing machine, a few common home things can help you keep it clean and clear of odor-causing germs. How to deal with scratches or stains on the hat?

How to clean football helmet- The inside

The foam within your helmet, as well as the plastic that covers the exterior, are not resistant to abrasive wipes. To avoid damaging the pad’s protective layer, use a softer cloth instead of steel wool or a harsh sponge.
When you get into the grass, your outer helmet might get dirty, but the primary issue is sweat. Mild detergents, such as mild dishwashing liquid or oxygen bleach solution, are most effective. Using a moist cloth, massage the cleanser all over the pads, making sure to get in between them as much as possible. To remove soap, wipe the area with a towel soaked in clean water. The next time you put on your helmet, it won’t irritate your skin as much.
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How to clean football helmet- The inside
Bacteria from your perspiration and skin cells can seep into your helmet, so spray the inside of your helmet with disinfectant to get rid of them. Allow the helmet to dry entirely on a firm surface; once dry, the spray will enter the components. When helmets are dry, keep them out of the sun or heat to avoid reducing the fat layer.

How to clean football helmet- Remove stickers

Fill a microwave-safe bowl halfway with white vinegar and reheat it in the microwave. Warm the vinegar until it is warm, not hot or boiling. Warm vinegar is dipped in a clean towel. Squeeze off any extra liquid and lay the towel over your football helmet’s patches. Allow at least 10 minutes for the vinegar and warm wetness to remove the sticker and glue on the helmet.
Then scrape the softened sticker off with your fingernails. Remove parts of the sticker until you can no longer remove it. Reduce the heat on your hair dryer to the lowest setting and apply it to the remainder of the sticker. Allow the glue to soften for a few minutes in the heat.

Using the sides of a credit card, remove many stickers. To break up the stickiness of any leftover sticker adhesive, use a lubricant spray. Using vinegar, dampen a clean towel. Wipe off the surface of your football helmet to eliminate any lingering traces of lubricant spray and stickers. Finally, use a clean cloth to dry.

How to Clean Football Helmet- Some Useful Tips for you
How to clean football helmet- Remove stickers

How to clean football helmet- Remove scratches

When you play football on a regular basis, your football helmet will wear out quickly. Dirt, scratches, and scuffs can accumulate on the surface of your helmet as a result of this. While some players want to flaunt their football helmets’ scratches as a remembrance of successful games, others prefer to maintain their helmets looking their finest. new. You may buy a soccer helmet polish that is particularly made to remove scratches, or you can remove scratches with a scrub brush.
In a basin, combine dish soap and warm water to make a soapy water solution. Dip a delicate cloth into the bowl, wring off excess water, and use it to clean the helmet. To smooth and erase the scratches, gently massage them with the brush. Rub the scrape on the helmet until it is entirely gone. Using a soft, dry cloth, dry the football helmet. Allow it to air dry for about 12 hours after inverting it.

Things to avoid when cleaning football helmet

Many cleansers are safe for the padding inside your helmet, but only mild, non-abrasive cleaners are. Bleach, ammonia, and pine oil are all dangerous compounds to use. A lot of bathroom and kitchen toilets have abrasive particles in them, so keep away from them. If you don’t have a safe cleaner on hand and need to clean your helmet, gently scrape it with a rag moistened with warm water. If at all feasible, clean helmets using appropriate cleaners.
How to Clean Football Helmet- Some Useful Tips for you
Soften the adhesive using baby oil or olive oil instead of other lubricants if you wish to remove the stickers from the hat. Metal scrapers should not be used to remove the stickers and decals of your football helmet since they will harm the paint.
In summary, in this article, we have provided you with some tips to answer the question: “How to clean football helmet” such as removing stains on the inside of the hat, as well as removing stickers or scratches on the hat. With these steps, you’ll have a clean, like-new hat in no time. Was this information useful to you? Please let us know.

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